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reviewed Irish Cuisine. April 12, 2011
Irish Food
When I first visited Ireland a couple of years ago, I dreaded what I would have to eat. I thought  it would be dreary. Who's heard about Irish cooking other than corned beef and cabbage? Was I ever wrong! Irish cooks have embraced the concept of cooking fresh and organic.      Yes, the potato is still a staple and is served with almost every meal, but in wonderful and …
posted a Quick Tip about Bru Bar Hostel. February 03, 2011
Bru Bar Hostel
If you're traveling to Cork, Ireland here is a good place to consider staying if you're traveling on a budget. Good for families with middle-grade kids and up, couples, singles and friends. 
reviewed Bru Bar Hostel. February 03, 2011
posted in Travel Ireland
Bru Bar Hostel
When my friend Steffie and I were  plotting our travels to Ireland last year, I knew that I wanted our home base to be in Cork, even though we would be leaving for the east and a bit north the day after our arrival. For that first night in Cork we stayed at the Bru Bar Hostel. Ironically, my boyfriend had stayed there years ago, and just happened to walk in on their first anniversary party …
reviewed Cafe Gusto. December 22, 2010
Cafe Gusto
Though we technically did not eat a full meal there, I feel that Cafe Gusto warrants its own post because it is a place I personally endorse and want to see thrive – not that it really needs my help, as the wall-to-wall patronage was testimony enough to its outstanding fare and popularity.      Steffie’s latte of love We knew about Cafe Gusto a bit of time before heading …
reviewed Liberty Grill. December 22, 2010
Liberty Grill
My travel pal Steffie and I are partners in crime when it comes to our shameless love for breakfast food; it’s the meal that can make or break my day. If I have a good breakfast, that has set the standard for my mood and I can carry the memory of delicious, taste-bud pleasing food with me throughout the day. I was more than delighted (but not at all surprised) that Liberty Grill delivered on …
reviewed Cafe Paradiso. December 22, 2010
Cafe Paradiso
        This is a post long in the making. I’m not just talking about the three months it’s taken me to write this up, no. I’m talking about the fact that this restaurant has been on my radar for well over a year before I actually stepped into its foodie vista. Y’see, I attempted (and failed miserably) to be a vegetarian so when I was initially …
reviewed Greenes Restaurant. December 22, 2010
Greenes Restaurant
Adjacent to the Isaac’s Hotel and Apartments is the Greenes Restaurant, a lovely fine dining restaurant that my friend Steffie and I decided to splurge on our last night in Cork. I had been eye-balling the menu all week and as we decided to stay close to home for our last evening, Greenes was the idea choice before we headed out to the Everyman Theatre across the street to see a performance …
reviewed Guinness Draught. November 08, 2010
posted in The Beer Snob
I am going to review Guinness Draft not as a beer snob but as a home brewer.  I don't drink much beer I buy because I brew enough mead and beer for myself and probably my friends too :-).      Guinness is one of those underrated beers which is great in part because of how it subtly differs from other stouts.  Folks either love stouts or hate the burned bitterness …
posted a Quick Tip about Guinness Draught. August 12, 2010
posted in The Beer Snob
For me, the darker the better!!! If I can stand a spoon up in it, it is good to go!!! Great bitter taste. However, consider the fact that my favorite beer is free beer, and my all time favorite beer is, cold free beer!!!
reviewed Touch of Ireland. April 05, 2010
Touch of Ireland
If you like very detailed costumes, Touch of Ireland probably has just about everything.  Want to be a Disney Princess?  Irish maiden?  The selection is incredible and is growing all the time.  I bought this Queen of Hearts costume there before the Tim Burton movie even came out.  I wore the costume to a Valentine's Day party inworld and it received many compliments.  …
posted a Quick Tip about Jameson Irish Whiskey. March 09, 2010
Quality Irish Whisky! Can I have One please!
posted a Quick Tip about Guinness Draught. March 05, 2010
posted in The Beer Snob
my go to choice when having a beer. people think its heavy because of the color, but i find it so refreshing. it tastes healthy too, right?
posted a Quick Tip about Guinness Draught. March 04, 2010
posted in The Beer Snob
Guinness is my chocolate milk.
reviewed Guinness Draught. February 19, 2010
posted in The Beer Snob
Everyone's heard of Guinness. even if you don't drink beer, you've heard of Guinness.  As the gentleman in the TV ads would say, their marketing is, "brilliant!" Unfortunately, their beer is awful!      The Pour   Upon pouring this into a pint glass, the first reaction is, “This is one beautiful beer!”  When you first pour it, it looks …
reviewed Ireland: A Novel. May 07, 2009
Ireland: A Novel
Frank Delaney's Ireland is my kind of novel. Rich with character, history, and lyrical language, it is at once the chronicle of a nation and the coming of age tale of a young man. The story opens with the arrival of a man who may be Ireland's last itinerant storyteller, and from the moment he begins describing the evolution of prehistoric New Grange, his audience is enthralled. As is Ronan, who from …
reviewed Guinness Draught. February 27, 2009
I'm not too into dark beers, but Guinness does have a pretty nice, crisp finish.  I prefer it as part of a "black and tan" (half Guinness, half Bass Ale) but can certainly finish one or two pints of Guinness if I'm up to it.    One thing I've found is that it tastes INFINITELY better when it's super cold.  So if you're a slow sipper, you may find that the last few sips …
reviewed Guinness Draught. December 10, 2008
Guinness is one of my favorite beers.  The thick, creamy brew feels like you're almost drinking a dessert.  Interestingly enough, a Guinness has less calories than the same amount of a regular beer, so it's good for girls who want to avoid calories when going out.  I love drinking one or two with my guy friends and really savoring the taste.  Although I've heard it's a million …
reviewed Guinness Draught. December 10, 2008
I have to begin by saying that I'm a little bias when it comes to beer. There are so many beers that I haven't tried, but of the ones that I have had, I can be very picky. I don't really care for American beers like Budweiser, Coors, Busch, etc. I really tend to enjoy mostly European beers. With that said, my view may be a little skewed.    I've tried Guinness several times over …
reviewed Mythic Ireland. August 18, 2008
Mythic Ireland
Michael Dames sets out to tie the Irish landscape into the mythic tales of the Irish (mostly pre-Christian but also Christian as well). He paints a compelling image of Ireland's geography and living myth based on archaeology, and the like.    The book is organized into five parts, each part covering a province of traditional Ireland (Ulster, Munster, Leinster, Connacht, and Meath). …
reviewed A Secret Map of Ireland. February 24, 2008
A Secret Map of Ireland
A longtime journalist for the Irish Times, Boland's narratives move along generally with efficiency, detail, and organization. Her style, honed at the newspaper, tends more towards that of the personal feature granted by her employer than that of her poetry. The imagery's less potent and the facts more present than I expected. The best of these short chapters, one for a sight seen in each of the thirty-two …
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