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Azura Med Cruise A004 May 10th - May 26th 2010

  • Jun 7, 2010

Azura Med Cruise A004   May 10th - May 26th 2010

Well this is more of a diary that I wrote whilst on the cruise than a review.
Its very long, but I'm sure you can pick out some interesting & informative bits out of it :-)
I think it gives more of a 'real' idea of cruising aboard Azura than a short review would.

Mon May 10th
Here I am sat in Malabar at Goldie drinkies :-)
We are being well plyed with drinks. In fact maybe too many actually (did I just say that?).
Gemma greeted us, who is now Portunus Rep as well as Future Cruise, although they now share the two jobs don't they?
Juliet & Penfold have already been up to their respective cabins to check out the dining arrangements & they are fine.

Been for a wander around & seen some familiar, friendly faces crew wise :-)
Good to see Al Clinton in the Glass House. He must think we're stalking him (lol)
Also Dave Ents who is such a nice bloke.
Because Champagne was on special offer at sail-away, Juliet & Penfold (maybe I should really call him by his real name of Tony. Its just that I think he looks like Penfold off Danger Mouse), bought a couple of bottles. Well it was half price, then you get another 10% discount for PG don't you? ;-)
Azura is obviously the same lay-out as Ventura, but we all think Azura is 'nicer' for some reason, but at the moment can't put a finger on that reason.
Me & Jules had a lovely Pizza at the Poolside Grill, just to 'put us on' of course before dinner ;-)
Talking of dinner, we had a wander down to the Oriental Restaurant to have a look at our table (35) which is in a nice location we think.
Had a pleasant drink in the Planet Bar as we sailed passed the I.O.W. then had a look in the Spa area where we were both treated to a 'sampler' hot stone massage which was very nice :-)
So now I shall get dressed & wander up/down not sure at this stage, to The Glass House to see Al for pre-dinner drinks.
Looking forward to dinner as it seems like minutes since I ate that Pizza (lol)
After dinner.... who knows :-o

Tue May 11th
Good morning from the Bay of Biscay.
We enjoyed a bottle of Albarino in The Glass House last night before dinner. We like The Glass House. If you've been on Ventura, its where Ramblas is, only The Glass House is totally different. In fact, you wouldn't recognise the space at all.
We are going to have lunch in there today actually. Talking of which, that will only be a couple of hours away as we didn't get up until 10:15
It wasn't as if we'd had a late night either. Although everywhere was busy around the ship after dinner (2nd) we just felt so tired. We lost an hour as well last night as the ship's clock was put on an hour.
Dinner last night was nice. Just as expected really, but what was quite funny was that Juliet knocked a full glass of water over & it went all over Irene. It was one of those slow motion things :-)
Irene was soaked but didn't want to get up to go & get changed as it would look like she'd just wet herself (lol).
I was going to go to Deck Quoits this morning, but with getting up so late I've missed it. We checked the Courts out yesterday & Tony seemed pleased with the playing surface :-) He'll be up there now trying to win again.
Well, it looks quite nice outside, & the temperature on our balcony isn't too cold, so I think I'll have a wander up on deck & see what's happening up there. Then off for a nice long leisurely lunch ;-)
Catch you later.
... Its later.... Sat in The Glass House & drinking a glass of wine recommended by our sommelier Al :-) Just waiting for our nine 'small plates' (similar to Tapas) to arrive.
... WOW! That was good. Very tasty food. A must try I'd say. We will definitely be having lunch in there again :-)
You can do a similar thing in Sindhu which we will try as well.
You could even pop into Sindhu for a pre-dinner snack called 'Nashta' or something. Its like a Tapas style Indian equivalent.
Anyway, after our very tasty lunch & wine I ventured up to deck 42 or somewhere to play Quoits. Well it maybe not exactly 42 but its a long way up. Its Deck 19 actually.
I got through the first round but got knocked out in the second :-( Not enough wine at lunch I think ;-)
Had a lie out in the sun but not for long as it was a little to warm for me & I was starting to burn. Not bad for the middle of the Bay.
Its the welcome On Board Gala Reception this evening. For us its being held in Manhattan. That will be followed of course by the Gala Dinner. You can view the evenings dinner menu on your cabin TV aboard Azura, as well as order your wine etc.
I shall be having the Maple Glazed Duck Breast for my main :-)
The wine has already been ordered & will be waiting for us at our dinner table.
OK, fresh coffee & something chocolaty now & then maybe a lie on my balcony listening to some music before meeting the others for late afternoon drinks at the Terrace Bar.
Oh Jane, you will have another 3 cruises to sort out as we booked one & T&I booked two this morning with Gemma :-)

Wed May 12th
Good morning, & thanks for the comment Lisa. Wish you were here :-)
Another lie in this morning. Jules rang from above at 10:30 with my 'not so early' wake up call. I think I could sleep all day when I'm onboard a ship :-)
Just made a fresh coffee & having some P&O Honey & Oat biscuits for my breakfast while I type this.
There was a medical emergency yesterday evening during 2nd sitting dinner. We diverted towards the Spanish coast, then stopped for a little while as a Helicopter lifted someone off the ship.
Now I don't know if it was a coincidence or not, but there was an announcement earlier from Benne (CD) that the planned performance of Jimmy Love (as Elton John) was cancelled due to illness. Maybe these two things were connected, I don't know at this stage for sure, but whoever it was I hope they are OK.
Before we attended the Gala Reception yesterday, we had a pre-Gala Reception drink in The Glass House which was very civilized. After dinner we weren't sure what to do, so we went to see Al in The Glass House. You may have noticed that we seem to be spending quite a lot of time in there :-) There really are some nice wines to try. All 41 wines are different from any elsewhere onboard this ship, or any other ship in the P&O fleet. Well done Olly :-)
After that we wandered down a deck to Brodies to see the Karaoke. After that we wandered to the stern to have a look in Manhattan which completed our first full day at sea :-)

Its been a hot afternoon. I’ve definitely ’caught the sun’ as they say.
I had a nice swim in the Coral Pool & a good soak in one of the Jacuzzis there. The water in them is really hot. Actually hotter than I’d have my bath water :-o
Got a Hot Dog & chips from ‘Poolside Grill’ for lunch & took it up to Breakers Bar to eat with my liquid refreshment. Seen Susie up there who I‘d communicated with online in P&O‘s Community & we had a good chat. She’s actually booked George the Greek Taxi driver after us in Katakolon for our respective trips to Olympia.
Just sat here in the cabin having a coffee & listening to my chill-out music whilst Juliet reads her book on the balcony.
It will soon be time to venture out to the Terrace Bar for late afternoon drinkies :-)
I’ve already made my choice for dinner tonight. I shall be having…
Caesar Salad for a starter, followed by Deep-Fried Battered Calamari with a soft Romesco dip & Lemon as a Fish course. I don’t think I’ll bother with a soup course tonight. So after the Calamari I’ll have the Free Range Venison Saddle with Bashed Neeps, Haggis Cake & Game Jus, followed by the New York Baked Cheesecake :-)
Well I’ll need to have some energy for our 4 hour Malaga Bike Tour tomorrow which I’m really looking forward to.
It will be an early start as well because we are meeting Kay, or one of the other Malaga Bike Tour Guides, at 10am near where the ship berths. I'll be taking my camcorder with me of course, so there will probably be lots of wobbly footage :-)

