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Logitech Cordless Desktop MX 5500 Revolution - Keyboard - wireless - Bluetooth - mouse - Bluetooth 2.0 EDR USB adapter - Canadian English/French

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Join the Wireless Revolution!This Logitech Wireless Desktop MX 5500 Revolution Bluetooth Keyboard and Laser Mouse kit helps you ditch the wires and enjoy the freedom and convenience of computing without wires. The Logitech Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard … see full wiki

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No Problems After 2 Years

  • Jul 24, 2010
  • by
I have been using the Logitech Cordless Desktop MX 5500 Revolution for 2 years and have no problems with it. It works just as well as the day I got it -- no connectivity or other problems. The battery life on both the keyboard and the mouse is phenomenal! The batteries on the keyboard (2 AA) needs to be replaced every 8-10 months.

I got the Logitech Cordless Desktop MX 5500 Revolution to replace my Dell Bluetooth Keyboard-Mouse Combo (which I strongly advise you to steer clear of, by the way).

The Logitech Cordless Desktop MX 5500 Revolution comprises the MX Revolution mouse and the MX 5500 keyboard. I have evaluated each unit individually (under the headers, MX REVOLUTION MOUSE, and MX 5500 KEYBOARD) and in combination (under the header MOUSE & KEYBOARD).


- Function
The MX Revolution has, of course, the usual controls on a mid-range to high-end mouse: forward button, back button, and scroll-wheel. The scroll-wheel is clickable and can be rocked from side to side (default function: horizontal scrolling). In addition, there is another button located right behind the scroll-wheel (default function: Internet search). The mouse also has a thumb-wheel (default function: Document Flip). What sets this mouse apart is its much-hyped hyper scrolling feature.

- Hyper Scrolling
I didn't understand what all the fuss over this Hyper Scrolling business was about, but after I saw it in action - boy, was I impressed. The Hyper Scrolling feature is used thus:

1. A quick flick of the wheel in either direction sets the wheel spinning like a flywheel, and correspondingly, sends a scroll bar moving very rapidly in the designated direction - a useful feature for speeding through those arduously long Web pages or documents with ease.

2. For regular scrolling, turn the wheel as you would normally. The wheel actually responds with feedback so the user feels each notch as the wheel is turned ("click-to-click" mode). What's amazing is the feel of the wheel is indistinguishable from that of a regular mouse.

3. The wheel can also be set (using the SetPoint application) to scroll smoothly ("free spin" mode). A smart electronic mechanism in the mouse controls whether the scroll-wheel is in "click-to-click" or "free spin" mode. Nifty!

4. Hyper Scrolling can be disabled with the SetPoint application if you choose not to use it.

- Tracking
The MX Revolution uses a laser for tracking instead of an optical sensor that picks up images taken by a built-in camera. The primary advantage of laser over optical mice is that laser mice can track on any surface. This mouse took on surfaces that my optical mice had trouble tracking - with no problems. The tracking resolution is 800 dpi, which some people find to be slightly low. I find that it provides very smooth and accurate tracking regardless.

- Customization
For whatever reason, Logitech decides that you should have complete customization on all the buttons except one, namely, the thumb wheel located on the side of the mouse. For this button, you're limited to the following choices: Document Flip, Zoom, Volume, Media, Thumb Scroll, and keystrokes customization for each of the forward, back, and wheel-click motions of the thumb-wheel.

- Power Consumption
A full charge of the mouse usually lasts me about 6-7 days with heavy use (8 or more hours a day). The mouse fully charges in about 2 hours. The battery indicator in the Logitech SetPoint software shows the battery level in terms of "days" and "percentage" of remaining power. When the mouse is fully charged, the indicator always shows "9 days" and "100%" in remaining battery power. I reckon with moderate use, the battery indicator should be a fairly accurate gauge.

- Ergonomics
The MX Revolution continues the tradition of Logitech's line of exceptionally well-designed and ergonomic mice. The placement of the scroll-wheel, the thumb-wheel, and all buttons are perfect for me as they are within comfortable reach of my fingers. The mouse is ergonomically shaped and fits very comfortably in my hand (I have average-sized hands). Last, I should also mention that this mouse is designed for right-handed use only. Sorry, lefties.

>> MX 5500 KEYBOARD <<

- Size
The keyboard has a sizable footprint. The dimensions are approximately 18.5" x 9" x 1.5" (Length x Width x Height measured at the widest points). The wrist rest is, unfortunately, not detachable.

- Weight
The keyboard isn't what I would call light, but it's not intolerably heavy either. In terms of the ease of portability, I wish it was just a tad lighter. On the other hand, its moderate weight also helps to keep it securely weighted down on its rubber feet so it doesn't slide around while you're typing.

- Ergonomics
The wrist-rest helps a little with fatigue. Its has a rubberized texture and has a nice soft feel to it. The tactile feel of the keys is more like that on a "regular" keyboard rather than on a laptop keyboard. The keyboard is fairly quiet when in operation.

- Power Consumption
The keyboard uses 4 AA batteries. The battery life is pretty decent. I've owned the combo set for 2 months now and I'm still on the same set of batteries (I'm using 2400 mAh rechargeables). At this point, the battery indicator on the Logitech SetPoint application says it has 30 days' worth of battery life left.


- Connectivity
The keyboard and mouse both use Bluetooth wireless technology. I was able to set them up very quickly and easily - without a hitch. The Bluetooth connectivity has proven to be extremely reliable. Neither the keyboard nor mouse has lost connectivity since I had them set up - not once - a pleasant surprise, considering my old Dell bluetooth combo dropped out of connection several times a day. The wireless range is equally amazing. I tested the Bluetooth connection by bringing the keyboard and mouse to a room adjacent to the one my computer was housed, and lo and behold, both the keyboard and mouse worked!

- Response
I am unable to perceive any lag in the responses of both the mouse and keyboard. Even after the units have gone to sleep after a period of inactivity, it takes no time, or at most a split second, to wake up and respond to any keystrokes or mouse movements.

>> Conclusion

The keyboard is more on the large side for me (larger keyboards seem to be the norm now). Otherwise, it is top-notch and one of the best keyboards I've ever used. The mouse earns high marks for its ergonomics, styling, performance, and innovative hyper-scrolling feature - It's the best mouse I have ever used, and I've run through quite a few from Logitech. Overall, the desktop set has performed exceptionally well and I have never encountered any quirks or annoyances. I don't think you can go wrong with this one!

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