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reviewed Mango. June 01, 2010
posted in Healthy Lifestyle
As part of balanced Raw Food diet, you should include one mango every week.  It's a great addition to smoothies, fruit salads, or even piled on top of a salad.      One thing …
reviewed Seattle's Best Coffee Henry's Blend. March 01, 2010
Seattle's Best Coffee Henry's Blend
I’ll be honest, before trying their Henry’s Blend I had never drank Seattle’s Best coffee before. Seattle’s Best bills its Henry’s Blend as a “medium roast” …
reviewed Congee. February 27, 2010
posted in The Rice Table
@devora: "Congee is my favorite sick day food". Ahhh, the poor girl is down with food poisoning recently, so I thought, hmm, perhaps a congee review?       It is true, …
reviewed Nasi Goreng. February 26, 2010
posted in Go Indonesia
Nasi Goreng
Nasi Goreng translates to Fried Rice in Indonesian.   It is originally from Indonesia and is commonly eaten as a hearty breakfast. On top of the fried rice, a fried egg and prawn crackers (Krupuk) …
reviewed Curry. February 17, 2010
posted in The Rice Table
It's cold this winter and during this Chinese New Year, instead of soups and feasting on Chinese goodies, I'm actually craving for some hot & spicy curry!      Curry can …
reviewed Bali. February 09, 2010
posted in Go Indonesia
As Valentine’s Day approaches & since many parts of Asia are having a long weekend due to Chinese New Year being on the same day this very year, many are planning on a sexy destination for …
reviewed Indonesia. January 14, 2010
posted in Go Indonesia
An earthquake rampaged the planet again just 2 days ago. This time, it’s the Caribbean island of Haiti. Geographically, I’m far from it. However, psychologically, it reminded me of the …
reviewed Indonesian Cuisine. November 19, 2009
posted in The Rice Table
Indonesian Cuisine
Appetizer: Gado Gado / Pecel, Sayur Lodeh.   Soups: Sup Buntut, Soto Ayam.   Main Course: Ayam Panggang, Ayam Goreng, Kari Ayam, Goreme, Sotong Panggang, Udang, Rendang, Kangkong Belacan.   …
reviewed Kolak. October 27, 2009
posted in Go Indonesia
Kolak is a dessert I grew up eating when I was living in Indonesia. Our domestic helper used to cook it every week and I found myself looking forward to them every Wednesday. The beauty of living in …
reviewed Laksa. September 30, 2009
posted in The Rice Table
Curry Laksa
As Asians begin to travel to the rest of the world, Asian food begins to make their ways around the world as well. If not in restaurants, they can be found in prepackaged mix gravy or the likes.   …
reviewed Sate Padang. September 27, 2009
posted in Go Indonesia
Sate Padang
Sate Padang (Padang is a city of West Sumatra) is my favorite street vendor food.   I had this since I was a kid and remembered all those days where I looked forward to either the recess or …
reviewed Nasi Padang. September 27, 2009
posted in The Rice Table
Nasi Padang
It's known as rijsttafel in the Netherlands but Nasi Padang in Indonesia (where it's originally from). This is a feast fit for the king and one diner (even if you are merely dining alone at the …
reviewed Batik. September 16, 2009
posted in Go Indonesia
A great culture comes with an equally amazing apparel. The Chinese has silk, the Japanese the kimono, the Indonesian the Batik. Batik in Indonesia predates written record and is an ancient art form.   …
reviewed Mandara Spa. September 13, 2009
posted in Resort Living
My 100th review!   Ahhh... I need to pamper myself a little after all the hard work on Lunch, don't I?.   Spa on Lunch? Oh, Yes?!   (Hint, hint: JR, you know what to …
reviewed Limeade. September 12, 2009
In this summer & tropical heat, the best thrist quencher (other than my favorite Diet Coke) has to be Lime Juice. Lime can be found almost everywhere in Asia and to a great deal in America. It's …
reviewed Indonesian Pop Songs. September 11, 2009
posted in Music : World
Indonesia Music
I grew up listening to Indonesian Pop Songs at the same time I was exposed to Mario Lanza, Caruso, Nat King Cole, Teresa Teng (Taiwan), Alan Tam (Hong Kong) and pop songs from all over the world. Yes, …
reviewed Rambutan. August 14, 2009
Although not generally as popular as it's cousins (Lychee and Longon), the Rambutan is delicious and unique in it's own right.  I've always loved Rambutan... and half the fun is getting to say "Rambutan", …
reviewed Durian. August 12, 2009
I'm not gonna lie, I use to HATE durian with a passion when I was a little kid.  Maybe it was the way it smelled to me then (some say that it's comparable to sweaty gym socks, but I've …
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