Just got the balcony door open as we get ready (Semi-Formal) & because we are on Staboard side, the sun is on our balcony & its gorgeous :-)
Jack Johnson is playing through mini speakers connected to Sammy (Samsung NC10 Netbook) & all is well with the world :-)

I suppose technically its tomorrow, but I'll post this now anyway.
Had a lovely dinner, preceded by pre-dinner drinks in The Planet Bar where it was Australia night. It was good sipping Ozzy Chardonnay whilst glancing at the long screen showing clips of Oz thinking that we'll be there in 5 months time on our cruise aboard Oriana :-)
After dinner, we picked up a nice glass of wine each from... yes, you've guessed it, The Glass House, before taking our front row seats for the show in The Playhouse. Now, some of you who know me, know that I don't really 'do' shows, but I thought I'd take a look at this one (Destination Dance), & I must admit that I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was on another level to any other shows that I've seen on any other ships. On the way out we bumped into Benny (CD) who recognised us & so we arranged to meet up for drinks. I commented on how thin she was since last time I seen her. It must take fantastic will power to stay that thin on a cruise ship :-o
Oh. look. its nearly 1am & as previously mentioned, we have a 4 hour Bike Tour in the morning, so I'll drink my coffee & get some sleep.
Goodnight/Good morning people :-)

Oh, BTW, I've started to upload a few pics in my 'Photo Gallery' on my 'Profile'. Not that we've taken many yet.

Thu May 13th
Its Juliet’s birthday & our wedding anniversary today.
We had breakfast in the cabin this morning as we had to meet at 10AM by the Tourist Office in town for our Malaga Bike Tour.
We’d pre-ordered our breakfast the day before via our cabin TV :-)
After breakfast we took the shuttle bus the short distance to just outside the Dock Area. After a short walk from there we found Kevin our Malaga Bike Tour Guide waiting for us. We waited a few minutes for a few others to join us then headed the short distance to the Bike Shop where we picked up our bikes.
Kevin was great. He told us loads of info on Malaga & at the numerous stops gave us info on the sites etc.
We stopped at a bar on the beach for a beer as well which was included in the price of just 23 Euros. Not bad for a four hour tour.
I’d definitely recommend it. Its really easy going. The hardest thing was avoiding the pedestrians as we peddled down pavements & pedestrianised streets. We had very little cycling to do on the roads. In fact, I think we only cycled on the roads to cross them at pedestrian crossings.
So, straight back to the ship after our bike tour of Malaga for some Pizza & wine. The Poolside Pizzeria does some tasty Pizzas ;-)
Now here’s a first for me…. Anything purchased from the bars onboard including wine with meals & select dining surcharges were subject to a 7% Spanish VAT
This applies to all Spanish ports of call apparently, & may spread to other counties in the future :-(
I’m just back in the cabin now after being up on deck watching the sail-away party. There were quite a few folk up there enjoying the Ents team performing on a stage around the Coral Pool area. There must have been about eight of them at least (that's Ents not Pax). The only one that I think was missing was Cornish Rich, who must have been hosting a quiz or something elsewhere.
Just having a coffee now before getting ready for the evening. Tonight we will be eating in Seventeen. I didn’t realise until the second day onboard why the Restaurant is called Seventeen (lol)
Pre-dinner drinks will be in The Glass House & Al will be there to have a sip of Champagne with us to help celebrate.
We have two days at sea now before our call at Katakolon. So no need to get up early tomorrow morning or the morning after :-)
Adios for now.

Fri May 14th
We had a lovely meal in XVII yesterday evening. The food & service were very good, & for £20 per head I’d say its well worth it.
I took some photos & video of the various dishes we had & will post them sometime.
My Pink Welsh Salt Marsh Lamb was gorgeous. So tender & more importantly full of flavour.
Jules is the real mad foodie type, & so she’s going to revue our meal later.
It was a nice surprise when the bill arrived that someone had covered the charge for our two bottles of wine that we had selected & drank. We asked the waitress who had done this for us but she said she didn’t know & the Restaurant Manager wasn’t there just then. So on our way out we asked the Manager & he told us.
We hadn’t guessed who it had been, but it was a lovely girl onboard the ship. I wont say who, but I’ll give her a big hug later to say thanks :-)
So, after dinner in XVII me & Jules went down nine decks to Manhattan where Ann Robinson had turned into a man & was hosting ‘The Weakest Link”. It was quite funny & entertaining as we watched it from the bar. There were a group of girls from the Headliners Theatre Company stood near us which made the experience even better for me ;-) God they make me feel old (lol).
Right, just got a call from Juliet to say that they are off down to Brodies for a Doctor Who quiz (she’s mad on the program). So I’m off down there to give moral support. WOW! & its only 10:20 :-o
I’ll carry on later with what I was going to write.

I’m back :-)
Guess what? She won the Doctor Who Quiz. How sad is that? (lol)
She got 14 out of 15 & the one she got wrong was only because of a spelling mistake. I did help on a couple of answers though, which surprised me. Another team also got 14 out of 15, so Jules actually won it on a tie-breaker.
There’s quite a lot going on in Brodies today as the weather is slightly inclement, as they say. In fact we had a little bit of Thunder & Lightening earlier, with some heavy rain. I was still in bed at the time so it didn’t effect me. Its overcast at the moment which seems odd when you’re in the Med in the middle of May. We’ve always been lucky with the weather at this time of year. it’s a nice break from the sun though. Give my skin a rest :-)
There’s a 70’s music quiz in Brodies later today, so I think we’ll go & have a go at that as well. I’ll be ready for a drink by then, unlike this morning when we were planned to go to The Glass House for a wine tasting session at 10:30
Oh, the thought of drinking wine that early in the morning made me feel sick. We must try & get Al to do one a bit later in the day.
Its another Formal evening tonight. There will be a girl performing called Laura Miles who will be ‘doing’ Cher. She also ‘does’ Amy Winehouse which she will be doing on another night.
Tomorrow is the Portunus GOLD Luncheon. We’re hoping Gemma will be hosting our table. Her Auntie & Uncle are in the cabin next door to us.
Then in the evening we will be dining in Sindhu. We’ve heard some very good reports from Pax onboard about Atul’s place. So tomorrow will be a day of feasting I suspect ;-)
OK, as its overcast, I think I’ll go & plonk myself in one of those hot bubbly Jacuzzis around the Coral Pool area where the others are currently sitting.

