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reviewed Stir, Laugh, Repeat. December 01, 2011
Stir, Laugh, Repeat
Stir Laugh and Repeat by author Martha Cheves   Reviewed by Fran Lewis      Move over Paula Dean, Emeril, and Rachel Ray: Make way for the new Queen of Southern hospitality …
reviewed How to Build Your Dream Cabin in the .... December 15, 2011
How to Build Your Dream Cabin in the Woods by J. W. Fears
So many of us have a dream cabin in the woods envisioned in our minds—I do, too. Most of us never do get to realize it, but it can still be fun to dream. Actually, as I write this, I seem to be nearing …
reviewed Pinterest. December 27, 2011
posted in Awesomeness
A friend of mine introduced me to this website/iApp by saying- it's really cool, it's a place where you can organize everything that you find on the web, like a cute pair of shoes or a great photo …
reviewed How to Make A big bang?. January 24, 2012
How to Make A big bang?
            How To Make A Big Bang   Authors: Andrew Flambaum and Victor Flambaum   Reviewed by fran lewis       …
reviewed The Linux Command Line, A Complete In.... February 17, 2012
The Linux Command Line, A Complete Introduction
Here is what I liked most about this book, I understood everything it was telling me to do. That is the bottom line, that is really all that matters. I had a need (I want to learn the command line better), …
reviewed Living Social. January 19, 2011
posted in Awesomeness
Living Social
Yep, it's a Lunch Public Service Announcement: get a $20 Amazon gift card for $10 - but today only. There's no catch - they're just buying customers (naturally there's only one per person …
reviewed Real Simple. November 15, 2009
posted in Do It Yourself!
Real Simple
Real Simple is my new BFF. Like a good BFF, it has inspired the DIY in me to get off my lazy butt, organize my life, cook a delicious meal in 15 minutes and become an amazing hostess, amongst other things. …
reviewed Money. December 31, 2009
posted in Business Matters
  Oh wow, considering what’s been going around in the world for the last year or so, I’d have thought someone on this portal would have written a review on MONEY! Imagine my surprise …
reviewed Corn on the Cob. December 29, 2008
I like eating corn on the cob but it can get messy at times. As a child, I loved eating it whenever I could, but then I got braces and things changed. For about 3 years, eating corn on the cob was quite …
reviewed Veganomicon: The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook. April 24, 2009
Veganomicon: The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook
Mine is by no means a vegan household, but how could I resist a book with this title? By the time I had found the authors' explanation, I was in love with the book: "...a big vegan cookbook needed a big …
reviewed July 26, 2009
evite is so easy and logical. There are multiple reasons why this is my go-to for party and event invitations. Cost: Evite is free! It doesn’t cost a thing! You can save a …
reviewed Corn on the Cob. August 22, 2009
I love corn. It's like the perfect food and has countless uses... like being converted to Ethanol, Plastics, Tortillas... just to name a few.  But did you know that corn is also delicious when eaten?  …
reviewed Thanksgiving. November 12, 2009
5 Tips to Make Thanksgiving Dinner Stress Free:      Eureka! I actually have had to Conquer this Holiday Cooking Monkey before, so I have learned a few Tricks!    For …
reviewed Thanksgiving. November 24, 2009
   Thanksgiving day is a good family time in the year to thank all that have lived around with us. The time that i lived in the united states of america I think enjoy this beautiful tradition. …
reviewed Thanksgiving. November 26, 2009
So, what’s on your Thanksgiving drink menu? Wine, perhaps? Or maybe Cider? Wait, did you say water?! That’s it—I submit beer as the holiday beverage of choice! Luckily, I’m here …
reviewed Bazaar Bizarre. January 12, 2010
posted in Do It Yourself!
Bazaar Bizarre
When I lived in Boston I was still a student, so my schoolwork and job were my first priorities over finding all of my friends and family the "perfect" Christmas gift. Luckily, each year I was …
reviewed GroupOn. January 13, 2010
   I’m always finding out about sales the day after they end. Typically, I’ll be walking into a restaurant on a weeknight only to find out that yesterday, the same meal was being …
reviewed Oreo Truffles. February 17, 2010
posted in Do It Yourself!
Oreo Truffles
I was perusing the web looking for a dessert for the anniversary dinner I was cooking for @Nando1 for our belated 3-year anniversary and found this gem. Nando L-O-V-E-S all things chocolate and Oreos, …
reviewed Baked Chicken with Herb Skin, Roasted.... February 22, 2010
posted in Do It Yourself!
Baked Chicken with Herb Skin, Roasted Garlic Cream Gravy and Veggies
I was visiting my mom for a week and had offered to make her dinner, anything she wanted and that may have been my first mistake. But, instead it was a blessing in disguise. She told me that she wanted …
reviewed Veganomicon: The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook. February 25, 2010
posted in Veganlovlie
Veganomicon: The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook
After reading and hearing so much about this book, I was already planning to buy it. But to my delight I was given this book as a gift for a Secret Santa (or Chris Kindle as they call it in Ireland)! …
reviewed Lowe's and Home Depot Free Kids' DIY .... March 11, 2010
Lowe's and Home Depot Free Kids' DIY Workshops
Lowes and Home Depot offer project workshops for kids, often with a seasonal theme, and they're free!      I love the idea of getting kids working with wood and nails, and they'll …
reviewed Reading. April 12, 2010
   What? Men read OUTSIDE of the bathroom?? __________________________________________________________________________ I have a lot of quippy answers for when people ask me about my favorite …
reviewed Homemade Laundry Detergent. April 14, 2010
Make Your Own Laundry Detergent
I recently took the plunge and tried a frugal experiment I'd been thinking about for awhile. Some of you may want to try this one yourself, and some of you may think this one's going a little …
reviewed Saving Money for Vacation. June 25, 2010
posted in Only WDWorld
Saving Money
Taking a trip to Walt Disney World is expensive. Even with all the specials and discounts, you’re looking at three to five thousand dollars even for a basic value week depending on how many in …
reviewed Paper Towels. July 23, 2010
posted in Green Living
Paper towels
   Paper towels are one of the ultimate convenience items. They are always there for the spilled milk, a quick napkin for the sandwich you just made, or to clean the bathroom mirror. They are …
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