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My 2011 Resolutions!

  • Dec 31, 2010
  • by
If 2010 was the year of change for me (new location, new job, new outlook on life) then, 2011 promises to be the year of productivity. I'll be getting married (in May- YIKES!), getting my degree (in April), and getting my license. I have a lot of hope for 2011 and at this time, everyone does and everyone has their resolutions. I figured if I share mine with you, then I'll be held accountable and actually have to follow through!
Bachelor's Degree
Long story short: I was in a car accident that caused me to make the rash decision of youth, based on fear of dying in Reno, to move to LA. I had walked so thought I was all good. Apparently, the Journalism School didn't think so, their GPA requirements are higher than the rest of the school and I needed to retake two classes. Big problem- I had already moved to LA. SO, I had to switch majors to General Studies from my double major of Journalism and Theatre. It was the only choice that I can do online. April's my deadline and I'm almost done!
I can't believe I'm getting married in five months! It's an incredibly nerve wracking time in someone's life- the planning, the money, the time, the energy, the stress, and the amazing party surrounded by your loved ones at the end of it all. I can't wait to marry Nando. I think the reason is that we both already feel like we're married LOL...so there won't be any surprises! The reminder of the wedding being only a day and a day to celebrate the beginning of the rest of our lives helps me through the times where I feel like throwing the invitation samples across the room. Our marriage is what comes after and that takes work, dedication and love....that's what's worth the stress, time, and energy!
After 3 years of not having my driver's license, I'm ready to get it back! I left the driving world for financial reasons but, I'm in a place now where I can get back to it. I love the freedom that comes with driving; the ability to get in and go wherever you want, whenever you want is exhilarating. I do appreciate the patience that public transportation has taught me but, I'm ready to get back into the driver's seat.
The most popular of the New Years' resolutions- everyone wants to get in better shape. The worst habits are broken by daily reminders of motivation and something better. I got a wake up call on Halloween when I entered into a breakdancing cypher (a circle where breakdancers battle it out) and mid-way into my battle, my chest start aching and I felt like I couldn't breathe. Now, I'm not the best breakdancer by far and I usually only won battles by outlasting my competitors so this was a major wake up call to me. Oh my God....I feel like I'm dying and it's only been 5 minutes- what's going on!?!??

Since then, I've started walking the second half of my commute, adding 6 miles to my week. I still don't think it's enough, since when I was trying out the Michael Jackson Experience game with my niece, I was still out of breath after a couple of rounds of Thriller. I hope in this next year, that I can find a routine that sticks, helps build back my endurance, makes me healthier and, as an added bonus, makes me look fantastic in my wedding dress. As my brother said after watching me do the Experience, "you're the most out of shape skinny person I've ever met". I don't want to be that person and if I don't start taking care of myself in my thirties....when will I start?
I hope after the first two are taken care of, that I'll be able to get back to reading for the joy of it. Thanks to you Lunchers, you've refueled my love of reading and I have a great TBR list to start off this resolution. I'm sure there will be more to come but, it's a start. Plus, the fact that I live across the street from a library should make it relatively easy!
It's so easy to volunteer nowadays- they have every sort of activity to match your interests, time, abilities with those in need. I've found my match through VolunteerMatch.org. Even with my crazy schedule, I still help out with troubled teens via an advice website and domestic violence via a hotline.

If you like to travel, there's Cross Cultural Solutions that will send you to anywhere from Ghana to Costa Rica to Peru to China and everywhere in between. You can go for as little as a week to as long as you want. I've gone to the one in Peru and it was the most amazing experience of my life. In the morning, you work and in the afternoon, you can sightsee.
I'm already doing this but, it's my newest of all my passions so I hope to continue it in 2011. I love making a meal out of love and have found it quite relaxing, even if when I finally sit, it feels really good, The way I can tell if Nando really likes it or is just hungry and could literally eat a horse, the way I feel when I've "slaved over an oven all day" and my loved ones are deliciously content; those things fill with me such joy in just the way a new skill when you finally get it right can.
The Big Eat SF
As you can guess by now, I LOVE food! If I'm not cooking it, I will be eating it. My hunger (try to forgive me that pun) was only fueled when I moved to the foodie capital of the world, San Francisico. My favorite local publication/blog, 7x7, made a list The Big Eat SF of 100 SF restaurants/pubs/cafes, etc to try before you die. I'd like to start making my way down the list in 2011. Any of you SF Lunchers are more than welcome to join me :)
I'm finally in a relatively happy place where work is concerned and actually have steady employment in this crazy economic environment. I'm incredibly grateful for that. I hope to keep moving up and on along this track in 2011. I think you should always add some gratitude while you're asking so much of yourself at the beginning of a new decade.