Jacuzzi was good. So hot though, which isn’t too bad when its overcast as it was & still is.
I’m not a fan of any self service restaurant to be honest, & on an overcast day when the open decks are a lot quieter than normal, I think a lot of Pax head to places like The Venezia & The Verona. So that makes them even busier than they would be. So I’m pleased places like The Glass House exist. We ate lunch there again today :-)
Oh, its so nice to sit & have a lovely lunch without any hustle & bustle of other Pax running around trying to find food & seats.
Also, you can have a nice glass of wine or beer or whatever takes your fancy in a proper glass & appreciate it much better.
Three of us had the fish & chips. This wasn’t your ‘normal’ fish & chips. This was restaurant standard fish & chips. The chips came in a little newspaper cone on the plate & the newspaper was ‘Horizon’ :-)
Jules had the Spatchcock Chicken which she said was lovely. She doesn’t half smell of Garlic now mind you.
I washed my lunch down with a couple of pints of draught Boddingtons. They don’t just serve wine in there.
(Oh, just heard a ‘Code Alfa’ message over the tannoy :-o )
We had a good chat with the lads in there again. What a friendly happy bunch they are.
I’ve mentioned Al a few times, but Nesta is also a nice bloke as is Ronson one of the waiters in there. Cherry also waits in there & remembered our drinks order from when we used to order off her in the Crows Nest aboard Aurora/Oriana. Amazing memory!
Ronson makes me laugh. They are having a slight problem at the moment of Pax using The Glass House as a sort of short-cut to & from the Theatre. It wouldn’t be too bad if folk were just in there for a drink, but in the evenings some tables have diners & its not nice having lots of people wandering past you. This hasn’t affected us at all & I think it mainly happened on the two previous cruises, but when we were in there the other night, Theatre goers started marching through past the bar & Ronson took the opportunity to grab a pile of Glass House Bar & Restaurant business type cards, & hand them out to the people walking past. They were all taking them as well. We had a good laugh about that & when we left I went & handed one of the cards to Ronson (lol)
They have put signs up now pointing the way to the Theatre which bypasses The Glass House & Al & Nesta ‘do the doors’ so to speak at the offending times. So future Azura cruises, have some consideration for your fellow Pax & please don’t use The Glass House as a short-cut to & from the Theatre.
Anyway, after lunch we dropped down a deck to Brodie’s where we took part in the 70’s music quiz. Lets just say we didn’t do as well at that as the Doctor Who quiz.
After the quiz, Jules went to the tap dance thing, but she’s back now claiming you can’t do it properly without proper tap shoes & that there were a lot of old men there who hadn’t a clue (lol)
OK, coffee time :-)

I've just uploaded some more photos into my Image Gallery on my Profile Page.

Juliet's Review of XVII

When we went up on the first day to book, we noticed a table for 4 in the corner by the window and requested “if at all possible could we sit at that one please“, and that request was met no problem at all.
Our waitress was very friendly and seemed really pleased to have been selected to work in XVII.
The pre starter was a poached lemon king prawn with pea puree served on a roof tile, which always makes me laugh, this could have had a bit more lemon flavour as I could not detect it at all but it was nice enough.
My starter of scallops with garden pea risotto was full of flavour and the scallops where cooked just enough.
For the main course I had Dover sole, which our waitress hand filleted at the table, she seemed a little nervous but with half the restaurant watching I am not surprised. The fish was cooked to perfection and served a la Meuniere with baby veg. I tasted David’s lamb dish and have to say the flavours where fantastic and this is the dish I would recommend out of all the very good food we ate this night.
Every course on the menu has dishes to be cooked, carved or filleted at the table and the whole menu has a retro feel to it but done in a contemporary way.
Therefore I had to try the crepe suzette for dessert even though by now I was full.
A pre desert of pear crumble with very alcoholic custard was served first followed by the crepe being cooked at the table again with half the restaurant watching.
By not I was full to bursting but they brought me out a chocolate mousse with a candle in it and sung happy birthday which was unexpected as I didn’t thing they would do that in here.
I would recommend anyone to go to XVII it was a lovely evening and not at all stuffy like some of the P&O select dining rooms can be, the staff are lovely and all seem happy to be there.
I have been to most of the restaurants on the other ships and this one is up there as one of the best, now lets just hope it stays that way as in the past we have had great meals within the first months of a new ship just to be very disappointed on future cruises
(Arcadian Rhodes I am looking at you).
We will be at Sindhu next so will report back on that after our visit.

Sat May 15th
Good morning from the Canale di Sicilia. This is where we go from the Western Med into the Eastern Med.
The Internet connection is down at the moment, so I’m just writing this now to post later. Its just gone 11am & I only got up 5 mins ago. Well the ship’s clock went on an hour again last night. So I’m here enjoying my usual breakfast of a fresh coffee & two P&O Honey & Oat biscuits. Did I tell you about our Cabin Steward Melwel? He was leaving us Shortbread Rings & Lemon & Orange flavoured biscuits, so I asked if possible could he leave us Honey & Oat biscuits instead. 5 mins later he turns up with a tray full of Honey & Oat biscuits & apologised because that’s all he could find at that time (lol) So now our cabin is well stocked with Honey & Oat biscuits :-) He's looking after us well & is very jolly in his work.
We had quite a late night. We ended up in Brodie’s where Dave was hosting a Race Night. The place was full, but two ladies said we could sit with them. Well, they were the entertainment for me (lol) Dave was giving a free drink to the loudest shouter as they urged their horse to win the race, & Lola certainly could shout. She was like a female Town Crier. If the fog horn breaks onboard we’ll be OK ;-)
We didn’t win any money at the races, but Jules won a free drink for shouting & I won a prize for handing in a Joke. Then we sat & had drinks with a couple who were sat on the next table to us at the 70’s music Quiz earlier that day. They are cruise virgins but seem to be enjoying the cruise & the ship so far.
Ok look, its 11:15 now & it’s the Portunus Gold Luncheon at Noon :-o
I’ll have to get showered & changed ready for it. As if I need any food & drink right now (lol) As my friend Louise would say; “my eyes look like two fried eggs in a bucket of blood” :-)
Oh, we’re at Sindhu tonight as well aren’t we? I think I may just burst before we reach Katakolon tomorrow morning :-o
Looking out of my window now, the weather looks a lot better than yesterday. There are quite a few ‘white horses’ though, so its probably windy up on deck, unless the wind is behind us of course. I suppose I’ll find out if I venture out there :-)

