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@djevoke's Top #HipHop Tweeps To Follow For #musicmonday

  • Oct 5, 2009
  • by
Here are my Top #HipHop Tweeps in pseudo-particular order ;p I have mad love for everyone on this list and DJs, don't worry- your part two is coming up! I wanted to take a second and thank each and every person on this list for always inspiring me through your music, your lyrics, your love of hip-hop and your tweets. You guys are the reason I do what I love and trust me, you're in my set on heavy rotation...well, you, James Brown and MJ (RIP to both)! Thank you for rockin' the mic, decks, drums or supporting real hip-hop. One love! If the rest of you aren't following these tweeps, trust me- follow them now and do yourself a favor- buy their music off iTunes...you won't be sorry!
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Bahamadia (Bahamadia) on Twitter
Bahamadia's smoothed out rhymes have the best way of working in between the layers of beats- every single word she spits is magic. So much so, that I wish she'd tweet more so that I can get a look inside the genius! Follow her and check her out here: http://www.myspace.com/bahamadia
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Mystic (thatgirlmystic)
Mystic (thatgirlmystic) on Twitter
What can I say about Mystic? She's as dope in person as she is on the mic. She tweets inspirational quotes/rhymes, recipes and is always down to support the arts in her community. I had the opportunity to meet her FOREVER ago in Reno when my girl Roza opened up for her. Follow her, be inspired and check her out here: http://www.myspace.com/thatgirlmystic
RealTalibKweli (Twitter Feed)
One of the illest emcees in the game, you can get a glimpse of what his life is like since he balances tweeting about life, his shows, other tweets with influential hip-hoppers and some love for his wifey DJEQUE (who's SUPER DOPE BTW and will be on my next list of DJ tweeps you need to follow ASAP!). Follow him and check out his site for more info: http://www.talibkweli.com/
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Chali 2na (Chali2na)
Chali 2na (Chali2na) on Twitter
Chali2Na of J5 fame has joined forces with some of my good friends Nephrok and House of Vibe All-Stars, adding them onto his list of dope bands he lends his talents to- J5 and Ozomatli being the other two. Relatively new to Twitterverse, he keeps his tweets about shows, quality #FFs, tweets w/other influential hip-hoppers which is just like being a fly on the luckiest wall, and hilarious RTs. Follow him and check this out for shows/more info: http://www.myspace.com/chali2na
Distortion 2 Static (distort2static) on Twitter
D2S is a Bay Area TV show based in SF all about preserving and presenting hip-hop culture "in a manner that stimulates its community and sustains its heritage." They host some of the Bay's freshest hip hop events, Mighty 4 a break competition is coming up this weekend. To catch tweets on SF hip-hop, events, underground hip-hop, etc, follow them and check them out: http://distortion2static.ning.com/profile/distortion2static
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Fat Beats LA (FatBeatsLA)
Fat Beats LA (FatBeatsLA) on Twitter
FatBeats is LA Hip-Hop, period. It's a record shop and so much more on 7600 Melrose Ave with in-stores by some of hip-hop's most talented DJs and MCs, who you can hear while you check out their endless supply of hip-hop vinyl, DVDs, and more. Their tweets include new releases, in-stores, and RTs of everything you need to know for LA hip-hop. Follow them and check out their site for online shopping: http://www.fatbeats.com/catalog/index.php
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Questo of The Roots (questlove)
questlove (Twitter Feed)
?Love of The Roots and so much more is just ill- he's an ill DJ and an ill drummer. His tweets take you along on his journey and he'll twitpic funny backstage photos like when a group of guys "just happened to be kickin' it outside of Megan Fox's dressing room door". This fool LOVES music and knows more about it than you can even fathom. Follow his tweets and you'll be entertained ALWAYS- trust me. For other than Twitter info: http://www.myspace.com/questlove
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Rev Run (RevRunWisdom)
RevRunWisdom (Twitter Feed)
Follow him and get inspired, period. AND he's REV RUN, people! Who's house? Run's house....He tweets wisdom and inspiration throughout the day. His reality show cracks me up and he has to be the coolest dad out there. Follow him for up to date info and inspiration, for more info: http://globalgrind.com/revrun/
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Queen Latifah (IAMQUEENLATIFAH) on Twitter
Easily the Queen of Hip-Hop and now she's conquering the big screen along with the rest of the music world, the woman does it all. She's such a positive influence for women in the hip-hop game, that you can't even say you like hip-hop as a female without paying homage to her. After all, she did "Ladies First". To keep up with what's new with this busy Queen bee of music and the big screen, follow her and check out her site: http://www.queenlatifah.com/
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Eric B and Rakim (EricBandRakim)
Eric B and Rakim (EricBandRakim) on Twitter
He tweets the dopest lyrics/tweet poetry in this list. He has his own live broadcast at http://www.ericb.tv/ and he's half of the freshest hip-hop duo EVER. Follow him for some inspiration and check out: http://www.ericbandrakim.com/
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MC Lyte (mclyte)
MC Lyte (mclyte) on Twitter
MC Lyte been wreckin' the hip-hop scene since 1983, enough said. Her tweets keep you updated on new music and blog posts. Follow her and check out her blogs at: http://www.okaysister.com/ and http://hiphopsisters.ning.com/
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IamMURS (MURS) on Twitter
Murs is the only rapper to have his own music festival and I love everything that comes out of his mouth when it comes to hip-hop, since I don't know ish about football ;p He tweets about everything and he raps about peace, love, unity and having fun- you know, how hip hop was and of course, how it should be? Follow him or check out his site for more info: http://www.mursmusic.com/
