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My DVR List

  • Aug 21, 2009
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List of things that I record
Curb your enthusiasm
Hilarious! Larry, although well-intentioned most of the times, finds himself in the most awkward situations and rather than taking the normal path of resolution he makes things worse at every impasse. Mix this in with a little bad luck and it seems like Larry just cant get a break. Given the fact that the show is mostly improv I think its brilliant how cohesive every scene is and how they always seem to come full circle.
Jermaine and Bret from Flight of the Conchords
I know Bret and Jermaine are the stars of this series, and I love their songs especially Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros.. "Steeeeve!", but Murray really makes this one for me.

The Office
Micheal Scott makes me cringe but I cant wait to see what he does next. I also enjoy the banter between Jim and Dwight.
I was hooked from day 1 and I still am, yet I hate waiting so long between seasons. For a while it seemed the show was kinda dying out with the same mysteries and lack of progression, but towards the end of last season I felt like it really picked up and opened a lot of potential for some more entertaining story lines. 
The Sopranos
I know the series is over but I still watch some of the old episodes in hopes of capturing some of the old magic. Also the series finale was brilliant.
If you were to tell me a show about a suburb mom dealing pot would be so good I would prob think you were crazy.
Intense show and not for the weak of heart. I find the brutal reality fascinating and I cant really pinpoint why I enjoy this show so much cause its really sad sometimes yet I cant get enough of it.
Lois, Stewie, Peter, Brian, Meg, Chris & Brian
The humor is a bit over the top and even questionable at times but the obscure and randomness of it is ROTF funny.
30 Rock
Liz Lemon and Tracy Murray... what more do I have to say
The first few seasons were some of the best I have ever seen however as of late it just seems the plots are not as interesting anymore. Also I enjoy the show a lot better when they are dealing with stuff I dont know about (stuff like confusing MAC with IP addresses just sort of kills it for me). If youre going to go there at least sample it right.

This is another one of those shows I couldnt get enough of in the early episodes and then kind of got lame for a while. Hopefully next season will be better.
The O'Reilly Factor
I love commentary along with my news to give me some perspective on what the relevance is regarding current issues. I used to watch CNN and ABC a lot prior but really got turned off by the bias that I was seeing. So I turned to FOX the last couple years however now they too are just to far out there since Obama has taken office. I  still enjoy The O'Reilly Factor even though Bill sometimes annoys me I find him actually becoming more of a centralist and less bias than most. I know people find this shocking but you really have to give him a chance or perhaps read one of his books to understand where he is coming from.
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
Again I love commentary with my news but John serves it to you with a side of sarcasm. Its pretty sad when you have to resort to a comedy show to get the real scoop on important news.
Stephen Colbert
Stephen is just silly.
Sex in the City for men
Hard Knocks: Training Camp With the Cincinnati Bengals
Not many people get the chance to see inside the world of the NFL. The coolest part of this show is seeing the coaches, upper management, and owners perspective on how they operate and how they come to making tough decisions. A lot of times guys make the team simply cause someone along the chain of command likes them enough to fight for them.
The Hills
Little embarrassed I watched this but the first couple seasons were so bad it was good. "I would think are these people really this ignorant? You have to be kidding me. I want more! I want more!" I think the downfall started when they started featuring Spencer on the show I pretty much stop watching not long after that.
Pretty good show that I didnt watch much in the beginning but love to catch on reruns
You gotta love a guy that is a witty jerk but yet so brilliant and caring.
So you think you can dance
Not Mine - buts somone in the household if very fond of it. However I do find this show actually bearable sometimes.
The Bachelor
Not mine - and I still cant believe what a jerk Jason turned out to be :)
American Idol
Not Mine - Only good at the beginning when you have morons trying out yet I find myself at a bit of a moral impass since some of the bad people are really trying and I dont feel as though mocking them in front of millions of people is tactful.
Dancing With the Stars
Not mine - and I can really care less about some of the people they choose on they show. I actually feel dumber after having watched this show.

What did you think of this list?

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