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GOSSIP GIRL is an incredible boring book. Most of the characters spend their time whining about their upper-class lives and complaining about each other. The rest of the time they smoke pot, have sex with each other, and get drunk. None of this has anything to do with the actual plot of the book. Oh, wait a minute, the book doesn't have a plot. That wouldn't necessary be an issue of there was some amazing characters and deep character development that happened. But it doesn't. The main characters are cardboard chess pieces, complete with clichés. The only character in the book that shows a semblance of originality is Jenny Humphrey. Of course, Jenny is the youngest member of the cast and the reason she's the most interesting is because she's a stereotype just like everyone else: the young innocent, naïve of the ways of the world. I guess that's the reason she went on to have a book series of her own (the IT GIRL series).

I had a difficult time reading GOSSIP GIRL. The reading itself was incredibly easy, but it was so boring that I had to force myself to plow through it. I'm at a complete loss how and why this series became so popular (how did this garbage get adapted into a tv series?). Stick to the gossip column of your local newspaper; it's bound to be better written and more interesting than this book.]]>
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