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QTip (QtipTheAbstract)
QTip (QtipTheAbstract) on Twitter
Q-Tip of the group A Tribe Called Quest tweets about shows and everything hip-hop. His latest album, The Renaissance, gave me hope that maybe we could save hip-hop and he didn't stop there, his new album Kamaal the Abstract is just as dope. Trust me, go get you some and follow him, for more info: http://q-tipnetwork.ning.com/
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Poetic Stimulator (Poetic_S)
Poetic Stimulator (Poetic_S) on Twitter
Poetic S is an underground LA emcee that rocks the mic every time she gets on it, true to her name she is definitely a hip-hop poet. She has her own radio show, blog, and tweets about politics, hip-hop and shows. Follow her and check out what you've been missing: http://www.myspace.com/poeticstimulator
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shania d. (lovers1010)
shania d. (lovers1010) on Twitter
My fave kind of hip-hopper, one who does it for the love of hip-hop and gives back to the community, acting as a positive influence for the younger hip-hop generations. Shania tweets inspirational rhymes, shows, and you can watch her live on twitcam... Follow her and check this out for what you've been missing: http://www.myspace.com/shaniad
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Brother Ali (BrotherAliMpls)
Brother Ali (BrotherAliMpls) on Twitter
I first heard/fell in musical love with Brother Ali in Reno at a club I DJed at a few years ago. His show was so fresh and combined his passion for hip-hop with Nirvana and Rage Against the Machine. He gave me confidence to be white and share my love of hip-hop, because I've gotten such ridiculousness for being white and a hip-hopper. He tweets about his life and music. Follow him and check out his site for live broadcasts: www.brotherali.com
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Eligh Nachowitz (therealeligh)
Eligh Nachowitz (therealeligh) on Twitter
Eligh is SO fast that I have to listen to his joints at least twice to decipher all the wisdom he spits. Another member of the Living Legends who tours primarily with Grouch, tweets about their shows and thank GOD/Allah/Yahweh/Buddha/Mohammad/Mother Earth for that because I'd never know about them without checking his Myspace. Not only that but you get a behind-the-scenes glimpse into this quick slick MC. Follow him on Twitter, go to iTunes and get Say G&E and check out his latest music here: http://www.myspace.com/therealeligh
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therealgrouch (therealgrouch) on Twitter
"You ain't artsier than me...Cuz you got sideburns and a vintage Tee " His lyrics are so dope. Grouch is the final member of Living Legends on here- hey, I had to make room for other folks- and he tweets about everything from daily life to shows to playing soccer/futbol. The thing I love about Twitter, when you follow your fave emcees you get to know them. Collabing with some of my favorite tweeps, Grouch holds his own and then some. If you've never heard him, follow him, go to iTunes and get Say G&E and check this out to see what you've been missing: http://www.therealgrouch.com/v2/
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Rakaa Iriscience (TheRealRakaa)
Rakaa Iriscience (TheRealRakaa) on Twitter
His bio reads: "Dilated Peoples / Rock Steady Crew / Universal Zulu Nation / C2D" and if that isn't enough, you should follow him to catch info on his shows and RTs of some fresh hip-hop joints that you aren't going to get unless you know someone. I heart Dilated Peoples and if you don't know, do yourself a favor and educate yourself at www.dilatedpeoples.com and follow Rakaa!
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Common (common)
common (Twitter Feed)
Common has expanded to conquer the big screen but, he's here because I love and respect his hip-hop contributions. The man wrote a love song about hip-hop, always busts a windmill (at least every show I've seen), throws a dope live show, and is a poet. But, why follow him? He posts link to his blog posts, shows, and regular ol' tweets about life. Follow him and check this out for more info: http://thinkcommon.com/
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valthevandle (valthevandle) on Twitter
I met Val through LA's Scratch Academy and as the long-running host of The Spliff, the man definitely belongs on this list. The Spliff is an open mic for LA's up and coming MCs to battle it out. Oh, yeah and he's one of the freshest DJs LA has to offer. Follow him for LA hip-hop info and check him out at: http://www.myspace.com/thevandle
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Defsounds.com (defsounds_com)
Defsounds.com (defsounds_com) on Twitter
Defsounds.com is a one-stop shop for all things hip-hop. Their tweets keep you updated on news, new tracks, new videos, rumors, hip-hop blogs, reviews and more. Follow them and check out their site for more info: http://www.defsounds.com/
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Hip Hop Caucus (HipHopCaucus)
Hip Hop Caucus (HipHopCaucus) on Twitter
Hip Hop Caucus blends two of my loves- making a difference and hip-hop. If you love hip-hop and have wondered if hip-hop is making a difference in the world, follow these tweeps NOW and check out their site to get involved: http://www.hiphopcaucus.org/
hip hop quotables (hiphopquotables) on Twitter
Hip Hop Quotables tweets out hip-hop lyrics daily. I love these guys cuz it's like an endless game of hip-hop trivia and sometimes they remind me of a joint I haven't heard in a minute which always makes me smile.
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Ma Dukes (MaDukesYancey)
Ma Dukes (MaDukesYancey) on Twitter
Do I really need to explain this? Um...she's Dilla's mom?!? If you don't know, just do yourself a favor and follow her now. If you wanna stay up on how to keep Dilla's memory alive, follow her! For how to support The J Dilla Project, go to: http://www.myspace.com/jdillaproject

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October 06, 2009
How did I know that you were gonna create a list for #musicmonday? :P Awesome list! Following a few tweeps! :)
October 06, 2009
Yay....glad I could help expand upon your hip-hopness ;p I can't wait to see yours!
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