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reviewed Mushi-Shi the Movie. December 11, 2009
posted in ASIANatomy
Mushi-Shi the Movie
   Don’t let the American translation “Bug-master” of its title fool you, writer/director Katsuhiro Otomo’s (Akira) “Mushi-shi” has nothing to do with bugs. …
reviewed WALL-E. September 04, 2008
Hello Wall-E!   Yes, hello Wall-E!   It's so nice to see you on the movie screen   You're looking swell Wall-E   We can tell, Wall-E   You'll be going, …
reviewed The City And The City by China Mieville. April 26, 2009
The City And The City by China Mieville
Somewhere outside London are the twin cities of Beszal and Ul Qoma; but they are not necessarily neighbors - they occupy the same Space and Time as each other, with "Crosshatches" of overlapping. It's …
reviewed Meatball Machine. July 26, 2009
posted in ASIANatomy
Meatball Machine
   Before there was “Tokyo Gore Police” and “Machine Girl”, there was “MEATBALL MACHINE” (2005). Co-written and co-directed by Yudai Yamaguchi (along with …
reviewed Dune. July 03, 2010
Science fiction by setting and technology, yet presenting ever so actual themes for humankind (politics, fight for power, war, love, learning and adapting, etc.), this book fascinated me because of many …
reviewed The Golden Compass. December 24, 2008
The Golden Compass
WARNING: This review may contain spoilers!      I suppose it's not surprising, what with the current trend of adapting fantasy literature into films, that Philip Pullman's novel The …
reviewed Cloverfield. February 20, 2010
posted in Movie Hype
  When reviewing Cloverfield obvious comparisons to movies like Godzilla are easy to make, but this film is so much more then a simple monster bash. Cloverfield is a wild mix of Godzilla like monster …
reviewed ALIENS VS. PREDATOR Requiem. February 23, 2010
Aliens Vs. Predator - Requiem
Man, good thing I don't read all the reviews for a movie before seeing it, because I may have skipped over this film altogether. What is all the complaining about? How is this film anything but good? …
reviewed Promethea. March 03, 2010
Promethea: Volume 1
Speculative fiction has a long history of basing its stories on premises wherein something societally recognized as metaphorical becomes real. Mary Shelley's Frankenstein is a famous example, which channeled …
reviewed I Am Legend. May 13, 2008
I Am Legend
I wasn't sure what to expect going into "I Am Legend", but I can say that I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would.  It's almost like it is two movies -- Act I is "Last Man on Earth", Act II is the …
reviewed Phantasm. May 14, 2009
The only reason I don't give this a +5 rating is Phantasm 2.  1,3 and 4 all have the same actors but the studio demanded that the adult Mike be replaced in 2 and Coscarelli had to do it to get the …
reviewed I Am Legend. June 10, 2008
I Am Legend
I think this movie has a hard plot to produce in such a way that is entertaining and exciting without being boring and too dragged out and watered down with gory scenes of zombies and unrealness.  …
reviewed Family Guy. December 09, 2008
Lois, Stewie, Peter, Brian, Meg, Chris & Brian
I love Family Guy. I don't think any other show comes close to producing such great satire and comedy as does this one.     When Family Guy first came out I instantly knew it'd be …
reviewed Avalon (movie). December 28, 2009
posted in ASIANatomy
Avalon (movie)
   Mamoru Oshii’s live action/animation hybrid “AVALON” is interesting. It is fairly obvious from the beginning that the film is not for everyone, yet when you think back, …
reviewed Transformers. December 17, 2008
You can't overthink "Transformers."  Basically, what you have are huge talking robots that sometimes turn into automobiles.  Some are good, some are bad, and they battle each other.    Tryin …
reviewed Outlander Series. June 21, 2010
Outlander by Diana Gabaldon
A woman on a second, post WWII honeymoon with her husband in the Scottish Highlands unexplicably travels back in time to the 1700's.  Sounds strange and even a bit hokey, right? Trust me, …
reviewed Prince of Darkness. November 14, 2008
Prince of Darkness
The movie begins with an old priest dying as he clutches a strange little box to his chest. Father Loomis (played by Donald Pleasence) takes the key and discovers the two thousand year old secret hidden …
reviewed WALL-E. July 24, 2008
...if I had kids, I'd show them this movie if...    ...I wanted my son to learn about manners.  ...I wanted my kids to learn about world conspiracies.   ...I wanted …
reviewed Twilight (book). June 14, 2010
Granted, I'm not a tween or a teenage girl but this book does not stand up the wonderful books, past and present available to the younger set.I highly suggest the Harry Potter series over the vampire …
reviewed The Hitch-Hiker. May 25, 2009
The Twilight Zone
    Of all realities, one's own mortality is the most exacting though equally inscrutable. "The Hitch-Hiker" tells the tale of an individual who dies in a car accident, the fact of which …
reviewed Repo Man. April 01, 2008
Repo Man
Movies don't get much better than this.  This is what independent film making is all about.  Talk about a quotable movie!  "There is one in every car, you'll see."  Features a special …
reviewed Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. July 28, 2009
Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Poster
 I won't even go into reviewing the story for this movie because it is so absolutely ridiculous and it was already superbly covered in the Topless Robot Review (very funny read, but contains …
reviewed A.I.: Artificial Intelligence. August 10, 2009
posted in Movie Hype
A.I.: Artificial Intelligence
Haley Joel Osment is one great child actor. It is in this movie and some other movies like Pay It Forward and the Sixth Sense that he demonstrated his talent fully.       …
reviewed The Color of Truth -- Quantum Leap Ep.... January 21, 2010
posted in Forbidden Planet
The Color of Truth -- Quantum Leap Episode 106
As I watch Season 1 of Quantum Leap, I debate on which episode to review. They all have different merits to them, some being more comical and light-hearted than others. But after watching "The Color …
reviewed Camikazi Kid -- Quantum Leap Episode 107. January 31, 2010
posted in Forbidden Planet
Camikazi Kid -- Quantum Leap Episode 107
      I originally thought I would only write one episode review for the first season of Quantum Leap. After all, most of them are just "feel good" family features. They …
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