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Movies you DO NOT want to hear the spoilers for!

  • Aug 28, 2009
  • by
I hate it when people tell me the ending to movies before I watch it. But some of the best movies ever can only be enjoyed if you don't know whats gonna happen til the end. Here's my list of movies you hope your friends never tell you what happens in it before you watch it.

The Usual Suspects
If you haven't watched this movie yet, make sure to never ask someone who's Keyser Soze. You might as well have him tell you the whole movie if thats the case. This movie is by far the best mystery movie ever. And the whole mystery is, WHO THE FUCK IS KEYSER SOZE?!?!
See the full review, "Greatest "Who did it" movie ever".
The Sixth Sense
This movie by far had the craziest twist in the end. I had no idea what was going on until it happened. I think what made it so surprising was that you thought the movie was basically over and BAM, it hits you with the twist when you least expect it. Definitely M. Night Shyalaman first and best movie ever.
SPOILER: Thinking that Samuel L. Jackson was trying to help Bruce Willis discover his hidden powers was what everyone was thinking. No one knew he was the one setting up all those tragic accidents to discover who the hero to his villain, himself, was.
12 Monkeys
SPOILER: This is an interesting time traveling movie. Bruce Willis keeps having flashbacks of an incident that you do not know, until the end was a flashback of him when he dies while his younger self watches. Sounds confusing? Well I did say it was a time traveling movie.
The Game poster
SPOILER: This movie wasn't a super great movie but knowing the spoiler to it would turn this from a decent movie to not worth watching. What makes the movie fun is whether or not you think they're really trying to kill Michael Douglas or was it just some game. Well if I told you it was a game all the way to the end and nothing bad happens, are you still gonna wanna watch it?
Fight Club
SPOILER: Who wants to know that Brad Pitt is just Ed Norton's imaginary friend? Well I guess I just killed it for you right there.
The Village (Widescreen Vista Series) (2004)
SPOILER: The third M. Night Shyalaman movie on this list. When I saw the commercial for this movie, I thought I was watching a horror movie of some sort. It did scare me a bit but if I told you the monster was made up by the village elders and they're actually living in modern times in some national park as a project of some sort, would you still be scared at all?
DVD front
Although I didn't like this movie much, I was totally drawn to it the whole time I was watching just trying to figure out wtf was going on. The guy can't remember anything that happened more than 2 minutes ago so he's taking pictures and writing shit all over his body to remind himself of what happened to him. The whole movie goes backward like that seinfeld episode but in no ways a comedy.
Seven (Widescreen) (1995)
I don't think knowing the ending to this movie was as bad as the ones above it but it does kinda take away the thrill of finding out what the final 7th sin was. Or I should say, what he did to satisfy the final sin.
The Prestige
The last on my list wouldn't really kill the movie if I told you it but its somewhat complex so I won't bother. I originally was lead to believe that it was a revenge story in the beginning, but turned out more of a competition between 2 magicians. Interesting how they get it each other at the end.

What did you think of this list?

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September 29, 2009
THE PRESTIGE wasn't a bad movie but it annoyed me because I thought it was going to be something else and it turned out to be science fiction. Now I like science fiction, but I prefer to know that that's what I'm going to be seeing beforehand.
September 29, 2009
True, I didn't like how they added the scifi part into either.
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