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Deepwater Horizon Drilling Rig Explosion 2009 Lennox Earthquake Rain Winter
reviewed Hurricane Sandy. October 30, 2012
posted in Earth Watch
Hurricane Sandy
Hurricane Sandy is barreling up the northeastern coast of the United   States building from 50MPH to daytime gusts of 89MPH by Tuesday,   October 30, 2012. In the northeast, mandatory evacuations are planned   on the New Jersey shore, Nassau County, Fire Island,  parts of   Connecticut and other areas of the northeast.  Residents are being   …
posted a Quick Tip about Aurora Borealis. January 28, 2012
Aurora Borealis
One of the most magical wonders of life and planet Earth! Brace the cold and you'd be rewarded with such a wonderful view that you'd never ever get over the experience. See for yourself... if not in person, then at least this awesome video!     
posted a Quick Tip about 2011 East Coast Earthquake. August 26, 2011
posted in That's Beat
2011 East Coast Earthquake
A fairly minor Earthquake, all things considered, which could have been a lot worse. While it wasn't noticeable up where I live, some of my family members in Pennsylvania could feel it. Personally, I'm more worried about the Hurricane which is hitting us this weekend.
reviewed The Artificial Sun, Fusion and Cold F.... June 15, 2011
posted in Earth Watch
The Artificial Sun, Fusion and Cold Fusion Power
1/2011)The "Artificial Sun," Fusion and Cold Fusion Power Jan 27, 2011                Credits: First Published on Basil and Spice on Jan 27, 2011 By Dr. Joseph S. Maresca The EAST project or "Artificial Sun"  relies on complex theories and requires advanced technologies because exceedingly high temperatures are reached in …
posted a Quick Tip about 2011 Eruptions of Grímsvötn Volcano i.... May 25, 2011
posted in UP UP & Away!
2011 Eruptions of Grímsvötn Volcano in Iceland
So far it's merely causing travel delays. Some 500 flights have been canceled across Europe. Nothing quite major other than inconveniences for now. Hopefully, that's all there is to it! Just lots of smoke!           
posted a Quick Tip about Supervolcano. May 09, 2011
posted in Earth Watch
The last one erupted some 74,000 years ago at Lake Toba, Sumatra, Indonesia. That's where my childhood playground was! Yellowstone is expected to erupt anytime soon or possibly not in the next few lifetime. It's due for one though.
reviewed Supervolcano. May 09, 2011
posted in Earth Watch
If we are able to survive a supervolcano eruption, then it'll be a marvel to watch it! Otherwise, God save us all!      In the meantime, if you don't know this already, there are 6 in the world that's due to erupt, 3 of them are in the U.S.! The Yellowstone (The most dangerous of them all) Long Valley (Eastern California, adjacent to Mammoth Mountain) Valles Caldera …
reviewed The Continent of Plastics. May 05, 2011
posted in Earth Watch
The Continent of Plasticsis
The Continent of Plasticsis   By: Dr. Joseph S. Maresca      There is a zone between California and Asia which has a patch of  plastics   and other garbage the size of the United States or larger. Our challenge during   this century is to decide how to recycle this mess and stop the accumulation   from getting even larger. The various …
reviewed 2011 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. May 03, 2011
2011 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami
By Dr. Joseph S. Maresca 8.9 Earthquake in Japan and Asian Tsunami Across the Pacific An 8.9 earthquake (Richter scale) hit Honshu, Japan just hours ago. There was tremendous devastation everywhere.  The last major event of this size in Asia was on 12-16-1920 in Gansu, China.  200,000 people died in the Gansu earthquake. The actual loss of life in Japan may not be known for weeks.  …
posted a Quick Tip about Yann Arthus-Bertrand. May 01, 2011
posted in Earth Watch
Yann Arthus-Bertrand
Yann Arthus-Bertrand is a French photographer and an environmentalist. It is through his beautiful photography that we are reminded of the beauty of this world and also how important it is for others to be aware of the beauty of this planet and to exert our utmost effort to keep it a blue (and green) planet! A man who speaks his heart through his images and through his observation. Excellent job!    …
reviewed Hurricane on the Bayou. April 30, 2011
posted in Earth Watch
Hurricane on the Bayou
