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reviewed Culvers. October 20, 2010
posted in Dining Out
I'm not joking here, as of now in a city of roughly 30,000 people in Wisconsin there are three of these restaurants.  To say that they are a staple of Wisconsin would be like saying theres a …
reviewed Sashi Sushi + Saké Lounge. September 14, 2010
posted in MBlocal
Exterior View
This place is beautiful inside and they're presentation is spectacular. Nice place to go to impress an out of South Bay date. The non-sushi menu is decent but the sushi leaves a bit to be desired …
reviewed Subway. September 10, 2010
I'm a big dude.  Not in the "I work out five hours a day and have tickets to the gun show" big, I'm more along the lines of "I stay up way too late at night and like chips …
reviewed Panera Bread. August 11, 2010
The closest Panera to my residence is about 25 miles, but my wife and I go there on a regular basis, mainly to pick up a baker's dozen of bagels. Since we can't get genuine New York City …
reviewed Buffalo Wild Wings. July 25, 2010
Buffalo logo
   I haven't been able to get my BWW fix for a while since they don't have one in my area -- hopefully not for long -- but I lived in Las Vegas for a while and there was one near my …
reviewed White Castle. June 23, 2010
White Castle
The epitome of junkfood fastfood with hamburgers the size of golfballs can be scarfed 100 at a time!!  Seriously.  When you hear "By em' by the sackfull" this is what they are …
reviewed Buca di Beppo. June 23, 2010
posted in The Bluff
Family Platter Linguine Frutti di Mare
I have been to the location on 2nd street in Santa Monica several times now and it does not disappoint.  The atmosphere is always festive, making a reservation ahead of time takes care …
reviewed Panera Bread. June 19, 2010
posted in The Bluff
Whether it's the Panera by Trader Joe's in Westchester or the one in the Marina, it never lets me down. I could go to Panera for breakfast, lunch and dinner however breakfast is my all time favorite. …
reviewed Sashi Sushi + Saké Lounge. May 03, 2010
posted in MBlocal
Exterior View
   Sashi is more than just amazing sushi restaurant with alluring atmosphere. My love for Sashi comes from its unique ability to be more than just a restaurant, to offer more to Manhattan Beach …
reviewed Arby's. April 16, 2010
   Arby's is mostly known for their tender and juicy roast beef, and rightly so.       They also offer a variety of other choices, mostly things that one would consider "healthy" …
reviewed Sashi Sushi + Saké Lounge. March 09, 2010
posted in MBlocal
Exterior View
Glamorous, hip setting. Great sushi. Makoto, Sashi's executive chef learned under Morimoto, who apparently is the greatest iron chef of all time (I'm not sure what this means, but people who watch Iron …
reviewed Chipotle. February 24, 2010
Looking for a quick and tasty lunch when you must eat gluten-free can be challenging at best. And if you’ve got small children, you know can't let them go hungry for too long or you’re really …
reviewed Domino's Pizza. January 31, 2010
Pizza Delivery
Dominos for a long time had been a long time runner with Pizza Hut for nationwide pizza delivery restaurant francise.  Pizza Hut was gourmet and pricy and Dominos was cheap and, cheap.  With …
reviewed In-N-Out Burger. December 03, 2009
   If you need to know the definition of perfection, going to In N Out would be a good place to start. I have never had a bad experience at this "fast food chain, everytime I eat here …
reviewed Burger King. November 30, 2009
Burger King
Hunger pangs are what made me do it. I shouldn't have done it, but I did it. Why did I do it? Because I wanted something cheap, fast and, yes, good. I wanted to be in and out. I wanted to eat my food …
reviewed Culver's. November 02, 2009
posted in Dining Out
   Have you ever been sorely disappointed by a fast-food burger? Of course you have, that’s why it’s called fast-food. But if you’ve ever been to Culver’s, you will never …
reviewed Yellow Vase. October 02, 2009
Store Front
We hit this place at least once a month. The service is kind and friendly even though they are very busy. They have a diverse breakfast menu and they know how to make a coffee.      …
reviewed Subway. October 01, 2009
In college, the lunch choices near campus were pretty grim. Pizza place that only got busy after 12am? No. Sbarro? Absolutely not. Food Court chinese food? UGH. Burrito? Maybe, but not every day.   …
reviewed The Habit Burger Grill. September 29, 2009
The Habit
Today was my first time trying The Habit. I was apartment shopping in Sherman Oaks and we had to stop to eat lunch. We walk over to Ventura blvd. and decide to give The Habit a try. A Hindu by religion, …
reviewed Pizza Hut. September 25, 2009
posted in Awesomeness
Pizza Hut
Ahhh, Pizza Hut.  It may not be the greatest pizza in the world, but it's tied close to me as a symbol of growing up and always seeing Pizza Hut and having it even be my first job.   …
reviewed KFC. September 25, 2009
posted in Awesomeness
Quite possibly the first and only resturant chain I can think of that had to bow to political correctness and change it's name from "Kentucky Fried Chicken" to "KFC."  Thankfully, …
reviewed Panera Bread. September 24, 2009
posted in Dining Out
OK, I admit it.  I'm addicted to carbs.  I know they are not good for me but what the heck.  I don't smoke or drink or do drugs.  Something is going to kill me and …
reviewed Hooters. September 06, 2009
posted in That's Beat
Hooters girls
Ahhh Hooters.  "Delightfully Tacky, Yet Unrefined" is the slogan and it's a true piece of acurate advertising.      Hooters restaurants are adorned with Christmas …
reviewed Sashi Sushi + Saké Lounge. September 05, 2009
posted in MBlocal
Exterior View
Being more a fan of traditionally made sushi, I tend not to dig Japanese fusion joints too much, especially since most are really just gimmicky and overpriced.  However, for Sashi, I'm going to have …
reviewed Mediterraneo. September 03, 2009
posted in Dining Out
I love this place, even though it's a little pricey. As far as service goes as @LisaLisa and @jrfent have pointed out, the Hermosa Beach Pier isn't known for great customer service. The best exception …
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