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reviewed Benefit They're Real! Mascara. December 13, 2011
Benefit They're Real! Mascara
   Three things about me:      I don't own very much makeup.  My makeup bag consists of three things: eye shadow, eyeliner, and pressed powder.  Lip balm …
reviewed The Dali Museum. November 21, 2011
The Dali Museum
Florida and Dali?  I never would've thought to put the two together.  When I think of the Tampa Bay Area, it doesn't exactly conjure up thoughts of Spanish surrealism.      …
reviewed iPhone 4S. November 06, 2011
iPhone 4S
I know that I had previously said that I wasn't going to pick up the iPhone 4S, but after giving it some thought, I decided to go for it anyways.  ...Because why not?  I was eligible for …
reviewed Custom Wavefront LASIK Eye Surgery. October 14, 2011
Custom Wavefront LASIK Eye Surgery
I got LASIK just a bit over two months ago and I cannot sing the praises of it enough.  The gift of clear, unaided vision is probably one of the best gifts I've ever gotten for myself.  …
reviewed Steve Jobs. October 06, 2011
Steve Jobs
Death is always sad, but I've never been one to get too emotional over the death of a public figure.  Someone who I didn't personally know.  Someone who I had never met.  However, …
reviewed Announcement of iPhone 4S. October 05, 2011
Announcement of iPhone 4S
Not going to lie -- I'm slightly disappointed by Apple's "Let's Talk iPhone" keynote yesterday.  After keeping us waiting since June of last year, I expected more out of the …
reviewed Skullcandy Ink'd Earphones. September 29, 2011
Skullcandy Inkd Earphones
My very trusty set of Ink'd earbuds finally gave out after nearly three years of use.  That's three years of plane and train rides, workouts, runs and not to mention being tugged and pulled …
reviewed Eat Real Fest. September 26, 2011
Eat Real Fest
I'm not typically a festival or street fair-goin' gal, but when there's this quality of food involved -- I'm more than willing to brave the crowd and wait in line to get my nom on!   …
reviewed Tough Mudder. September 18, 2011
posted in Awesomeness
Tough Mudder Event Series
13 miles (even though they said it was 11), 6 hours (even though they said it would take 3), 2,600 feet elevation (I wonder if they lied about that, too), 25 obstacle courses (everything felt like an …
reviewed Run in the Park Series. September 02, 2011
posted in Healthy Lifestyle
Run in the Park Series
I ran my very first race last weekend, and a 10K at that!  What’s more? I was the fastest girl in my age group!  Although… after a hilarious string of unfortunate and random events, …
reviewed Frank Zisman, OD. August 02, 2011
Frank Zisman, OD
A couple of weeks ago, I randomly cut my eye.  As in my eyeball.  I woke up one day, put on a contact, it started stinging, and I've been in glasses since.  Now before you cringe, you …
reviewed Pier 23 Cafe. August 01, 2011
Pier 23 Cafe
As a San Francisco Bay Area native, I've been hearing about the wonders of Pier 23 Cafe for years now.  From the outdoor seating, to the view of the bay, the live music, the beer, and the food. …
reviewed Tomales Bay Oyster Company. July 04, 2011
Tomales Bay Oyster Company
With the weather around here being so lovely lately, there's no better time to go shucking oysters at the source than now, so this past weekend, several of my friends and I went to shuck some of California's …
reviewed MyNetDiary. June 22, 2011
MyNetDiary - Food and Exercise Log (iPhone App)
One of my new years resolutions this year was to be healthier, which includes eating better.  For the most part, I've been pretty health conscious for most of my life, but had just fallen off …
reviewed GasBuddy iOS Application. May 31, 2011
GasBuddy iOS Application
This app is the shizzle and has saved me quite a few times.  When I'm running out of gas while on the road and my old standby of Costco isn't nearby, this is the app that I consult.  …
reviewed Vermonster. May 16, 2011
posted in Awesomeness
During a recent trip to Vermont, an obligatory trip to the Ben & Jerry's Factory in Waterbury was necessary (check out my post of the tour), and therefore, the obligatory ordering of their infamous …
reviewed Donald Trump's 2012 Presidential Cand.... April 29, 2011
posted in Awesomeness
Donald Trump's 2012 Presidential Candidacy
When I think of Donald Trump's potential run for United States presidency in terms of pop culture, it's actually pretty awesome and hilarious.  But when I think about it a real possibility …
reviewed Rio: The Movie. April 19, 2011
posted in Movie Hype
Cute -- one simple word that sums up this movie.  From its storyline, to its characters and animation, Rio is just all around cute, and it's extra cool knowing that it's voiced by an all-star …
reviewed The Alembic. April 09, 2011
The Alembic
A few months ago, a San Francisco Gilt City deal popped up with a pretty cool sounding deal -- a three course meal with custom created off-the-menu cocktail pairings at The Alembic, a bar in the Haight-Ashbury …
reviewed Ben & Jerry's Waterbury Plant. April 01, 2011
posted in Awesomeness
Ben & Jerry's Waterbury Plant
As a non-skier tagging along on a ski trip to Stowe, Vermont, I had imagined that I'd be cozying up with a book by the fireplace or nursing a cocktail in a hot tub for most of the weekend while the …
reviewed American Airlines. March 29, 2011
posted in UP UP & Away!