What did you think of this list?

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June 03, 2011
I wanted to check in on my Resolutions to see where I was as far as getting them done. I've completed 1,2,3,8, and 10. That's half! That's much better than my usual record. And now that I've done those, I think I'll have time to complete the other half, all of which sound like a ton of fun!
January 07, 2011
So glad to learn you're employed steadily... God's continued blessings on you in 2011. <*)))))))> xo
January 08, 2011
Thanks Betty, same to you, love!
January 04, 2011
Nice, thoughtful list, love! Good luck with everything :)
January 04, 2011
Thanks Debbie :) We'll see how it goes lol....
January 04, 2011
7, 8, 4 and 9 are some things I would like to improve on also. Congratulations in advance for the upcoming wedding, Sam!
January 04, 2011
Thanks Woo! #9 rocks and if you need help with the rest, feel free to let me know :)
January 04, 2011
You're in for interesting times, Sam! Congrats on the wedding as well as the degree! Keep traveling :-)
January 04, 2011
Thanks Sharrie- life's always interesting which I'm incredibly grateful for! I hope to keep traveling and finally add some reviews on here ;p
January 03, 2011
Great fantastic list Samantha - I can tell you put lots of thought into it. My favorite, and one of my own resolutions, is exercising. I am not getting over the hill, I feel as if I am already down in the valley LOL so this is something I really need to commit to also. As far as your # 10 - Work; feel blessed you have it; I lost my job over 2 years ago, and still can not find work and I am in the Medical field. I am hoping the new year will bring me better luck with this. Your life sounds full, and I know you feel good about it - so many are not thankful for what they already have, but you sure do!! The best of luck with all on your list; I know you will succeed in everything you want to accomplish!! Hugs
January 04, 2011
Thanks Brenda! I think #11 is to do more MJ experience which will help with my #4 ;p I'm so sorry to hear that you lost your job. I've been there more times than I'd like to count. It's incredibly difficult but, you are an amazing woman and I know you're going to find something. Have you tried volunteering? Have you looked outside of your immediate area? Have you ever wanted to try something else? I'm sure you've tried Craigslist, Monster, Yahoo Hot Jobs, etc and maybe you can check out local clinics or VA hospitals?

Usually, I try to look at job loss as an opportunity for regrowth and refocus. Is this what I really want to be doing with my life, etc? My job loss has given me a kind of fear that whatever I have now may go, so I keep 3 jobs going to keep it from happening and to also help out with the degree, license and wedding LOL. I know that this year will be your year, if there's anything I can do to help, let me know! I'm here for you :) BIG HUGS!
January 05, 2011
I've been every freakin' where looking. In my area, many hospitals, etc. have had hiring freezes because of the economy and now that some hiring is starting, there's so much competition. I do Medical, but also do computers, secretarial, etc. so I am not confined to just one area of expertise. The bad thing is, I lost my car due to repo so with only one car it's hard cause the hubby works 2nd shift and doesn't get home until after 1 AM. I tried looking at the loss as an opportunity in the beginning, but too much time has passed and now it's just being a pain in the butt and we moved out of our home so we could downsize and save money, and now I'm miserable. 10 years in the other home, plus I had to take my 2 beloved animals to the Humane Society because we couldn't keep them in our rental house, etc. and it's been one thing after another. I know things happen for a reason, but now it's getting ridiculous LOL. I try to stay focused and optimistic, but am running out of the energy to do so. Very depressing, but I'm hanging in there. You said #11 do to more MJ but there is no #11 - which one did you mean? Thanks Sam
January 05, 2011
I know exactly how you feel, I've been there so many times it's ridiculous and I know how exhausting it gets trying to look on the bright side when you haven't seen the sun in 3 years. I would search everywhere and factor in public transportation. I know that's not ideal but, it's what needs to be done. I had to go back to slinging coffee and taking the bus at 5am for a year before I got a decent job. After all, how do we know how truly bright the sun shines if it's never night? If I can do anything to help, feel free to let me know! I'd love to help out :)
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