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Movies I Can't Wait To See

  • Mar 3, 2011
Do you ever go to Fandango or are out at the theater with the question, now, what was that name of the movie I wanted to see again? I am, frequently, forgetting the names of movies unless they are advertised non-stop on the television. So, my dear Lunchers, I've decided to remind myself with this helpful list- have you seen any? Which do you think I should see or which ones are you excited about?
Hangover 2
I loved, and I mean LOVED, the first Hangover movie. Nando kept saying that that's what he wanted for his bach party and so, I told his friends to check the roof first. In this sequel, they go to Thailand- I think that's the only place that would be able to top Vegas- for Stu's wedding.


The Adjustment Bureau
This flick looks like a conspiracy theory Inception and I like it. This is definitely up there for next film to see in the theaters since I don't think it'd be the same at home. Matt Damon plays a politician that falls for ballerina, Emily Blunt, and comes across some mysterious workings that attempt to keep them apart. Jon Stewart of The Daily Show makes a cameo and that intrigues me.

Sucker Punch
What girl doesn't like a movie where the lead female kicks major butt? This girl is institutionalized and in retreating to a alternative reality as an escape mechanism, finds her true escape from the institution. Check out the trailer and I think you'll agree that this film looks kick a$$- don't let the fact that Vanessa Hudgens name is in it scare you!

OK, I know there are two Brad Cooper movies on the list but, THIS one has Bobby D and I'm a sucker for Bobby D flicks! Brad Cooper plays a copywriter that discovers a drug that lets him access the part of our brains that we don't normally use; therefore, giving him super human powers. Well, you can't just go around with superhuman powers without anyone knowing. DeNiro plays a millionaire that offers him a job and as the drug's negative side effects start to take effect, he has to fight off gangsters and an intense police investigation. This thriller looks like it's going to have me on the edge of my seat and I like films like that!

Why? Because there seems to be a lot of thrillers and action or depressing movies on here and a girl needs a lighthearted flick from time to time. This movies looks like a fun look at the modern idea of having sex with your friends and still able to date whoever you like. This never works as one will always develop more intense romantic feelings than the other.

The Rite
Wait...Sir Hopkins is a famous priest that is famous for doing 1000 Exorcisms and then, gets possessed by the Devil in a movie based on true events? Yeah, I think that pretty much sums it up. Is there any need to ask why I'd want to see this one?

The Fighter
Besides the constant buzz that surrounds this movie, Nando is a HUGE boxing fan and that makes for a win win. The fact that we haven't seen it yet is a bit of a surprise but, life tends to get away from you when you're planning a wedding ;p

Blue Valentine
After reading all the incredibly thought-provoking reviews of Blue Valentine here on Lunch, I definitely wanted to jump on the bandwagon.Also, I think it has to do with my never-ending curiosity for looking into others' lives and relationships to learn more about my own. This movie takes back and forth glimpses into a relationship that starts off like they all do, full of lust and ponies and roses. Through the years it takes a turn when reality starts to hit and who you thought you loved, now you can't stand to be around.

Rabbit Hole
Another one to chalk up to amazing Lunchers and their reviews of Rabbit Hole, this film about the loss of a child takes us deep into grief- all of its stages and the effects it has on the people that are left behind. I like films like this because in your darkest of days, it helps to know that a) it's not as bad as this or b) you're not alone. I also like films like this because it shows that you can survive anything, even the most seemingly unbearable and excruciating obstacles that life places on the road in front of you.

This film looks like a great afternoon flick, you know the one that will make you look at yourself, question your life a bit but, overall lift you up because apparently, you're not alone in being completely lost or confused to how you landed here at this exact moment. It might not even be about that but, that's my impression of what it's about- so I guess I'll have to check it out and let you know!

What did you think of this list?

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March 13, 2011
I'm certainly missing some good ones out there! Thanks for the great list, Sam!
March 13, 2011
You're most welcome, Sharrie :)
March 09, 2011
Yes to your opening line! Thanks for the list! I am quite interested in a few of these... :D
March 09, 2011
Good, I'm not alone ;p Glad I can help give you a reminder for yourself!
March 07, 2011
Of this list, I'm really only all that interested in SUCKER PUNCH, mostly because I think it might just be my cup o'tea. The rest? No hurry. I'll wait for the DVD release.
March 08, 2011
Yeah, can't wait for that one either and it's one of them that you definitely have to see in the theaters!
March 07, 2011
Nice list Deej! I'm curious about "Sucker Punch" too. It looks like a very weird combination of "Kill Bill", "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World" and "Girl, Interrupted". LOL!
March 08, 2011
Thanks, Sean! I like the combo you put to Sucker Punch and definitely agree- that's going to be a good one, I think :)
March 04, 2011
Nice list, Sam! I am actually going to try and see #2 tonight. Not sure, if I'll be able to, but I will try. Your number's 1-4 are definitely movies I want to see. Thanks!
March 05, 2011
Well, geez, it was about time I did SOMETHING for Movie Hype LOL! I REALLY want to see Adjustment Bureau, hopefully I'll get to it this weekend.
March 05, 2011
Thanks! Glad members are still going strong, despite my inactiveness lately. Oh, the review for THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU is posted....(hope you like it)
March 05, 2011
I saw that, apparently, great minds really do think alike- I had posted my QT about how excited I was to see it and that I didn't want to read any reviews because of spoilers at the same time you posted your review ;p
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