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posted a Quick Tip about Long John Silver's. September 30, 2013
posted in Dining Out
Long John Silver's
Long John Silver's is my ultimate "guilty pleasure" restaurant to dine at.  The fish, chicken, shrimp, and onion rings are deep fried in quite possibly the most decadent, greasy batter I've ever sunk my teeth into.  I also wouldn't be surprised that in the world of deep fried food, Long John Silver's is among the most unhealthy, thus why I rarely eat …
posted a Quick Tip about Hooters. July 31, 2013
posted in Dining Out
Hooters girls
The Hooters girls look good and the food is decent, though I think the wings are a tad too greasy for me to handle.      Hooters is an okay place to dine out, though while Titled Kilt is a little more expensive, you get much better food and hotter ladies serving you.
posted a Quick Tip about Tilted Kilt. July 30, 2013
posted in Dining Out
Tilted Kilt
Tilted Kilt is one of my absolute favorite restaurants, and TK caters to all of a man's masculine traits.  TK has a myriad of great food and alcoholic drinks to serve, and the ladies who serve you are not only smoking-hot, but have delightfully skimpy schoolgirl outfits that perfectly match the Scotch-Irish theme of the restaurant (the TK girls look better than the Hooters girls).   …
posted a Quick Tip about Denny's. April 17, 2013
posted in Dining Out
The thing I like the most about Denny's is that they're open all day, every day, even on holidays, and will even serve breakfast dishes at night.  My favorite thingss on Denny's menu are the chicken fried steak dinner, chicken strip dinner, buffalo chicken sandwich, loaded French fries, and French toast.      Denny's is a good place to go if you want a restaurant …
posted a Quick Tip about Jimmy John's. April 05, 2013
posted in Dining Out
Jimmy John's
I've grown to like Jimmy John's recently for their extremely fast service and for their "Slim 5," an Italian meat sub (has salami and capicola) at a good price (a little over $3) that's also decently-sized.  While the "Slim" subs don't have any veggies, I accomodate this by getting my Slim 5 with jalapeno slices on the side (jalapenos are free), and just …
posted a Quick Tip about Zuni's House of Pizza. January 26, 2013
posted in Dining Out
Zuni's House of Pizza
Here's a pizza chain in the Northwest Indiana/Chicago land area that serves great food at decent prices.  Aside from the usual toppings you can get on your pizza, there's plenty of specialty pizzas (like the BBQ chicken pizza) that you can choose as well, and best of all, the pizzas are really good.  Even the non-pizza dishes are superb.  The wings are some of the best wings …
posted a Quick Tip about Jersey Mike's Subs. January 04, 2013
posted in Dining Out
Jersey Mike's Subs
A Jersey Mike's opened up in my area recently, and I've grown to love the place.  The prices may be a tad higher than Subway, but the sandwiches are not only big, they're absolutely delicious.  Even better, they cut the meats right in front of you, so you know you're getting good meat.      My favorite sub from Jersey Mike's would have to be the Kahuna …
posted a Quick Tip about Chili's Grill and Bar. December 19, 2012
posted in Dining Out
Chili's is one of my favorite chain of "bar and grill" restaurants.  They have too much good stuff to serve, such as frozen blackberry margaritas, deep fried onion and jalapeno slices, baby back ribs, chicken-fried steak, various quesadillas, and chipotle chicken crispers (among other things).      I just wish that the nearest Chili's locations weren't …
posted a Quick Tip about Little Caesars. December 04, 2012
posted in Dining Out
Pizza! Pizza!