Although I wasn’t hungry at all & didn’t need a drink, I still enjoyed Gold Luncheon. It would be better having it on a day when the clocks went back an hour rather than forward I think. Or even start it at 1pm instead of Noon.
I had my fair share of wine anyway, & Penfold certainly had his share. I think he’s still half cut now.
We were on a table for nine which was hosted by Gemma. I think there were around 250 Gold members at the meal which isn’t that many nowadays, especially on such a large ship.
Me & Penfold went & played in the quoits tournament shortly after lunch but both of us got knocked out in the first round. I’m surprised Penfold could focus on the target to be honest. Oh he’s hard work when he’s that drunk. It was very pleasant up there & although you could, & still can, see that its windy, the wind is behind us so it actually seems quite still onboard.
Now Penfold & Jules are doing their daily walk on Prom Deck. I can’t say ‘around’ because you can’t walk all the way around. You can on Ventura of course if you use the stairs on Prom deck, but you can’t on Azura.
I suppose by the time they get back it will be time for our late afternoon drinks at the Terrace Bar. It should be nice there as the sun is at our stern of course as we sail East.
I think it will have to be an early night tonight as we dock in Katakolon at 9am tomorrow morning & are meeting George our Taxi driver as soon as we can for our little trip to Olympia. I’m looking forward to getting back to a nice Taverna in Katakolon for lunch after that. Oh I can smell that Greek Salad already & taste the crisp sharpness of that Retsina ;-)

My forehead hurts :-(
I was only up on deck this afternoon while I played & then watched the quoits competition, but I’ve burnt my forehead. It looks rather red :-o
Anyway, Sindhu was nice. Service & food were good just as they were in XVII, only different as you’d expect.
I think I enjoyed the meal more than the other three who aren’t really into Indian cuisine. Juliet can’t stand coriander for instance which rules out most Indian & Thai dishes really.
I’ve heard people say that Sindhu isn’t really Indian cuisine at all, but I’d say that flavour wise it is. OK, posh Indian food, but non the less Indian in style & flavours. You don’t get a gloupy mass on your plate like some Indian Restaurants at home. You get a very well presented plate of food that has all the flavours & more of a ‘standard’ Indian restaurant at home.
Well worth the £15 per head in my opinion. Just like XVII, Sindhu is so different from the ‘main’ restaurants onboard.
So, as mentioned earlier, an early night for us tonight as we need to be up at 8am in the morning, which is 6am UK time.
Its only half past eleven & I’m already in my cabin. Amazing! Its good in a way though because it stops me drinking so much & so I shouldn’t feel groggy in the morning.
Next stop George the Greek Taxi Driver :-)
Oh, & Gemma told us that we will be tendering into the old town of Dubrovnik when we call there in a few days time & that Azura will be one of five ships in there :-o I think we’ll give the walls a miss. I fancy getting the boat to Cavtat for a little wander around there for a change.
OK, I think I’ll get ready for bed now & look forward to waking up in Greece in the morning.

Sun May 16th
Hello from Katakolon.
I’m a bit merry with local wine at the moment, so thank goodness for spell checker.
Woke up (very early) to a gorgeous morning.
Got off the ship just after 9am & George was there waiting for us :-)
He’s a nice bloke & gave us a great trip to Olympia & more. Basically, he will take you anywhere you want in the amount of time you wish.
While we were on our trip, he received an email on his phone for Julie for Aug 26th. So I guess you decided to book George before he got booked up Julie. He said he’d get back in touch with you soon & that he was free that day.
After George’s Taxi Tour (Taxi Katakolon) we had lunch at Restaurant Mouragio which is owned by the local Pilot who ‘parks’ our ships :-)
We washed down our lovely lunch with two Litres of local white wine. Bearing in mind Irene doesn’t drink, me, Jules & Penfold had a good share ;-)
The ‘Pilot’ then provided us with a glass of Oozo each. Unfortunately non of us like Oozo (can’t spell) so most of it got left :-(
We do like Katakolon though, & even though we haven’t left here yet, we are looking forward to calling here next year. There are a couple of nice beaches nearby as well if you don’t fancy the tour to Olympia.
Its 60’s & 70’s night tonight & we have brought ‘costumes’. I’m a bit worried about my velour flares as they are very ‘clingy’ & don’t leave much to the imagination. Because of that, I have brought a pair of tight swimming trunks to wear underneath the flares.
Right, off up to Breakers now for more ‘refreshment’ ;-)

70’s Sail-Away from Breakers was good. Met the Monkey Hangers up there.
I’m in the party mood now. Playing The Monkeys loud in the cabin.
Off to The Glass House for pre-dinner drinks soon with Penfold. Jules & Irene have gone to the early show in the Theatre. After dinner it’s a change into silly clothes for 60’s & 70’s in Malabar. You will see how silly I look from the photos & Video. it’s the trousers I’m worried about :-o
Should be a good night, followed by Corfu in the morning.
Don’t you just love cruising? ;-)

Mon May 17th
My head hurts & its not the sun to blame this time. Its mixing copious amounts of wine & Caffreys I think. Oh, & Carona :-o
I'll post about last night's 60's & 70's later (if my memory of it returns).
Off into Corfu Town now.

No, its no good, I can’t remember much about last night at all. I’ve spoke to a few people today who said they talked to me last night in my 70’s fancy dress gear, but I couldn’t remember talking to them :-o
I do remember seeing & talking to a young couple who were the only other Pax onboard who had made a real effort to dress up in 'fancy dress'.
After our two Litres of wine at lunch time, I just carried on drinking when I got back onboard & never stopped until around 01:30 I did feel a tad rough this morning though.
It was a bit cloudy this morning in Corfu, but the sun got out & it became hot.
We ate at a restaurant called REX where we’ve eaten twice before when visiting this island. I think Corfu Town is a little scruffy & tacky to be honest, but its OK for a little wander around & to have lunch. Its not cheap here either, unless you want to buy a cheap pair of fake sunglasses (which I did).
Food & drink aren’t cheap either. For instance our lunch for four of us cost 140 Euros. That did include two bottles of Wine though at 22 Euros a bottle.
The sail-away party is just starting on deck, but I’ve come back to the cabin for a coffee & to get out of the sun. I might just have a power nap as well if I get time :-)
Benne just came over the tannoy informing us that two of tonight’s artists wont be performing. She said that the airports in the UK are closed again. I haven’t a clue as I don’t watch the TV when I’m on a cruise. Especially the News. I don’t even watch it at home really.
Talking of TV’s. The massive screen in the Aqua Pool area just seems odd to me. Why would you want to watch TV on deck? You see people lying on sun loungers in towels just staring at the screen as if they’ve been hypnotised.
Then again, I don’t go to the cinema or watch watch Films at home anyway.
I think that pool area would be better off with a sliding roof like Ventura for if & when the weather gets bad rather than the big TV screen. Far too ‘American’ for me, but I suppose quite a few Pax enjoy it.
Oh, I just remembered something from last night. It was quite wobbly last night in dinner. I thought it was just me at first but other people were commenting as well. it’s the first movement I’ve noticed, so the sea must have been quite rough.
Dubrovnik tomorrow. We must remember to take our passports ashore with us as apparently the Croatian Authorities can stop you & if you don’t have any Government authorised ID on you they can fine you on the spot :-o
Oh, another announcement. Two Pax names being read out, so they must not be onboard yet (or missed scanning back onboard) & we sail in just 5 mins.

