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reviewed DJ Hero. October 25, 2010
posted in The Gaming Hub
interactive DJ video game
Ah, the "Hero" games. I really liked some of the "Guitar Hero" games and I'm looking forward to "Lego Rock Band" (not part of the same series, but at least the same idea). …
reviewed DJ Hero Bundle with Turntable. October 21, 2010
posted in The Gaming Hub
DJ Hero Bundle with Turntable
Ah, the "Hero" games. I really liked some of the "Guitar Hero" games and I'm looking forward to "Lego Rock Band" (not part of the same series, but at least the same idea). Mind you, I pretty much suck …
reviewed Pandora Radio. October 18, 2010
posted in Music Matters
Pandora Online Radio
Pandora Radio is a blessing to the ears. In a time where music is centered around worn out singles, there are few ways to introduce fresh songs and artists to the brain.      As of …
reviewed Concrete Immortalz. October 08, 2010
Concrete Immortalz
To fully appreciate Concrete Immortalz, it helps to have some background on modern graffiti. The power of street graffiti is, in part, a product of its surroundings. It contrasts the mundane with something …
reviewed Pandora Radio. October 05, 2010
posted in Music Matters
Pandora Online Radio
All reviews, so far, for Pandora Radio have been positive and all have covered the free version. I used the service for a week before deciding to upgrade to the paid version. Was it money well spent? …
reviewed A Thousand Suns. September 12, 2010
Linkin Park: A Thousand Suns
In an effort to move even further away from original fans, Linkin Park have released (09/14/2010) A Thousand Suns. On first listen I was appalled by the huge difference between original Linkin Park (Hybrid …
reviewed MF Doom. September 10, 2010
MF Doom
   MF Doom has a little bit of everything in his repertoire but one thing is for sure, he will always keep you entertained with his witty and oftentimes, hilarious lyrics.      …
reviewed Love the Way You Lie. August 31, 2010
posted in Music Matters
Love the Way You Lie
I am not a fan of rap music at all. But this song gripped me from the start.       After watching the Video I think we are looking at the next Grammy Awards Winner.      …
reviewed Fans (Malcolm McLaren album). August 08, 2010
posted in Music Matters
Fans was an EP recorded by Malcolm McLaren.  The original concept of the project was about some fanatical fans of a famous rock star who kidnap their hero.  After failing to come up with a realized …
reviewed Step Up 3D. August 05, 2010
posted in Movie Hype
Step Up 3D
STEP UP 3D Written by Amy Andelson and Emily Meyer Directed by Jon Chu Starring Rick Malambri, Adam G. Sevani, Sharni Vinson and Alyson Stoner   “Maybe we’re all plugged in to the …
reviewed Afro Samurai. July 10, 2010
posted in Movie Hype
Afro Samurai
This movie is one of the highpoints of anime. The story of Afro Samurai follows a young boy from he time he witnesses His fathers death at the hands of the number 2 samurai, to the end of the series …
reviewed Nas: Illmatic. July 06, 2010
Nas: Illmatic
Illmatic, Nas' debut album is an undeniable classic that instantly gave him respect in the rap game. The album is very interesting in the fact it relatively short,only 10 songs including an interlude, …
reviewed Chris Brown. July 01, 2010
Chris Brown
Well here's my 2 cent. I loved his story. I loved his claim to fame. Enjoyed his dancing and clean image. Bought his first album. Supported another young brutha on the come up. Cool, right? Then he …
reviewed Recovery. June 21, 2010
posted in Music Matters
If you have been let down or disappointed by the last few efforts by Eminem, don't count him out just yet. 'Recovery' is, in my opinion, probably one of the best albums since his debut, if not the best …
Losing My Cool: How a Father's Love and 15,000
It is always easier for an outsider to be objective about an unfamiliar culture than it is for someone totally immersed in that same culture, especially when strict conformity to the accepted norm of …
reviewed DJ Hero Bundle with Turntable. May 16, 2010
DJ Hero Bundle with Turntable
My husband loves Guitar Hero. He has 4 of the GH games both for Xbox and Wii. He loves the feel of the guitar and the way you really get into the music. It's almost like being up on stage.    He …
reviewed Motown Records. April 14, 2010
posted in Music Matters
Motown Records
A half century ago, a young Detroit entrepreneur named Berry Gordy Jr. decided that he was going to start his own record company.  His idea was a simple one really.  He was going to make records …
reviewed Sadat X Ft. Pete Rock. March 15, 2010
Sadat X Ft. Pete Rock
          (Official video) Sadat X feat. Pete Rock - "Turn It Up" featured on Wild Cowboys II    full album …
reviewed DC Scorpio. March 10, 2010
Check out the rest of the "Hard to Find" albums on Wake Your Daughter Up       I remember seeing this dude’s video for "Stone Cold Hustler - Pt. II" …
reviewed KinG - Live From Souled On California. March 08, 2010
KinG - Live From Souled On California
     In my little virtual world on the net, I have a few bloggers that I have a "beyond the blogs" type of relationships with. We reach out to each other, work with each other, …
reviewed Joe Scudda. March 05, 2010
Joe Scudda - Not Your Average Joe   Download @ WYDUBlog.com    1. Not Your Average Intro 01:10   2. Every Man 02:40   3. Bubblegum Tuna 03:31   4. Cali …
reviewed Hotbox - Number Theory. March 03, 2010
  Hotbox - Number Theory EP Download @ WYDUBlog.com    1. Numerology   2. Little Bits (Expedyte, Radar, & Phakt)   3. Dollar Bills (Radar & Wordburglar)   …
reviewed Dirty Hank. March 03, 2010
Dirty Hank
    DIRTY HANK'S GUIDE TO GIVING UP EP      When he isn't making suicide threats or drinking excessively, Dirty Hank a.k.a Adolph Oliver Bush is …
reviewed Guru - GangStarr. March 03, 2010
 As some of you may have heard, Guru had a heart attack this past weekend and is in a coma. I personally haven't heard much more than that, but let's hope he makes a full recovery. UPDATE: According …
reviewed Murder Was The Case. March 03, 2010
Snoop Dogg Murder Was The Case
       In 1993, Snoop (Doggy) Dogg was in some deep trouble (not cover). He was one of the up-and-coming stars in the rap world and was accused of being an accessory to murder. …
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