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reviewed Domino's Pizza. January 31, 2010
Pizza Delivery
Dominos for a long time had been a long time runner with Pizza Hut for nationwide pizza delivery restaurant francise.  Pizza Hut was gourmet and pricy and Dominos was cheap and, cheap.  With …
reviewed Culver's. November 02, 2009
posted in Dining Out
   Have you ever been sorely disappointed by a fast-food burger? Of course you have, that’s why it’s called fast-food. But if you’ve ever been to Culver’s, you will never …
reviewed Taco Bell. December 11, 2008
Taco Bell
There's a Taco Bell near my work and lately, I've been visiting it quite frequently! You might ask why I don't visit other nearby fast foods for variety. That's because Taco Bell has all the variety you …
reviewed In-N-Out Burger. December 10, 2008
I, along with a great deal of Californians, love In-N-Out. Even though it is considered to be fast food, most people refuse to accept this fact and go time after time to eat their burgers, fries, and …
reviewed Ted's Montana Grill. December 27, 2008
posted in Dining Out
Ted's Montana Grill
My wife and I rarely go out to dinner by ourselves.  But when we do a trip to our nearby Ted's Montana Grill is usually right at the top of our list.  Founded by media mogul Ted Turner …
reviewed Sashi Sushi + Saké Lounge. September 05, 2009
posted in MBlocal
Exterior View
Being more a fan of traditionally made sushi, I tend not to dig Japanese fusion joints too much, especially since most are really just gimmicky and overpriced.  However, for Sashi, I'm going to have …
reviewed Sonic Drive-In. October 22, 2010
posted in Dining Out
Sonic Drive-In
Well if it isn't, it's at least close.      Sonic's are starting to sprout up everywhere.  For years I would see commercials for them but have none in my immediate …
reviewed Wendy's. October 24, 2010
posted in Dining Out
What is often considered the number 3 fast food burger restaurant in America is Wendy's and they can be so good some days and so lame others.      Wendy's has good food, prepared …
reviewed The Loft Bar and Bistro. October 26, 2010
posted in Dining Out
The Loft Bar and Bistro
Earlier today, Nando and I decided to take a break out of our hectic schedules (wait, we're both home at the same time?!?!) for a nice Happy Hour outing. We wanted to celebrate this momentous occasion, …
reviewed Harumi Sushi. January 08, 2011
posted in Dining Out
Harumi Sushi
$1 Sake, $3 Sake Bombs, Free Miso Soup, and 15% off every sushi roll (yes, even the specialty rolls) makes Harumi the best Sushi Happy Hour in the South Bay Area. Mondays-Thursdays keep you happy all …
reviewed Chipotle. December 14, 2008
posted in Dining Out
Didn't anyone get the memo?  McDonalds hasn't had anything to do with Chipotle in years!  Just wanted to get that out of the way.      When I first visited Chipotle, for …
reviewed Buffet Bellagio. February 14, 2011
posted in Dining Out
Buffet Bellagio
Las Vegas is a city full of decisions.  What show to see, what casinos to visit and how much to spend.  The Buffet at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino is definetly something to take into consideration.  …
reviewed Arby's. December 16, 2008
Usually when I go to Arby's the only thing I ever got was a roast beef sandwich.  I got tried of those pretty quickly and decided it was time for a change.  So I ordered the chicken salad sandwich …
reviewed Froggy's Topanga Fish Market. April 06, 2009
posted in Dining Out
patio outside Froggy's
The other night I had the biggest craving for Froggy's. I had been talking about it with a co-worker that just moved to town and it stuck in my head. I craved the escape, the beautiful winding journey …
reviewed Del Taco. April 08, 2009
Del Taco
I didn't eat at Del Taco until I was 20 years old. I believe the main reason for this is that I didn't smoke pot in high school*. You heard me. Del Taco is pothead food. Why? Because it's the only …
reviewed Pachanga Mexican Grill (Manhattan Beach). April 30, 2009
posted in Dining Out
The Manhattan Beach location
I used to just pass Pachanga without much thought on my way to the $5 foot-longs of Subway during lunch. Until one day, I was having one of my Mexican cravings - okay, okay I have those every day but, …
reviewed The Bazaar by Jose Andres. May 08, 2009
The Bazaar by Jose Andres
The Bazaar by Jose Andres is unlike any restaurant I have ever encountered; a temple of molecular gastronomy. I found my dinner to be more of an experience than a meal. It was overwhelming and thought-provoking; …
reviewed McDonald's. May 19, 2009
...someone said that once, hopefully in jest since it would be both libelous and untrue. The only questionable thing I know about is the butane-type chemical in their McChicken sandwich, which apparently …
reviewed In-N-Out Burger. June 19, 2009
posted in Awesomeness
In N Out was something I grew up around and never fully experienced.  It would be sometime before I would get to try one again and when I did I wondered where those lost meal opportunities went toward?   …
reviewed Jack in the Box. June 25, 2009
posted in Awesomeness
Jack in the Box
Jack in the Box answered my dreams.  You can get breakfast food items at any time of the day.  I hate it on a slow morning when I want breakfast but realize I only have precious time to nab …
reviewed Arby's. August 04, 2009
posted in Awesomeness
I've only seen one other roast beef chain and it was in Indiana and I dont' even know if it exists anymore.  Theres a reason why there aren't any other roast beef francises out there, …
reviewed Mediterraneo. September 03, 2009
posted in Dining Out
I love this place, even though it's a little pricey. As far as service goes as @LisaLisa and @jrfent have pointed out, the Hermosa Beach Pier isn't known for great customer service. The best exception …
reviewed Hooters. September 06, 2009
posted in That's Beat
Hooters girls
Ahhh Hooters.  "Delightfully Tacky, Yet Unrefined" is the slogan and it's a true piece of acurate advertising.      Hooters restaurants are adorned with Christmas …
reviewed KFC. September 25, 2009
posted in Awesomeness
Quite possibly the first and only resturant chain I can think of that had to bow to political correctness and change it's name from "Kentucky Fried Chicken" to "KFC."  Thankfully, …
reviewed Burger King. November 30, 2009
Burger King
Hunger pangs are what made me do it. I shouldn't have done it, but I did it. Why did I do it? Because I wanted something cheap, fast and, yes, good. I wanted to be in and out. I wanted to eat my food …
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