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posted a Quick Tip about Hong Kong Disneyland. January 18, 2012
posted in Go Hong Kong
Hong Kong Disneyland
Been visiting Disneyland quite a bit these days since it's at my backyard literally. The way to go about it is to get the magic access (year ticket) which costs a mere HK$650 if you are available during the weekdays. Since Christmas, I have been enjoying quite a bit of the few shows put up by the staff, esp. Golden Mickeys, Mickey's parade and the fireworks every night (which will probably …
posted a Quick Tip about Tai O Fishing village. October 29, 2011
posted in Go Hong Kong
Tai O Fishing village
The venice of Hong Kong. This is on Lantau Island and here you go back in time to where the locals live on stilt homes (300 of them) that have been in Hong Kong for 200 years. Photographers come here to get picturesque shots while housewives and locals come to buy dried seafood! Good for a day away from the maddening crowd but do not come on the weekends if that's clearly what you come here for!   …
posted a Quick Tip about Noah's Ark. October 29, 2011
posted in Go Hong Kong
Noah's Ark
Despite it being the newest addition to Hong Kong's attractions, it's one of the worst and most boring theme parks I've ever been to. No value for money and everything is man made! At least in some parks, the mascots are cute. This one, trust me, nothing to hold my attention at all! Worse than going to any local zoo! It does boast a full size replica of Noah's Ark, if that's all …
posted a Quick Tip about Ocean Park. October 29, 2011
posted in Go Hong Kong
Ocean Park
Ocean Park has changed quite a bit since my last visit a few years ago. Now, it's filled with lots of rides and more interestingly animals and creatures from all over the world. Red-eyed frogs, blue frogs, pandas, red pandas, gold fish of all kinds (doubly cute!) and other sea creatures. It's the best theme park in Hong Kong rivaling Disneyland! For the price of a mere HK$280 (US$360), one …
reviewed Thai Pepper (Restaurant). October 22, 2011
posted in The Rice Table
Thai Pepper (Restaurant)
We had been to this restaurant often, especially when I'm dining with my aunts and uncles. This is their little "kitchen" and they often dine here (I was told at least once or twice a week)      Some of my favorite dishes in this restaurant:   1) BBQ fish (this is not on its menu, you'll have to call in 30 mins ahead for them to prepare it so that it'll …
posted a Quick Tip about Italian Tomato 夢見屋國際廣場店. July 13, 2011
posted in Go Hong Kong
Italian Tomato 夢見屋國際廣場店
Great ambiance and cakes from this restaurant cum cafe Italian Tomato outlet in iSquare. The milk pudding is simply delicious! A great place to hang out after movies at the UA cinemas!     
reviewed Kokubo Anti-insect scent. July 07, 2011
posted in City Lifestyle
Kokubo Anti-insect repellent
My first trial was one from Kokubo that's anti-mosquito and since I was living in China when I first got hold of this Japanese product, it was a real good one especially I did used it in the bedroom. The scent is nice, just like air freshener!      I just got the second one for anti-insect yesterday from City Super (a supermarket in Hong Kong). Apparently, Sasa sells it as …
posted a Quick Tip about Maxim's Palace Restaurant. May 06, 2011
posted in Go Hong Kong
Maxim's Palace
Some of the best dim sum can be had from this restaurant. It opens at around 7.30 to 11.30 am for specials and then lunch. If Maxim's Palace is not the best, at least it's near the top end and one that's highly popular with locals. I frequent the one above Sheung Wan MTR where the ferry pier to Macau is located. It's one of the newest and you do have to go early to avoid full house!   …
posted a Quick Tip about Peking Garden Restaurant. May 02, 2011
posted in Go Hong Kong
Peking Garden Restaurant
Touted to serve the best Peking duck in Hong Kong, the outlet to go for is in Alexander House. There is also one in Pacific Place which is more accessible, imho. It's been awhile since I last visit so I've no idea if the quality of food has dropped. I'm planning on a visit soon in near future so I'll update you on that later.      Food is generally good but pricing …
posted a Quick Tip about Hot Pot. May 02, 2011
posted in The Rice Table
Hot Pot
In Beijing, the most popular hot pot is none other than Shua Yang Rou (刷羊肉), i.e., dipping slices of lamb into the hot pot. Typically, everyone gets his/her own small pot and tada, all you have to do is cook whatever you order. These are specialty stores which serve mostly lamb related items, like offals, etc... beef may be ordered as well but not the popular choice. However, you can still visit if …
posted a Quick Tip about Hong Kong Disneyland. May 01, 2011
posted in Go Hong Kong
Hong Kong Disneyland
Hong Kong Disneyland opened its doors to visitors about 5 years ago and has seen increasing number of visitors ever since, largely from the Mainland China. I've been to all the Disneylands in the world and find this one a tad small, especially when compared to Disney World which to date is still the best of the whole lot of Disney Theme Parks. Nonetheless, until Disneyland Shanghai opens some …
posted a Quick Tip about Victoria Peak. May 01, 2011
posted in Go Hong Kong
Victoria Peak
Popularly known as The Peak, Victoria Peak offers the best bird's eye view of Hong Kong in the day as well as night. A ride up to the Peak on the Tram is a neat experience. The Peak is best in the night. A romantic stroll for many of its visitors. Some had even proposed up here!