How does hurricane form? This film was made after the last disastrous hurricane, Katrina, hits New Orleans. It attempts to explain the way environment had been changed (more or less manhandled) so significantly that the natural protection being removed over the last 5 decades had left the South (USA) totally naked. The wetlands act as speed bums when the storm surged so much so every foot of …
reviewed April 2011 Tornado Outbreak. April 29, 2011
posted in Earth Watch
Alabama Storm
It was only less than 2 months since the last tsunami hitting Japan. We are now seeing extreme weather in the U.S. beginning with the Apr. 25 tornado and storms hitting some 5 states (Mississippi, Alabama, Virginia, Georgia and Tennessee), with Alabama being the worst hit. Death toll totals more than 300 people.      It is grim and it is not over yet. I've just read that …
The Power of the Sea: Tsunamis, Storm Surges,
Occasionally, people ask what drives to me to an author or particular topic. In the case of Bruce Parker's excellent book, The Power of the Sea; Tsunamis, Storm Surges, Rogue Waves, and Our Quest to Predict Disasters, the answer is simple. A while ago, I read a book that had a little to do with rogue waves and a lot to do with extreme surfers. After that disappointment, I wanted to know more about …
reviewed BP Gulf Oil Spill. April 11, 2011
Deepwater Horizon Drilling Rig Explosion
By Dr. Joseph S. Maresca April 2010 BP Gulf Oil Spill- Mid-August Status The Skytruth Oil Spill Tracker showed the following improvements from a visual inspection of a map depicting the major areas of the spill with both small and large red dots. During May 2010, there were 3 large red dots on the map in the New Orleans area, 1 large red dot in Sarasota, Florida and a smaller dot just North of …
posted a Quick Tip about Earthquake. April 11, 2011
posted in Earth Watch
Oh no! Another earthquake in Japan today (11 Apr, a month right after the last disastrous earthquake) measuring 6.6! The tremors were once again felt in Tokyo! What a nightmare!
IMAX Coral Reef Adventure (Blu-ray)
      To see another world beyond ours, one needs some form of transportation and skill. I believe I need to take up snorkeling and diving immediately! Despite that I’ve had nightmares about being drowned in water the temptation of another world is so great that perhaps I’m willing to tempt death.            Colorful, living corals …
posted a Quick Tip about IMAX Coral Reef Adventure (Blu-ray). April 08, 2011
posted in Movie Hype
IMAX Coral Reef Adventure (Blu-ray)
Excellent footage of the sea and the colorful coral reefs. The film explores the reasons for the deaths of the corals by diving around 3 different areas, namely Australia, Fiji and French Polynesia. Stunning landscapes and seascapes. Highly educational and entertaining film. Highly recommended!
reviewed Massive Nature. April 07, 2011
posted in Earth Watch
Massive Nature
As humans evolved and as intelligent as the world becomes, sometimes we tend to forget the basic instincts of living organisms. We all need food! We in the richer and more advanced countries have the tendency to forget that. Many a time we waste food, don’t we? And the reason behind recent protests in the Middle East? High food prices is clearly one of the main and motivating reasons!   …
reviewed 2011 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. March 20, 2011
2011 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami
Now that the Japanese Yen has skyrocketed to an all time high against the US$, what are the raminifications for the world at large? Japan is after all the 2nd largest economy in the world for the majority of the last few decades, until recently overtaken by China.       Japanese have a great deal of investments (direct or indirect) in the world. Japanese also holds a lot of …
reviewed 2011 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. March 20, 2011
posted in Go Japan
2011 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami
Exactly a week after the 9.0 magnitude and tsunami in northern Japan, I found myself landing in Shanghai, a city which is a mere 2 hours flight from Tokyo. Flights, I was told, are full for those trying to get out of Tokyo. It's a hectic exodus for many foreigners who study, live or vacationing in Japan. Foreign companies are chartering flights to get their staff out, no matter what the cost is!   …
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