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reviewed Twilight (book). June 02, 2010
The first time I picked up 'Twilight', I read it all the first day. It's addicting, and it's a fast read. It's just a fun book for girls.       I read it a second time and picked up …
reviewed Twilight (book). June 02, 2010
I remember when, as a kid, people would look at the Stephen King novel in my hand and say something along the lines of "You know that's junk fiction, right? No merit at all, and poorly written." …
reviewed Twilight (book). February 11, 2010
There are many reasons why millions of people love to read this book “twilight” that was written by Stephanie Meyer. And most of it, the readers are teenagers that made an influence to …
reviewed Twilight (book). January 07, 2010
Hundreds and thousands of fans couldn't possibly be wrong, could they? I figured with so much hype surrounding Stephenie Meyer's "Twilight" series, there had to be something to it. So I took …
reviewed Twilight (book). January 05, 2010
I read a book several years ago, that I've read many times since then, also in the young adult category, called Demon In My View by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes, that was published when she was 16. The book …
reviewed Twilight (book). July 16, 2009
I wrote up this review previously for my blog, and decided to tweak it a little to share with everyone. I'm going to try to be as objective as possible. I don't like to say mean things about anyone …
reviewed Twilight (book). May 18, 2009
I will never understand the huge following the the book Twilight has earned. In my opinion, this 'book' is more along the lines of a teenage girls fanfiction about some other vampire romance novel they …
reviewed Twilight (book). May 12, 2009
Pros: Well researched; deep emotional content.     Cons: I was so not the target audience     The Bottom Line: In the final analysis my instinct to stay away from …
reviewed Twilight (book). April 15, 2009
I loved reading Twilight, it has so much more detail and infomation than in the film (i still love the film as well). The story is gripping and exciting and i read it again and again.  
reviewed Twilight (book). April 05, 2009
I have always been a fan of vampire lit- especially the likes of Ann Rice, so I was excited to find Twilight. I had heard rumblings about the book for some time - I wish that I had not taken so long to …
reviewed Twilight (book). March 06, 2009
No matter which way you slice it, Twilight has become a phenomenon.  Countless people of all ages and of both genders are entwined by Twilight and have been sucked into the world which author Stephenie …
reviewed Twilight (book). February 16, 2009
Bella Swan is returning home to Forks, Washington, where she spent the first few months of her life. After her parents divorced her mother whisked her away, leaving her father behind. Bella's father, …
reviewed Twilight (book). February 06, 2009
Honestly, one can only read through so many descriptions of one person's "intense, scorching eyes" before it becomes ridiculous and invokes laughter. And that's one of just a few problems with Stephenie …
reviewed Twilight (book). January 04, 2009
With all the hype about this series, I really thought I'd hate it. I was surprised to actually like this book. I won't say that I "loved" it, but it's a cute YA book and I'm definitely looking forward …
reviewed Twilight (book). December 24, 2008
At seventeen, Bella is undergoing several changes in her life.  She is leaving her newly remarried mother behind to travel with her baseball playing husband. She is leaving sunny Phoenix, Arizona …
reviewed Twilight (book). December 08, 2008
My daughters will be disappointed that I rate this book four stars rather than five because they believe this is the greatest book ever published. It's definitely a great story and, like the Harry Potter …
reviewed Twilight (book). November 06, 2008
I resisted reading this book for some time. I'm always suspicious of sudden best-sellers that have really awful critical reviews as well as word-of-mouth reviews.    That being said, …
reviewed Twilight (book). November 03, 2008
Vampires and high school horrors aside, this little sizzler is quite a love story. The overcast peninsula housing little town of Forks holds a treasure or more likely a deadly secret. The secret is a …
reviewed Twilight (book). October 25, 2008
I can't believe how much I loved this book! It is one of the most romantic books that I have ever read without being overly sexualized. Also very cool twist on the standard vampire mythology. Can't wait …
reviewed Twilight (book). August 12, 2008
The hype roped me in. I always believe there is some magic behind hype so I finally went out and bought Twilight. I loved the Harry Potter books and their addicting nature, I heard the same about this …
reviewed Twilight (book). August 02, 2008
I don't know why I was hooked from page one, but I was. I'm still not sure what keeps me reading, as it isn't my normal choice of reading and it has several flaws. But something about it really hooks …
reviewed Twilight (book). July 01, 2008
I picked this one up because I liked the cover. Ha ha. Loved this book, the characters actually act real. They are a bit frustrating at times, but just as if they were your friends and you wanted to strangle …
reviewed Twilight (book). October 21, 2007
When Bella made the decision to move in with her father Charlie---to Forks, Washington from Phoenix, Arizona-----she was prepared for dull, boring, small town life. She was ready for rain, drizzle and …
reviewed Twilight (book). October 13, 2007
Is it possible for a book about vampires to avoid the monstrous nature of Stephen King's creatures, the self-absorbed boredom of Anne Rice's Lestat, the innate pessimism of Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita …
reviewed Twilight (book). July 22, 2006
If you know something or someone is bad for you, why do you stay? This is a question Bella must ask herself continually as she finds that she is drawn to Edward Cullen, the mysterious, incredibly good-looking …
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