posted a Quick Tip about Centaline Property (中原地产). April 26, 2011
posted in Business Matters
Centaline Property (中原地产)
It may be one of the largest in Hong Kong and China, yet the agents in this company are not professional and more interested in sales than in servicing customers. Hence, if you are trying to rent an apartment in Hong Kong or China, best to avoid this one!
posted a Quick Tip about Tung Chung Property. April 26, 2011
posted in Go Hong Kong
Tung Chung Property
A very small agency but one that specializes mostly in the Tung Chung area. However, two agents I came into contact with are both professional and hardworking with the right attitude towards customer service. Worth mentioning is Steve whom I'd highly recommend if anyone is interested in getting an apartment in Hong Kong (be it for rental or investment). Email me if you need a contact.
posted a Quick Tip about Hong Kong Property. April 26, 2011
posted in Business Matters
Hong Kong Property
I was a walk-in customer at this agency. The other more prominent agencies like Rica Corp and Centaline have less than desirable attitude when it comes to customer service. These 2 bigger agencies are more interested in sales than in rentals. So, when the 3 agencies have offices next to one another, I tend to give preference to one that I have yet tried. Interestingly, I found satisfactory performance …
posted a Quick Tip about Chinese New Year. February 04, 2011
posted in Go Hong Kong
Chinese New Year
15 days of feasting & festivities for the Chinese around the world. 1st day of the Year of Rabbit begins on Feb. 3 this year (2011) and will last until Feb. 17. 恭喜發財!!!
posted a Quick Tip about Chinese New Year. February 04, 2011
posted in Go China
Chinese New Year
Happy Rabbit Year to all Chinese in the world & on Lunch.com! Eat, drink & be merry!!!
reviewed Red Packet (Hong Bao). January 22, 2011
posted in Go Hong Kong
Red Packet (Hong Bao)
It's that time of the year again! Time for RED PACKETS!!!   These are given out to children and adults alike during the 15 days of the Chinese New Year Festivities. For the year 2011, it begins on Feb. 3 and ends on Feb. 17 (last day).            In giving Red packets, make sure the money inside is in round figures (like $10. 20, 40, 60 or 80 and …
posted a Quick Tip about Telecom Digital Wireless Data. January 22, 2011
posted in Go Hong Kong
Telecom Digital
One of the cheapest way to get a connection when in Hong Kong. The monthly fee is HK$8 for 300 mins talk time. There is a min. 6 month subscription which one needs to sign up for. In addition, all telcos in Hong Kong charges a HK$12 monthly service fee (regardless of what type of plan). All in all, we are talking of some 1800 mins during a 6 month period for HK$120 which is about US$15! That's …
reviewed Time Out Hong Kong. January 19, 2011
posted in Go Hong Kong
Time Out Hong Kong
Time Out is a great publication originally from the UK. It has since published a fortnightly magazine in some 40 cities or so. In the U.S., namely San Francisco, L.A., Las Vegas, Chicago, New York, Boston & Miami. In Canada, Toronto and Vancouver are being covered. In Asia, Tokyo, Kyoto, Shanghai, Singapore, Bangkok and Hong Kong. And, many more in European cities...      …
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