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O Canada!

  • Jan 12, 2010
While America seems to be making all the splashes in the world, Canada appears to be a quiet cousin in the background waiting to make his mark in the world. That's how many in the world sees this country. That's NOT how I see Canada.

Canada is 2nd, 3rd or even 4th home for me, whichever way you see it. Canada is where I learned about adulthood, friendship and education. It is here I truly grew up and matured to be who I'm. My undergraduate years meant I spent 3 full years (including summer months) learning it the Canadian way. It also meant that I was given the opportunity to be independent, all alone in a foreign country, far far away from home (24 hours by flight, isn't that far enough?). In the beginning, it was difficult to appreciate Canada; weather was harsh, cold temperature made me hibernate throughout my first year of school (almost!), I missed home all the time and things were super expensive due to the high C$ back then. Furthermore, things were not really attractive design wise (it has improved a great deal although still not great ;-)). One thing Canada didn't lack was books and for the longest time, I devoured as many as I could. Mostly romance novels, ya know, I was in undergraduate years, what do you expect? But then I took up Psychology classes and that's when my English improved a little, I do believe, the list of reading materials were long enough!

As with everything in life, one 'acclimatized' and life goes on. Even when I graduated, I didn't intend on going back to Canada as often as I had done in reality. For some reasons, I ended up on the Canadian shore almost annually! That did tie me to this country quite a bit :-D Strange enough, I truly began to see Canada's bright spots only after graduation and after I had started to work. That's when I return to see the beauty of this country. 

Most of you on this site knows about Canada or at least have been to Canada once in your life, I am assuming. If not, it's time to make your way here before the C$ appreciated even more!

Yes, Capital of Canada is Ottawa, NOT Toronto. 

Canadian Rockies
Best sceneries is at the Canadian Rockies, not Niagara Falls. Lake Louise, Moraine Lake & Peyto Lake are all must sees.

Niagara Falls
Honeymooners love it here. This is where the Canada makes the most splash! ;-)

If you haven't tried it, you must. Inniskillin is the most famous & the best (Read my review). I love it!

Maple Leaf
Best time to visit Canada is in October when the maple leaf changes color. Georgian Bays Island National Park and Lake Muskoka are the places to be at. Canada is most beautiful when basked in the golden colors of the Maple trees!

University of Toronto
I spent the majority of my time here when living in Canada. Now that my niece graduated from the Engineering faculty of the same university, it's fast becoming a family tradition to study at U. of T. I've made some of the greatest friends from here and have fond memories of the place. A great school for education; it's a place that teaches student to think on his/her own rather than spoon feeding. I've a great deal of regards for some of my professors, especially those from Psychology department. Learned a great deal from simply going to their lectures!

38 Elm Street
Well, that's as horrifying as I could get (for those of you who love horror movies on this site) by buying an apartment at Minto Plaza on Elm Street. My first apartment in life. Rented it out for a couple of years and after all the hassle of filing an income tax return with Revenue Canada, I decided against keeping it. Didn't make or lose from the sale; very uneventful as far as Elm Street goes! ;-)
Although had I kept it til now, I'd probably have made quite a bit! 

Properties in Canada have been doing well due to the influx of Chinese immigrants as well as Middle Eastern ones. If not for its cold weather, Canada is actually a very nice place to live!

Yes, I've a lot to thank for. Thank you, Canada! 
By the way, Thanksgiving for Canada is on the same day as the rest of the world, except for the U.S. (should you not know about that). By the rest of the world, I mean countries which were once under the British colonies and commonwealth countries.
O Canada! O Canada!

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May 23, 2011
Whooooo CANADA No place id rather be.
January 12, 2010
wow! Nice one, Been to Canada once but never really went to all the places to see because I was busy. Thanks for sharing!
January 13, 2010
Well, Woopak, this summer you do need to get out there! Not so much "Lunch"! You're missing out the world! ;-)
January 12, 2010
Great review. My life and I love Canada and head there whenever we can. Your photos of the Canadian Rockies are simply breathtaking. Hope to get out that way some day.
January 13, 2010
Good for you! Well, if you really haven't been to the Canadian Rockies, then it's indeed time to see it! Fly to Calgary and then drive from there. Picnics are so romantic at the Rockies. Great hikes too!
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