Tue May 18th
Good morning from Dubrovnik.
Its an early start this morning. The ships tenders have just started to operate & its 8am here. I’m not sure what we are going to do today. It depends when we get ashore I suppose & how busy Dubrovnik is.
I’ll let you know later.

Just got back onboard & writing this as my coffee brews.
So, we picked up our tender tickets from Malibar at about 08:45 & were sent straight down to tender No. 16 We were shocked that there was no queue at all.
Once ashore I looked at the times for the boats to Cavtat & the first one was not until 10:30 so as it was relatively quiet around the town, we decided to walk around the City walls (again). We’ve done that three times now, but it is a pleasant walk. It cost 70 Kuna each which is around 10 Eurors each.
We didn’t take any Kuna ashore with us. We just used Euros & credit cards.
After our walk around the walls, we met up with T&I & had lunch in a restaurant called Arsenal. I’m guessing the likes of Norman & Katie would never eat in a restaurant with that name (Spurs fans).
Lunch was very nice as was the local white wine.
The queues for the tenders back to the ship were very long, but were moving quite quickly, but me & Jules decided to have another wander around the town, up & down the very narrow, steep alleys. Jules bought herself a very loud dress from one of the small Boutiques on one of the alleys & she’s planning on wearing it on Island night, or whatever they call it nowadays.
I don’t think I’ve mentioned this yet, but I like the new Cruise Cards. You only have one now that acts as your cruise card & cabin key. They are colour coded as well in your Portunus status colour with Green for Newbies. I said a while ago now that this would be a good idea :-)
Well I suppose it will be yet another relatively early night tonight as we have Venice tomorrow.
We have already bought the £14 all day Vaperato ticket which makes it easier to get into the likes of St Marks Square rather than walking from the shuttle bus drop off point which we have done in the past. I had our Venice restaurant picked out before we even came on the cruise. So we will be eating lunch tomorrow in “A Beccafico”
Its an early sailing of 4pm from Dubrovnik today, so I better go up on deck & see what’s happening.
Oh, just heard an announcement from the Ents team to say that it’s a ‘fun in the sun’ sail-away party in & around the Coral Pool with games etc.
Its just a pity there is no sun at the moment (lol)

Wed May 19th
Buon Giorno from Venice
We’ve just sailed in & I watched us doing so from our balcony. It was very warm out there for that time of morning. I think its going to be a hot day today.
We’re not going ashore until 10am
The plan is to use our all day Motor Launch ticket & go straight from the ship to St Marks Square. From there we are going to walk towards & over the Academia Bridge to our restaurant of choice for lunch which is called A Beccafico. We will ‘check it out’ & probably book a table for later. Then its off towards & over the Rialto Bridge & then onto St Marks Square where will sit for a while outside Florians & enjoy a bottle of wine & a listen to the string quartet :-)
Then we will slowly make our way back to A Beccafico for some lunch. Oh & some Vino of course ;-)
We’ve received an invite to the Captain’s, the Chief Engineer’s & the Executive Purser’s drinks party tomorrow night which will be held at Breakers Bar. Its Tropical night as well :-)
Oh, just a point that I've noticed. I know the Ents team, Bar Staff, Waiters, Cabin Stewards have always been very friendly & good at their jobs, but this lot aboard Azura seem exceptionally good & that's what makes a cruise holiday special I think. OK, we know some of them from previous cruises, but not all. They all really seem to be making a big effort.

Just a quickie...
Quick change before dinner... very drunk... perfect weather today & I mean perfect... so lucky.... Chosen restaurant was also perfect. Best we've had in Venice. So if you like fabulous food, wine & service, choose 'A Beccafico'
More later because I'm late for everything (not to mention very drunk. Oh I think I did mention that actually).
Just don't remind me of how much we've spent today :-o
My God I’m going to struggle at dinner.

Thu May 20th
What no Korcula? :-(
Captain Dowds announced early this morning that our call at Korcula was cancelled. It was too windy to use the tenders safely. Always a risk of a cancelled tender port.
So we are heading straight for Gib. So that will be three days at sea now.
I’m guessing that we might stay in Gib all day rather than the planned afternoon, but we don’t know yet.

Its cloudy this morning. Not that I’ve been on the open deck yet, I’ve just looked outside through the balcony doors. A contrast to yesterday in Venice which was gorgeous.
I don’t know if its because I’ve visited Venice a few times now, but its lost a lot of its magic for me. Its definitely a lot more expensive than it used to be, & why don’t they clean up all the graffiti all over the place. Are they not proud of this city, or are they just to intent on making money? Also, I know Venice is supposed to be sinking & all that, but there’s building work all over the place. Well I say building work, but I didn’t see any work being done, just lots of buildings & spaces covered up & cordoned off. They are also building something similar to the Thames Barrier.
I think I mentioned earlier that we just about did what we planned to do there. Lunch at' A Beccafico' was fabulous. You’ll have to watch the video :-)
OK, it wasn’t cheap, but you just have to do it don’t you? & somehow Venice seemed a lot nicer after a few glasses of wine.
Oh I just remembered, After the meal Mauro our waiter at 'A Beccafico' brought us a bottle (like a large Grolsh type one) of sweet wine on the house. He then said if you want more just let me know. He then came along with a small bottle of Limoncello. Tony & Irene had gone back to the ship at this point, but me & Jules tackled the bottle. I went to use the toilet inside the restaurant, which were very nice BTW, & when I came back Mauro had topped our glasses to the brim with Limoncello which had emptied the bottle. No wonder I was so drunk by the end of the day. But I can say it was partly Mauro's fault & not all mine. I surprisingly feel fine this morning mind you.
Florians in St Mark’s Square was in the shade when we called there for our pre-lunch drinks, plus there was a kid screaming at the top of its voice at the pigeons, so we went across the square to Quadri which was in the sun & whose String Quintet consisted of five girls ;-)
The prices were the same there but they didn’t charge us for just sitting down which Florians do.
A bottle of ‘standard’ wine is around 46 Euros there. Expensive I know, but if you want to have that experience you pay the price. Plenty of people were doing so anyway.
On our way back to the Motor boat shuttle we bumped into Gavin & Nicola (Gavin is Ann’s son) who were thinking of going into Harry’s Bar for a Bellini.
We’ve been in there & done that in the past a couple of times, but decided to join them. It was very quiet in there. I wonder why? (lol)
We knew the prices in there are extortionate but with what we’d just spent that day we said ah what the hell.
You know how small a Bellini is? Yes, very small. They were tasty & refreshing though, but maybe not worth the 70 Euros for four of them (lol)
So, back to the ship on the Motor Boat Shuttle which was nice, & then straight up on deck. There were four Venetian blokes performing by the Aqua Pool area. Singing & playing instruments. They were quite good actually.
When they finished we went up to Breakers Bar where we met up with Kevin & Jacquie & some others where we all had a laugh & a few drinks. I was a bit late getting back to the cabin to get washed & changed for dinner, but I made it in time.
By the end of dinner I don’t think I could talk properly (lol)
Juliet had already gone back to the cabin half way through dinner, so after dinner I went back to the cabin to see if she was coming out to do something. I just laid on the bed to rest my eyelids for a minute, but the next thing I knew Juliet woke me up asking if I was going to sleep fully clothed :-o
So its Tropical night tonight & we have that drinks party up at Breakers at 8pm. I wonder if they’ll change the venue if its windy up there? If so, they’ll have to go round & give out new invitations.
It’s a shame we’re not calling at Korcula as it’s a nice little town. I have been there before but it was a Sunday & everything was closed.
So as I said earlier, another day at sea, so that makes five days at sea now until we reach Southampton. Gib is in the middle of those five sea days though.
Right what should I do now? Go up on deck & find the others I suppose.
Drink Sir? Oh not at the moment thank you (lol)

