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Death Race is the ultimate action movie ever made i dont care if the storyline or the acting is shitty(as some other reviewers have said) the action and racing makes out for it all.I mean come on frickin tracker trailers with flame throwers and rocket launchers you are lying if you said you watched the movie for the acting this movie is insane perfect for adrenaline junkies its now my all time favorite movie. Death Race is about a man named Jenson Aimes who is framed for murder and sent to Terminal island penitentary. While there he has to fight for his freedom in the brutal explosion filled guns a blazing Death Race games, where if an inmate wins five races they get there freedom. While the story of the movie is predictable and super super simple and the acting not so bad it dosent really matter to me as whos gonna watch a movie like this for an intricate plot and Oscar award winning acting.............I thought so.

Now you guys are probably saying to your selfs "well jeez KingreX32 is a biased jerk he gave Avatar a 3 cause he said the story was bad but gave this one a 5 even though the story was worst" While yes that may be the case in my defence Avatar and Death Race are two very differant films Death Race from the get go was supposed to be an all out action explosion f-bomb here and ther thrill ride. And the Directors definatly delivered on that. Where as Avatar being sci-fi yeah we all knew it was going to be a love story between two different people but it was predictable I mean this is the same guy who made terminator and the stories of those movies were awesome and it still delivered on the action.

With that being said you like action movies? you like pointless action movies? Explosions? Then get to a Blockbuster and rent this.]]>
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This is for those who don't know another remake that was put out there, but unlike most I was actually excited about this one. I knew that this was one that needs the brain shut off and that really won't have character development, but that is ok. The thing that I was happy about is that the original films legendary producer Roger Corman returns as a producer on this film, that's enough for me. I know some people were worried because Paul W.S. Anderson is the writer/director of this film, but he is an action director and on that level he succeeds. Still this is a remake and with that there will always be disappointments, when watching this I felt like they missed a lot of opportunities. By that I mean this could have been a mindless, fun, and wonderfully violent EPIC film, instead it is the first three and just a decent flick.

After 2008 the economy started to fall through [yikes that is kinda happening] and the crime rate rises while every one losses their jobs. This sets things up for prisons to be very corrupt and very full, makes things interesting. At one prison in particular the warden has a little reality show on the internet called "DEATH RACE". An event that pits inmate against inmate in a race to the finish line, the only problem is you may be finished before you get there. Why do the inmates agree to do it you ask, well because if the win 5 times [I think is the number] you win your freedom. Yeah that sounds great for the population a crazy prisoner gets released from jail into the public after killing other prisoners live on a show, break out the welcome wagon.

It seems a racer named Frankenstein [David Carradine from the original for a quick cameo] is killed right before he wins his freedom, seems he was the fan favorite and Warden Hennessey needs him back in the races. So she sends out a prisoner to frame a famous former race car driver named Jensen Ames, it looks like he killed his wife so he goes to jail only to become the new Frankenstein. Of course he doesn't want to but he needs to be freed to see his daughter, so at least that much makes sense. So we are off to the races I guess to a fun filled violent experience to see who will win it, I mean it will be a close race. Jason Statham has driven many a fast car and Tyrese was "2 Fast 2 Furious" so it should be close.

This film is far from the original mainly because the first film is such a classic amongst the Corman fans like myself, but to be honest this is a new film for a new day and Roger did sign off on it. I find this film to be a really good buddy film, and I don't mean like a buddy cop movie or anything like that. I mean this film is best viewed eating and drinking with your friends; you can all get just as loud as the film and have a mindless good time. My brother, my girl, and a few others all enjoyed this and I think it was because of the atmosphere, good times had by all. Don't get me wrong you can enjoy this at any time but that is best way to watch this type of film I believe.

As far as the direction it is pretty straightforward, it is all centered around the action and that is fine since it doesn't try to be anything else. Anderson does a good job here as far as that aspect is concerned but don't expect a lot of character development. The deaths are really cool at least in my opinion even if there some over the top moments, but with a title like Death Race what do you expect. The cars are fun and match the atmosphere and look of the film and the action is solid, also The Dreadnought is a cool killing machine but it comes and goes to quick I think. Jason Statham is excellent in the lead role and really I felt he was the best guy for this type of flick. Tyrese though is another story because I just didn't see him in this, he did a great job with his character and maybe because of the lack of script he just seemed, I don't know. Joan Allen on the other hand I felt was great in this and made for a believable villain, I wanted to say something else. Natalie Martinez is decent in this and Ian McShane as Coach is very good in this as well.

To me this was a fun film although far from a classic it is still good enough in my opinion for a rental at least. I bought it as to continue owning all things Corman, don't have everything yet but I will get there eventually. Like I said before order some pizza crack open a few drinks [whatever you sip on] and watch this with you friends. It is a good time if you turn off the brain; at least I had fun with it.]]>
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The ball is already rolling for the intrepid individuals trying to capitalize and monetize on it's inevitable success. Just look at all the iPhone software developers (me included) who are climbing on each others backs to get into the Apple App Store with an iPad HD / XL application. 

I have been looking and looking for an idea for an app intended to run exclusively on the iPad, and I'm happy to announce that I have been inspired, I think. Please tell me what you think. 

I'm proposing to create an application that can be used on a stationary bike, with a built in book/ magazine mount, or a real-life bicycle with a yet-to-be-conjured-up custom iPad mount. The latter option will hopefully be used in a stationary setting using a bicycle trainer. Either way the application will work like this: 

1. You start the app on your iPad, set it in landscape mode and mount it on your bike.
2. Set the environment you'd like to cycle in (i.e. desert, mountains, city, etc).
3. Set your workout intensity, start pedaling, and enjoy.