Little Caesar's is good for a "budget" pizza place, since their "Hot and Ready" pizzas are only $5 and the Crazy Bread is only about $2.  Thankfully, the price isn't the only good thing, since the pizza and other items on the menu are good.      Little Caesar's is certainly good, but unless if you're short on money and time, I'd suggest …
posted a Quick Tip about Dairy Queen. November 20, 2012
posted in Dining Out
Dairy Queen
While I think some of the things they sell are a little overpriced, Dairy Queen has both good food and good frozen treats.  Between getting a chicken strip basket and a cookie dough Blizzard, you can hardly go wrong with the DQ.
posted a Quick Tip about Taco Bell. November 20, 2012
posted in Dining Out
Taco Bell
The quesadillas and side nachos aren't bad, and the Mountain Dew Baja Blast is a neat drink, but the rest of the food at Taco Bell is just mediocre.  Personally, I'd much rather go to a reputable Mexican restaurant instead like La Quesadilla and Mi Ranchito (Mexican restaurants in Northwest Indiana).
posted a Quick Tip about Taco Bell. November 09, 2012
posted in Gourmand
Taco Bell
The food isn't good for you, but it's painfully addictive. They have a very good dollar menu.
posted a Quick Tip about KFC. October 11, 2012
posted in Dining Out
I think Popeye's is the king of fast-food fried chicken, but KFC isn't bad.      I think the extra crispy legs and thighs are the best they have, and the Double Down sandwich is a delicious snack to sink your teeth into for special occasions (these are way unhealthy).  The chicken strips are good as well, though like everything else on the menu, you pay too much …
posted a Quick Tip about Goodfellas. October 10, 2012
posted in Dining Out
I think when you take everything into account (prices, food, service, atmosphere, and hygene), Goodfellas Bar and Grill in Cedar Lake, Indiana is one of the best restaurants to eat out at in the Northwest Indiana/Chicagoland region.      The food is marvelous.  I always dine on the "Forgetaboutit" ribeye steak sandwich, which I've always gotten the way I like …
reviewed Cafe Santorini. March 19, 2012
posted in Dining Out
Cafe Santorini
   One does not just walk into Old Town Pasadena Happy Hour Week!   Dissection must be made; careful analysis of each and every one of the twenty participating restaurants' happy hour menus. Charts were draw. Lists were made. Itineraries were key! I take Happy Hour very seriously.      Opportunity to have the first Happy Hour Hop came with my friend Melissa's …
reviewed Julienne. March 06, 2012
posted in Dining Out
   My boyfriend is obsessed with Julienne, a local bistro cafe that is never want for business. We know never to venture there on a weekend morning because the crowd is practically spilling into traffic. While breakfast is the real reason to head to Julienne and we have hit it up three times now - only I never brought my camera to document it. Finally I have, though this time we decided …
reviewed Luna Park. March 06, 2012
posted in Dining Out
Luna Park
   When my friend Steffie Love loves something she will make damn sure everybody knows it and try to spread the infection of curiosity throughout her friends so that we will in turn learn to love whatever it is she loves - bar, book, movie, restaurant, a particular dish - and then lives in the hopes that we will one day indulge with her. Such is the case with Luna Park - a restaurant off …
reviewed Yummy Sushi. March 06, 2012
posted in Dining Out
Yummy Sushi
   My mom and I won a raffle at the ACHA (Adults with Congenital Heart Defects Association) conference last April. The original win was for a condo in Colorado but, as we're not ski/snow/cold people, we swapped it for a luxurious suite at the Coronado Beach Resort instead! My friend Annie and I went up on Sunday the 19th to check in ~ Steffie joined me on Tuesday and Mom on Wednesday. It …
reviewed Celestino Ristorante & Bar. February 07, 2012
posted in Dining Out
Celestino Ristorante & Bar
Italian cuisine was my first food love and Celestino brought all of my warm, fuzzy memories of delicious Italian meals to the foreground of my brain, making me fall in love with Italian food all over again.      Celestino had been in my peripherals for the better part of fifteen years and now that I have sampled its fare I cannot ever imagine my life without them. I had been thinking, …
reviewed McDonald's. January 21, 2012
posted in Love Bites
I like McDonald's especially when I crave for fried food. French fries is good but I only like them with chilli (especially the sweet and hot version; like Thai chilli) sauce and not ketchup. The only burger I eat is Filet-O-Fish and nothing else  (oh, may be once in a blue moon the McChicken). McDonald is also great to have when I'm broke! Other than that, I've no idea what the …
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