American Airlines
Travel fail doesn't even begin to describe my most recent ordeal and frustrations with American Airlines (and no, I'm not even accounting for that one time when my one hour layover turned into …
reviewed Re-Post: Asians in the Library - UCLA.... March 18, 2011
Re-Post: Asians in the Library - UCLA Girl going wild on Asians
This past weekend, UCLA poli sci undergrad Alexandra Wallace took it to Youtube to candidly express her sentiments about UCLA.  What was she ranting about?  Her inability to study in the library.  …
reviewed Sheen-gate 2011. March 04, 2011
posted in Awesomeness
Sheen-gate 2011
Poor, poor Charlie Sheen.  What the heck happened this week?  And why can't we stop watching?       As a fan of his works, especially his now-on-hiatus hit comedy …
reviewed Bistro Liaison. March 01, 2011
posted in Secret Berkeley
Bistro Liaison
This Valentine's Day, my Valentine and I decided to descend upon Bistro Liaison to add a little French twist to our V-Day.  Located on Shattuck Avenue in between downtown Berkeley and the infamous …
reviewed Chipotle iPhone Application. January 06, 2011
Chipotle iPhone Application
There are many reasons to be a fan of Chipotle.  Let me count just a few of the ways...      Their usage of fresh ingredients Their serving of Niman Ranch steak Their serving …
reviewed Herald Square Hotel. January 01, 2011
Herald Square Hotel
Especially during new years!      A couple of weeks prior to my trip to the East Coast, I was still undecided about whether I would pass through New York City or not during my stay, …
reviewed Laser Hair Removal. December 31, 2010
Laser Hair Removal
This is a totally unsexy topic, but I am tackling it.      I was introduced to laser hair removal in college by none other than my dear mother.  She knew about my annoyance with …
reviewed Secured Credit Cards. December 21, 2010
Secured Credit Cards
Not too long ago, it was way too easy to apply for credit cards.  As soon as I turned 18, I was getting credit card offers left and right.  They were coming to me through the mail all the time, …
reviewed Brazilian Blowout. December 04, 2010
Brazilian Blowout
Unlike many Asian girls I know, I was not blessed with shiny, gorgeous, healthy hair.  It may look okay in photos sometimes, but it really didn't feel amazing the bulk of the time.  It was …
reviewed Mashed Sweet Potatoes. November 24, 2010
Mash Sweet Potatoes
Not to brag or anything, but my mashed sweet potatoes are pretty bomb diggity!  Holiday side dishes and desserts are my specialty, so it's no wonder my family puts me in charge of them every …
reviewed Google Voice iPhone Application. November 22, 2010
Google Voice iPhone Application
As both a Google and an Apple fangirl, it broke my heart to see both companies at odds over the Google Voice iPhone app for more than a year (and by heartbroken, I mostly mean that I was annoyed at having …
reviewed Ranking #1: 50 Essential SEO Tips To .... November 15, 2010
Ranking #1: Front cover
As a fan of James Beswick's (@jbeswick) first book, Getting Productive With Google Apps, I asked him to keep me posted on his latest writing projects.  ...And keep me posted he did!  I expected …
reviewed Suppenkuche. October 31, 2010
If you're ever in San Francisco (or are lucky enough to live within its vicinity like yours truly!), then you must visit Suppenkuche in Hayes Valley.  Especially when it's Oktoberfest.  …
reviewed Steven Slater. August 12, 2010
posted in Awesomeness
Steven Slater
If you've ever dreamt of giving upper management and your clients the ultimate f-you and causing a major stir as you quit, well then, one brazen man lived out many people's wildest fantasies earlier …
reviewed El Capitan's Garlic Salsa. July 24, 2010
El Capitan's Garlic Salsa
"Life's hard...but it doesn't have to taste bad" is the motto of salsa maker (and dancer!) Josue Cano, aka @captain on Lunch.  With a motto like that, I just knew that I had to …
reviewed Toy Story 3. June 30, 2010
posted in Movie Hype
Toy Story 3
I don't often make my way to the movie theater, but as a lifelong Pixar fan and in particular, of the Toy Story series, I just had to make my way out to watch the third installment on the big screen.  …
reviewed iPhone iOS 4.0. June 22, 2010
iPhone 4.0 OS
The highly anticipated iPhone iOS 4.0 was released today and as an iPhone and overall Apple fan, I set out to download and install it right when it was released at 10 AM PST.  Luckily, I have an …
reviewed Drama Queen on Toddlers & Tiaras. June 08, 2010
posted in Awesomeness
Drama Queen on Toddlers & Tiaras
MaKenzie Myers is everyone's stereotypical beauty queen from hell.  She's a self-professed princess with absolutely no self-control or self-awareness, as well as complete disregard for those …
reviewed Modern Trains. May 26, 2010
posted in Awesomeness
Modern Trains
Whether we recognize it or not, as gas prices, maintenance fees, insurance, and cost of owning a personal vehicle rise, people around the world are looking into the future and noticing a need for the …
Helter Skelter: The True Story of the Manson Murders
As a crime television show lover and a fan of reading about true crimes, I was all over Helter Skelter when I first read about the Manson Family and the havoc that they wreaked.      …
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