The app will begin playing a video simulating a ride (first person POV) in your desired environment, with sounds of course (iPod functionality is optional).

The speed of the simulation will be synced to your cadence. Notifications will also appear indicating changing conditions ahead (i.e. 10% incline, strong headwind,etc), this way you can increase your difficulty settings and intensify your workout. It's intended to be a workout trainer / mood setter while you ride-in-place.

That's it for now, it's a rough draft of what could be a cool workout companion on what will be an amazing piece of hardware. I welcome any feedback from avid cyclists of all kinds, all I ask is that you not steal my idea. Thank you!!!!


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The Mad Max homage is huge, he drove a Jensen Interceptor. Jason Statham's name is Jensen. Coach (Ian MacShane, Lovejoy) remembers driving several, like trucks. The racing action is so Mad Max.

The action is wild. It's furious. There are blood and guts everywhere. There are several moments where the director has gone "too far" with killing somebody. And the whole back story is a bit hard to really believe. The plot is predictable.

However, the sound is really well done, those explosions are great. The cast has a ton of potential, Frederick Koehler as Lines, and Natalie Martinez as Elizabeth Case. And they frequently work well together. Visually the film was done well, especially the opening 15 minutes.

Deathrace is mindless, gore ridden, foul language riddled movie.

Most definately R rated for violence and language. There is no nudity (the slo-mo women exiting the bus is a bit too far over the top). And should be watched on a big screen with a good sound system.

The DVD includes some special features, theatrical and unrated releases, and some making of featurettes.]]>
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<![CDATA[ 2 ½ - Stars: A Remake Typical of Paul W.S. Anderson]]>

Being a film that I've read Roger Ebert express disgust and disappointment, but at the same time Stephen King names it as one of the year's best, of course, one wouldn't be hard-pressed to become curious what to make out of Paul W.S. Anderson's re-imagining of Roger Corman's "Death Race 2000". "DEATH RACE" is very loosely based on Corman's cult favorite; the 1975 original was somewhat innovatively exploitive, with its satiric take on bloody violence, which made it fun. Anderson is a good action director, he's good with visuals but it is the skill of storytelling that still eludes him.

In a future where America's economy had collapsed, the prison system has been privatized and the brutal "Death Race" is the new source of entertainment for most Americans. After tough as nails, ex-race car driver, Jensen Ames (Jason Statham) is framed for the murder of his wife and goes to prison, Warden Hennessey (Joan Allen) is waiting for him. After the death of a masked "death race" four-time winner called "Frankenstein"(voiced by David Carradine), Ames is forced to masquerade as him and to compete against his fellow prison mates in the bloody race. Armed to the teeth, aided by his pit mates (played by Ian McShane and Frederick Koehler) and his navigator, Case (hottie Natalie Martinez), they must fight if they want to stay alive as Hennessey unleashes the fury of her devilish race track and the wrath of his fellow drivers (such as Tyrese Gibson).

There will always be disappointments when a movie is a remake. This 2008 re-issue exchanges the exploitive satiric atmosphere of the original into something that attempts to deliver the same concept with a straight face which results in a comatose display of emotionless machismo. Anderson's visuals are good, there are nice touches as the race has the usual advances in tech such as the activation of a car's weapons--a car has to run over a "seal" on the track to activate/enhance its weapons and defenses. (shades of the video game "Twisted Metal"?) There's a big killer-rig called "Dreadnaught", a huge 16-wheeler with a lot of horsepower and attitude. The cars are quite nice to see, I always get excited with the sound of engines and gunfire. The film is definitely a testosterone-driven affair, but sadly, the quality of the action does not match the execution of its plot elements.

Alright, so we know this is a remake, and we are familiar with its concept--therefore the film offers no surprises. However, when it attempted to sidestep the exploitive, satiric fun of the original the experience proved a little unsatisfying. Anderson's direction is just so predictable and the script is so full of holes. The film takes place on a futuristic world where unemployment is so high and America is falling to pieces, how can Warden Hennessey get more than 75 million viewers to subscribe to pay a hefty price to watch the race? Also, how can Ames become "flirty" with his navigator when all he should be thinking about is his daughter (then again Natalie is pretty hot). I'm all about a serious tone, but plot elements and emotional inconsistencies just makes me grind my teeth.

Now the film is an action-laden affair, Anderson does somewhat succeed when it comes to shooting these scenes. Explosions, unreasonable violence, and tricky camerawork is the film's main strength. The colors have that grayish "hue" and the camera zooms does provide some thrills and attitude. The musical track to accompany the action adds some emotional "banging" and it does fit the mood. I think Anderson should have stuck to the basics of the action and mayhem than to attempt to make a few "crossed" commentaries about the public's hunger for mass murder and violence coupled with the finger-pointing at the media to manipulate ratings ("Sex and Violence" does sell) to make money.

Overall, the film is a hack-eyed affair in terms of the eye-candy visuals, but the plot itself is so boring that it can easily put you to sleep. Double-crosses, set-ups, vengeance, survival and escape to freedom are all predictable elements that has been overdone; while this may not be a bad thing, the film's direction is so uneven and the plot is just so full of its own contradictions. Jason Statham is a good action star and I hope that his agent can find him more note-worthy work such as "The Bank Job". The actor exudes coolness and attitude, he should steer clear of movies that may break his career.

"Death Race" is an affront to the 1975 original, but if you turn off your brain, it may prove a decent diversion. See this when you have nothing else to do or if you haven't seen the original film by Roger Corman.

Rental [2 ½ - Stars]

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