Well the Jacuzzi was nice up at the Coral Pool area. Still hot. it’s a bit quiet up there because of the cloud cover at the moment.
We were going to have lunch ashore in Korcula today, but obviously we can’t now because we’re not there. So as we haven’t yet tried the Nashta in Sindhu yet, I think we’ll go & sample that :-)
There’s nine items to chose from & if I cam persuade Tony & Irene to come with us we can try the lot. The trouble is T&I don’t like Indian food. I can’t understand why because I just love the tastes of all the herbs & spices :-)
Suddenly I feel hungry now. How can that be with the amount I’ve shovelled in over the last ten days :-o

Our Nashta lunch was nice in Sindhu.
We had 6 of the 9 dishes on offer to share between 2 of us. Well, I say 6 but we actually got 7 as the 'Mirchi Makali' (chilli fried Calamari with passion fruit dressing) was a bit chewy & the piece I tried still had its skin on. So they brought us a different dish to try in its place. Jules reckoned the oil wasn't hot enough to quickly cook them, hence the Calamari had to sit in the oil for longer than it really should have. Plus they must have forgotten or missed peeling the one piece I did try. It made the Calamari in our starter platter yesterday at 'A Beccafico' seem even better :-)
Apart from the 'Mirchi Makali' the lunch was lovely. Its nice to try so many different dishes at lunch time, & at price of £4.95 for three plates I think its well worth it. The small charge keeps it 'nice' (if you know what I mean) in the likes of Sindhu & the Glass House as well I think.
I feel quite sleepy now, so may just have forty winks :-)

The Officer's party has been moved from Breakers Bar down a deck to Starboard side of The Coral Pool area which is under cover as there's been a few showers. I thought they would move it even if it hadn't rained.
So I'll be off up there shortly for a few free drinks & a mingle. Well, a few free drinks anyway :-)
There was a pigeon on our balcony rail just now & a tiny little bird was jumping around on the balcony floor so we must be relatively close to land.

Fri May 21st
The time is Twelve O’clock Noon ding ding,
We went to the Race Night again last night in Brodie’s in our Tropical wear of course :-)
We won on a few races, but ended up 25% down on our original stake, but it was fun.
After that we went to Malabar to catch the last half an hour of the Tropical party then off to bed around 01:30 as it was quite quiet around the place.
I was up early this morning to see us sail through the Messina Straights. It was a bit windy up on deck especially on the ‘secret’ bit right at the front. When I say front, I mean front, after this point there is just sea :-o
Seeing as I was up so early, I went to breakfast for the first time this cruise. I had the big fry up in the self service place. I put far to much on my plate, but ate it all :-o No lunch for me today.
I also went up & played quoits & guess what? I won :-) Well, me & my partner Dawn won. I won another pen.
So here I am sat in the shade around the Coral Pool. There was an ice carving earlier & now there’s a BBQ on the go so its getting quite busy. it’s a lovely day, but I think the sun is a bit strong at the moment to lie out in it (for me anyway).
There’s also a due performing.
I might have a sit in the Jacuzzi soon if one of them is in a bit of shade.
Then there’s the 80’s music quiz down in Brodie’s at 14:30 so me & Jules are going to have a go at that with Kevin & Jacquie.
The Captain announced earlier that we will be berthing in Gib slightly earlier than planned. I thought we would. So we are now scheduled to call there at 10:30 instead of 13:00
The sea state is looking a lot nicer now. No white horses :-)

Oh, forgot to mention the Officer's party last night. Its a shame it wasn't at Breaker's Bar, it would have been lovely up there. We still enjoyed it though & I managed three large glasses of red wine. I'd only have had two, but Tom ordered me a third. He's got a good job. He told me that he used to be Chief Technical Officer, but now goes around new ships & looks for snags, then the ship builders & their contractors come onboard & fix the problems. We noticed quite a few get on in Venice. I haven't seen them since mind & they must still be onboard.
We also talked to an Officer for quite some time called Michael who seemed a nice chap. He is one of three guys onboard who have a new title of Technical Stores Officer.

We did very well in the 80’s music quiz with 42 out of 44. It should have been 43 out of 44 but we forgot to put a bonus answer down although we did know it.
You don’t know if you’ve won or not as its one of those rolling quizzes.
We had drinks in there & so were sitting around finishing them when Cornish Rich came in & so we asked what he was doing. Killer Darts he said. What’s that we said, & an old lady on a nearby table took us through the rules. There was only her & her mate who were going to take part in the competition, so me & Kevin’s mother decided to join in. It must be my lucky day because I won that completion as well as the Quoits this morning. I gave my prize to Kevin’s mother though who seemed happy with that :-)
So for lunch today I’ve only had Stella. I feel a bit giddy now, so I’m back in my cabin & have just ordered a Baked Ham Baguette off the TV :-)
Kettle’s on for a cup of tea to go with it, then I think I’ll pop up for a Jacuzzi.
Its Black & White night tonight, so I’ll have to get the old white jacket out.
Oh, its also the Portunus Party as well :-o
I feel ready for bed now as I’ve been up since around 8am (not like me).

