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"I'm a gambler.  Whatever I can bet on, I'm a fan of.  It doesn't matter whether its horse racing, boxing, football, or even a coin flip - if I can bet on it, I will."

That was 2 years ago, before I was cursed and lost on every bet I made.  So now, I'm turning over a new leaf and trying to do something more productive.  I'm … more

reviewed Ninja Assassin. November 27, 2009
I went into this movie not expecting a great storyline or great acting.  I went into this movie expecting a lot of cool ninja fight scenes and bloody action.  But to my surprise, I got all the …
reviewed Tales of Vesperia [Xbox360]. November 23, 2009
 I've never played any of the previous Tales RPG series so I had no idea what kind of game I was getting.  But from all the reviews I've seen, most people love the game.  After just completing …
reviewed One Manga (onemanga.com). November 05, 2009
One Manga (onemanga.com)
I've heard of One Manga many times before but I never bother to go check it out.  My friends would always talk about it all the time and mention how they're all up to date with Naruto, Bleach, One …
reviewed Fairy Tail. November 03, 2009
fairy tail wallpaper
To be honest with you, I've never heard of Fairy Tail until recently.  I was just bored and wanted another manga to read after catching up with Claymore, Berserk, and Vinland Saga.  I went on …
reviewed Nintendo DS Lite. October 02, 2009
Nintendo DS Lite
After going on those long flights to china every year, I realized that I needed something to kill those long 15 hr flights since I can hardly sleep on those uncomfortable economy seats.  A handheld …
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Quick Tips
posted a Quick Tip about Vinland Saga (Manga). October 08, 2009
vinland saga volume 1 cover
Started out great but the story just took a nose dive recently. And I'm not too drawn in on the main character. Hope it gets better soon.
posted a Quick Tip about Soccer. September 30, 2009
I just love to watch a ball get kicked around for 90 minutes and end up in a 1-1 ties. Very exciting.... NOT
posted a Quick Tip about Lindsay Lohan. August 21, 2009
an aged Lindsay Lohan
This chick used to have so much going for her but too much booze and partying has turned her into an aging seahag.
posted a Quick Tip about Fable 2. August 21, 2009
Fable 2
Does it really matter if the game lets you do anything you want if the story sucks and its just plain boring to begin with?
posted a Quick Tip about Universal Health Care. August 20, 2009
Health Care
Its gonna be a huge waste of money, but its better than the way they'll eventually blow our tax dollars. Lesser of 2 evils.
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Latest Lists
created a list. October 25, 2009
I'm very vocal about overrated athletes. After seeing my list of overrated athletes, many of you were wondering who do I consider underrated. Well here's …
Bill Laimbeer Dennis Rodman Barry Sanders Greg Maddux Ken Griffey Jr.
created a list. October 14, 2009
Batman Begins Sin City (2005 film) The Dark Knight Punisher: War Zone Iron Man
created a list. October 06, 2009
Can't stand some of the players and coaches that get so much attention and praises about how great they are when they're clearly NOT!!!
Barry Bonds David Ortiz Eli Manning Tommy Lasorda Jason Kidd
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January 17, 2010
Hey, Jerry, I know you like anime; check out this profile and this one, A lot of anime reviews are a-calling!
January 19, 2010
Hey Woop, thanks for the heads up. I know about JRider but wrestleanimaniac is new to me. I'll check em out soon, just a lot of late night working and not much time to relax and write/read reviews.
January 05, 2010
No new reviews yet? Ok, give a holler when you drop something new...
November 26, 2009
Happy Thanksgiving, bud!!
October 02, 2009
hey, man, have you heard of BATMAN DEAD END...it's a fan made short film that is just so cool. If you haven't, you can watch it on this site via my review... Thanks!
October 02, 2009
Hmm honestly, never heard of it. I'll check it out after work. Thanx for the info
September 23, 2009
How was China and Thailand? I hope you're having a fabulous time, bud.
September 28, 2009
China was great as usual but Thailand was over hyped. Getting chased by "Lady Boys" all night in a 90 degree heat isn't my idea of fun.
September 29, 2009
"lady boys"?? that sounds creepy...details?
September 29, 2009
Hahahha forgot that if you haven't been to thailand, you wouldn't know that term. but basically, its any type of trannies (transvestites, transexuals, etc.). Word of advice, if you ever go to thailand by yourself or a group of male friends, be prepared to be chased down by them. They are damn aggressive. It's worse than any horror movies I've watched.
October 02, 2009
I think Stephen King should write a novel about that premise. I wonder if they just wanted to rob you or something...
October 02, 2009
Nah, they're prostitutes looking for business. They're just very aggressive and scary...
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