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Halloween Costume Ideas -- Girl Edition

  • Oct 9, 2009
Don't know what to dress up as for Halloween?  Well, here are a few movie and tv characters, and public figures to think about.  This one's for the ladies!
Triana Orpheus
I love the Venture Bros! This one's pretty simple because the components are easy to acquire: blunt dark purple bob with bangs, a tight black t-shirt with a white skull on it, black mini skirt, black and white horizontal striped leggings, black Mary Janes and some black rubber bracelets. Throw in a lunch box if you feel so inclined!
Sarah Palin Headshot
You'll need a brown wig done up in an updo that resembles a beehive with a weird, spacey fringe bang, plus a power suit, thick rim glasses and sensible heels. And don't forget to say "you betcha" and wink a lot.
Dress up in her school uniform with a high cut white blouse, poofy navy blue skirt, navy knee high socks, ballet flats, and don't forget the head band and the scarf. Can also wear a thick waist belt with blouse. If it's cold, then warm it up with a navy dress coat.
Amy Winehouse
Most Halloween stores carry her signature beehive wig. She dresses up once in a while, but a typical Amy Winehouse outfit consists of a white wife beater, shorts and ballet flats. Make sure your bra strap is exposed. Finish the look off by having a buddy draw on some of her tattoos with a sharpie or something. Oh, and remember the wing tip eyeliner detail. I recommend using MAC's Fluidline with an angled brush.
Sookie Stackhouse
Got this idea from @djevoke! Dress up as Sookie in her waitress uniform, which is a tight white shirt with a green "Merlotte's Bar and Grill" logo on it, black shorts, pine green waist apron and black and white Nikes. Or you could just go with black and white Chucks.
Red wig that's perfectly straight or impeccably styled, pastel blouse, pastel cardigan, neutral tone pencil skirt, and stiletto pumps. Throw in a strand of pearls and some Sarah Palin glasses if you'd like. Remember to be as prude, polite and OCD as possible. And if you're going to drink, go for wine.
Lady GaGa
Gotta get a long blonde wig with thick bangs. There are so many looks that you can recreate, or you can just come up with something Lady GaGa-esque. Leotards, anything lamé, crazy head pieces and sunglasses, vinyl boots, funky heels... You'll find something.
Bella Swan
Long brown wig and minimal makeup is key. There are several different outfits you can wear though. There's the blue prom dress, which I've seen on several costume sites, and there's the green birthday dress that you can wear with Chucks at Hot Topic. Other fun ideas are dressing up as Bella when she first becomes a vampire and when she goes on her first hunt. Remember, she's a vampire, so apply lots of white powder, and red contacts would be a plus.
Katy Perry
Long'ish, wavy dark wig with thick bangs. Go with pinup girl-esque clothing and makeup. Lots of bright colors, high waist bottoms, polka dots, 1950's swim tops, crazy accessories and pumps. Or go with a cute 1950's dress.
Kate Gosselin
Get a blonde wig and go all hairstylist on it by trimming it so that it resembles her signature reverse mullet. Then finish off the look with whatever business casual attire you can come up with. As long as you're rocking the blonde reverse mullet, everyone will know that you're Kate Gosselin no matter what you wear.

What did you think of this list?

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October 05, 2010
All of these are great ideas for costumes for the ladies. I'm particularly fond of the Katy Perry costume. (Okay, I admit it. I'm particularly fond of Ms. Perry!) I think you could top off the Gosselin costume with either eight other people dressed like the kids or a really big stroller!
October 18, 2010
LOL, I could see the Kate Gosselin one happening!
September 21, 2010
Iwas lookin to dress up as Katy Perry for halloween. But not sure what to wear besides a blue wig? What else can i use? Donna
September 21, 2010
Thanks for checking out my list, Donna! Katy Perry dons a lot of rompers, high waisted shorts, pin-up girl clothing, corsets, bustiers, tops that show a lot of cleavage, and of course, clothing that has a lot of fruit or candy print on it is a bonus! She also sometimes uses velcro to attack plastic fruit and candy pieces to her outfits :) You should post a pic of your final costume!
October 26, 2009
I want my costume to be a secret but I'll share it with Lunch because we probably won't be at the same parties. I'm going to be Swine Flu--a pig nose, a medi mask and a H1N1 t-shirt-pigtails and a pink skirt for cuteness sake. I can't wait.
October 26, 2009
Wow, that's a pretty creative costume. I'm staying away from you! ;P
October 12, 2009
So are the costumes all "slutty" versions of these people? Like "slutty Sarah Palin?"
October 14, 2009
Not necessarily. Level of skin exposure is up to the person who's dressing up! :P
October 10, 2009
oohhhh wow...
October 14, 2009
Wow indeed! I'm contemplating a guy version...
October 09, 2009
YES! Love this list. I'm (personally) wouldn't dress up as Lady Gage and Sookie just because I know everyone else this year will be! But they are perfect for Halloween in general. I totally forgot about "Desperate Housewives", haha. Bree Van De Kamp-Hodge could be fun to dress as!
October 14, 2009
I know a bunch of people are going to be doing Lady GaGa, Sookie, and Bella this year! And the best part about dressing up as Bree is acting like her :D
October 09, 2009
Lady Gaga is already a walking Halloween Costume, don't you think?
October 09, 2009
...Most of the time :P
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