Sat May 22nd
Good morning from our position of: latitude 37 degrees N, longitude 5 degrees E.
I didn’t feel too good yesterday evening :-(
I didn’t even have an alcoholic drink at the Portunus Party :-o
I just had a Tomato Juice. I felt as if I had mild Cold & Flu symptoms, not hungry at all & tired.
Although I did keep out of the sun yesterday, I suppose I was exposed to it while I was playing Quoits in the morning, & as I made the final & won, I was up there for quite some time. I wasn’t wearing a hat either.
I didn’t eat a lot at dinner & didn’t drink my usual amount of wine. We had a little wander around after dinner but then just went to bed. I feel a lot better this morning though & will be taking my hat up on deck with me :-)
How some of these people can just lie out in the sun all day & bake I don’t know. Its obviously bad for you, but then again so is alcohol I suppose (lol)
Oh Julie, I popped into the ‘Wardrobe’ last night just before the Portunus Party & said hello to Kirstie. She seemed to know about me & ‘We Love Cruising’ :-)
I promised that I’d tell everyone that the goods are of a top quality standard & reasonably priced, not to mention the lovely staff in there. I must admit that all the girls in there are very pretty ;-)
We tried to book XVII again but unfortunately for us it is now fully booked up for the rest of the cruise. It certainly seems very popular & I haven’t heard a bad word about it yet. As Juliet said, lets hope it stays that way.
So its our third day at sea now before we reach Gib. I think we’re just going to walk to the ‘Ocean Village’ complex & have lunch at Pusser’s Bar.
The music quiz continues today in Brodie’s & it’s the 90’s this time so that should be OK for me. it’s a good way of getting out of the sun for an hour or so. I might hang around after the Quiz & have a go at the darts again seeing as I won yesterday :-)
Oh, I’ve uploaded a few more pics into my image gallery on my Profile page.
OK, lets slap that sun-block on.

Well I must be on form. I played Quoits yesterday morning & won & played again this morning & won :-) So I’ve added a second P&O wash bag to my prize tally.
After the quiz this afternoon in Brodie’s, me Jules, Jacquie & Kevin joined a few more in the killer darts comp. I ended up in the final with Jacquie, me having all three lives left & her only one, but she managed to beat me. Her new nick name is Bully.
We then passed by the Chocoholics buffet on our way to introduce Kevin & Jacquie to the game of Quoits as they’ve never played before. it’s a wonder they could bend down to pick a Quoit up after what they ate, but they seemed to get the hang of it. They will soon be addicted.
Its nearly Terrace Bar time now & then I think I’ll have a Jacuzzi before returning to the cabin to get washed & changed for dinner. Its our last Semi-Formal night tonight, but I’m tempted to go up to the Indian Buffet as the restaurant dinner menu isn’t that inspiring to me. It seems to have gone all ‘traditional’ again, you know mainly roast meats etc. which I personally find a bit boring. Maybe they’ve done this because of all the other eating venues & therefore choices aboard Azura.
Tomorrow night we are going for an Italian meal up in Verona with Al. I’ve heard some good reports about the place. I might have the steak that you cook yourself, which in my case wont be very much :-)
So, land tomorrow & the weather forecast is as good as today’s weather so that’s nice.

Another early night then. After dinner we went to Brodie’s which was very busy. Had a few drinks & partook in the fun quiz. Met up with Benne for a drink. She hadn’t much time spare as she was comparing the show, but we are meeting up again in a couple of nights for pre-dinner drinks. She’s such a lovely girl, which we knew already of course & makes a fantastic CD. She will be up there as one of the best with Neil IMHO.
We did wander into Manhattan after leaving Brodie’s but there wasn’t many folks in there, & it being such a large room it felt empty. So we just wandered back to the cabin. Its now 1am
I can’t remember a cruise that I’ve had such early nights. Oh yes I can, my Honeymoon in 1989 aboard Canberra ;-)
Not that I’m complaining. Every cruise is different, yet all enjoyable.
Goodnight/Good morning

Sun May 23rd
Gibraltar is just passing our balcony window. We will soon be there, & its another lovely day :-)

It was a bit chaotic getting off the ship this morning. We were half an hour late docking, so I think everyone was ready to get off at 10:30 & not 11:00 Plus the cruise card swipe machines were working really slowly.
The big disaster though was that Pussers Landing was closed :-o
I asked one of the guys who was selling the Dolphin Watch Tours why it was closed, & he said that the guy who had the franchise on it did a midnight flit & took off in his motor boat with all the money to somewhere I haven’t heard of.
So no more Pussers in Gib. That didn’t last long then did it?
So wandered around looking for somewhere else, but Gib’s a bit tatty really isn’t it? Its OK if you want fish & chips or an all day full English Breakfast.
Anyway, we ended up sat outside the Gibraltar Arms & had Nachos, Potato wedges, Garlic Bread & some dips. Well it’s a change from the food onboard.
Queen Victoria is berthed beside us now. Azura makes QV look small.
Its very hot outside, so I’m just going to sit in my cabin for a little while to cool down, then go up on deck.
Jules has just rang the spa to see if they could fit her in for a hot stone massage, & they said yes, in 20 mins, so she’s just having a shower & then popping up there.
Her massage lasts an hour & a half, so she’ll just be finished for the sail-away party.

01:45 (Mon)
Had a good night out with Al tonight. Plenty to drink that’s for sure.
We ate up at Verona, the Trattoria. We didn’t sit down to eat until about 21:45 so we were well oiled by then anyway.
I’d heard good reports about this place but to be honest we weren’t that impressed.
I went for the “COOK YOUR OWN STEAK ON A STONE AT THE TABLE” for my main course, but for me the steak was over cooked when it arrived at our table. I must point out that I do like my steak cooked very rare. I took the steak off the ‘Lava Stone’ & placed it on my side plate to stop it from cooking anymore, but for me it was to late. I noticed that the steak had ‘griddle’ markings on it already, so that meant that it had already been party cooked before being placed on the stone. I expected a raw steak presented to me to cook to my choice. So I wont be going for that option again.
We then went down to Brodie’s for a couple of drinks before the Midnight hour when Al isn’t allowed in the Pax areas anymore, so he had to leave. So a drink with Kev & Jacquie before bedtime, which is now 01:50
A sea day tomorrow, so no need to get up at all really :-)
Oh & Bonus, it’s a Monday ;-)

Mon May 24th
I expected to wake up with a hang over this morning, but I feel OK actually.
My fresh coffee is brewing as I type & my stash of Honey & Oat biscuits rose again last night thanks to Melwel our cabin steward. He’s been great, as have our table waiters 'Jimmy A' & Walter.
I’ve had a quick peep out on the balcony & its another glorious day. I’ve had to close the curtains though as it’s a bit warm for me in here if the sun shines n, & as we are Starboard Home, it is shining in. Our A/C has been on the lowest setting all cruise. I would like it even lower really, but I like it very cool.
There has been people complaining that the dining room is too cold, but for me its been fine. I’m usually far to hot at dinner but its been lovely down there for me on this cruise & a couple of times I’ve still had to take my jacket & tie off to eat as I’ve felt too warm. I guess it’s the ‘older’ Pax who might be feeling the ‘chill’.
Although we requested early Disembarkation cards for Wednesday morning, we were given Blue ones (10:20am). So Jules has just been down to reception to swap them for Green ones (9am). We have about a six & a half hour drive home you see, traffic conditions permitting :-o That certainly is the worst part of the holiday for us.
So its our last Formal evening tonight & we are going to meet Benne for a pre-dinner drink in Brodie’s. I’ve said it before that we like Benne & she is so lovely.
She’s making a fantastic Cruise Director. She & all her team put everything into the Great British sail-away yesterday as we left Gib & Queen Victoria behind. I think if you have a good Cruise Director, then you have a good Ents team.
They all put so much energy into it yesterday. I spent part of the time in the Jacuzzi next to their little stage & just watching them made me feel tired & thirsty. So much so that I got a large bottle of water & handed it to Dave who appreciated it & passed it around to the others. It was hot up there.
Well, by the time I’ve had my coffee & biscuits, it will be too late to go up to the Quoits Comp. Maybe I should ‘quite while I’m ahead’’ after winning the last two Comps up there. Its been quite popular with between 30 & 40 people turning up to play. I may go up this afternoon to play if the last part of the music quiz isn’t on.
Right, my coffee has now been supped & I’m picking the bits of oats out of my molars with my tongue, (too much info there perhaps) so time for a shower me thinks before going up on deck.
Wow! My little Blog is turning into a Yummy Mummy (Jane) epic. It never meant to, its just turned out that way :-)

Lunch in the Glass House was as good as usual. The food was so tasty. You have to try the ‘small plates’ they’re gorgeous. All washed down with a bottle & a half of Albarino. Also the service was spot on as well. Al, Nestor, Ronson & Marcus were all as brilliant as ever & Nestor is such a character. Get to know him & let him entertain you J
I think Al is on leave soon & so Nestor will be taking over from him & at the moment Chris is in line to take over Nestor’s current post. Chris is in charge of Verona Trattoria at the moment.
I’ve just been around the ship filming each room so that when I get home I can show the gang who will be cruising aboard Azura in August what to expect.
I’m off now to take a short clip of the Cocktail making & Flaring demonstration by Ericson Santos in the Atrium.

While I was wandering around filming the rooms onboard, I popped into 'The Wardrobe' to see Kirstie again Julie & I took a photo of her. I've popped the photo in my Azura A004 image gallery on my Profile.

Tue May 25th
Well seven months today it will be Xmas Day :-)
I feel quite chipper this morning, which is surprising really after the amount I drank last night. I didn’t make it back to the cabin until after 3am .
That’s my latest night this cruise which is unusual for me but at least I see more of the mornings than I usually do.
We went into Brodie’s for pre-dinner drinks which we wouldn’t normally do as we would be in The Glass House or The Planet Bar. The reason for going to Brodie’s was to meet up with Benne for a drink & as she compares the shows in The Playhouse, Brodie’s is very handy for her.
She’s such a busy girl & has so much energy & enthusiasm. With her father being ex Purser & her mother ex entertainer, she has the perfect breeding you might say (lol)
We wish her the best of luck wherever ship she’s off to next ;-)
Not that she’ll need luck as she’s brill!
After dinner we went back to Brodie’s where there was Karaoke taking place. Jules, Jacquie & Ann even got up & performed :-o
Then there was a ‘finish the lyrics’ quiz where six pax got up on stage & battled it out. Jules & Jacquie got up, but wer4e both knocked out. They still received a prize at the end though. We have quite a few prizes now :-)
Dave Barefoot (I think that’s how you spell his name) came over for a chat with us. Dave’s been Ents Officer on a few cruises we’ve been on & is a great guy. He’s so friendly & such a nice bloke. Dave & Benne must be two of the best Ents Officers P&O have I reckon.
Anyway, there was more Karaoke until 1am, then some left & the rest of us just talked & drank until only two of us were left. I didn’t realise that it had turned 3am so we called it a night.
I had a little wander around the ship before retiring to my cabin & I didn’t see a sole. it’s a bit weird walking around the various rooms of a ship where you don’t see anyone, be it pax or crew. Its like a ghost ship. The music was still playing in the Glass House & Manhattan, but no one there to listen to it. The TV screen was still playing the cruise video by the Photogs place, but no one there to watch it.
Its rather cloudy today, but hopefully will brighten up a bit. Not that I’m that bothered as I haven’t sat out in the sun much at all this cruise.
HMS something or other is currently just seven miles off our Port side & is having a firing exercise. I just hope they don’t use us as a target :-o
Heck! I just heard a loud bang then. Obviously it’s the Royal Navy ship firing its guns.
Just seen on the news that 2 kids have been killed in a RTA as their mini bus was taking them to Keswick school. The place where the accident happened I know well & is just a few miles from where I live. Tourists pull out from a country type road onto the A66 which is the major road in West Cumbria & before you know it you’re right up their behind. I’ve had a few near misses there myself. You just can’t believe that someone would pull out on you as your travelling along at 60mph some of course going much faster than that.
Wow! I’ve just looked outside my window & I can hardly see anything. Now the foghorn has just sounded. I hope this Royal Navy Ship’s radar is in good working order (lol)
Ah well, fog or no fog I can still use the Jacuzzi :-)

Oh the Jacuzzi was nice. It was a temperature of 39.3 degrees C
The sea has been very calm today. The Bay can be very strange can’t it? Its often the calmest waters of the cruise.
We had Pizza & chips for lunch & then wandered down to Brodie’s for the Music Quiz. This is the quiz that’s been on most sea days in there & today the various days were totalled up & the winner announced. We came second which wasn’t bad. Dave & James have been doing these quizzes & they are like a comedy double act. They wear different outfits & wigs for every one.
Straight after the Music Quiz there was the Killer Darts, & as we were happy sitting in there with our drinks, we all entered. There were over 20 people entered & Jules amazingly made the final, but unfortunately lost :-)
The Killer Darts took that long that the next thing in Brodie’s started before the Darts had finished. So we ended up staying in there for that as well. This was battle of the sexes Giant Connect Four. Aren’t we just the big joineriners? (lol)
Well, I suppose its case packing time now before going down to the Terrace Bar for the last time this cruise.
It will be The Glass House for pre-dinner drinks & not a late night because of my long drive tomorrow morning.

Wed May 26th (well it is by the ship’s clock anyway)
And now, the end is near, & so I face, the final sleep time.
Its been a good last evening. I usually hate the final evening, but after dinner we went to Brodie’s & met up with Kevin & Jacquie & did the Quiz. We came second again to the same people that beat us in just about everything we entered. Harry from Manc & gang, shame on you, give other people a chance (lol)
The last four things we, or part of we, entered, he or his gang beat us, including him beating Jules in the Darts final today.
Anyway, we’ve said our goodbyes which is probably the worst part of the cruise, but on the plus side we’ve met some nice people who I’d now like to call friends.
As I’ve said before, the crew aboard Azura have been outstanding. All of them have made an effort to be as perfect as possible. The Ents team deserve medals & we’ve filled in a record amount of award slips.
So I’ll say goodnight for the last time on this cruise, & wish all that sail aboard Azura as good a time as we’ve had.

If I had to give anyone just one little tip on any cruise, it would be to read the daily Horizon paper thoroughly. So many Pax obviously don’t & then complain that they didn’t know this, didn’t know that & weren’t informed about the other.

Here’s to the next one ;-)

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   Hello, my name is David & I'm addicted to cruising :-)    So let's escape to sea
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