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reviewed Lupe Fiasco Mix Tapes Released. December 02, 2009
Lupe Fiasco Mix Tapes Released
He's one of my favorite musicans.  My boyfriend and I have seen in concert a few times.  I hope he seriously doesn't retire :(
reviewed Pandora Radio. December 01, 2009
Pandora Online Radio
Pandora.com has done great things for my discovery of artists and bands in a specific genre that I choose. I have come across music that I have never heard before, or haven't heard enough of to form an …
reviewed Kanye West. December 01, 2009
Kanye West
The best thing about Kanye West is also the worst thing about him: he has no filter. What Kanye thinks comes out of his mouth, or on the stage of an awards show or benefit concert, or best of all, into …
reviewed Tongue N' Cheek. November 24, 2009
Tongue N' Cheek
As a long time dizzee fan as well as a grime fan, I found most of this album to be very disappointing. In the end, what he is trying to do is get popular in the US, which he had a great balance for on …
reviewed DJ Hero Bundle with Turntable. November 22, 2009
posted in The Gaming Hub
DJ Hero Bundle with Turntable
I'm the mother to two teenagers, so this game looked like something they would love to try out. I will point out that we received the Demo version from Amazon, but now it looks as though we'll be buying …
reviewed DJ Hero Bundle with Turntable. November 18, 2009
DJ Hero Bundle with Turntable
I was a little skeptical at first about playing DJ Hero Bundle with Turntable because quite honestly I was quite intimidated by the looks of the turntable. After finally overcoming my fear, I was pleasantly …
reviewed DJ Hero Bundle with Turntable. November 18, 2009
DJ Hero Bundle with Turntable
OK, right up front, I am not a rhythm music gamer. I own all 3 current gen systems, and most of the AAA titles for all of them, except for the rhythm-based music ones. I don't find them particularly amusing, …
reviewed Black Eyed Peas. November 16, 2009
Black Eyed Peas
   I have not all the Balck Eyed Peas' albums but this group is fantastic. I love the  songs' sounds because BEP is a music band in constant revolution. Their songs are a new …
reviewed Tongue N' Cheek. November 16, 2009
Tongue N' Cheek
East London: The South of England's answer to the North. The stereotypical home of rough-around-the-edges, cockney east-enders and the unlikely birthplace of Britain's current most popular music genre...   …
reviewed Kanye West. November 03, 2009
Kanye West
   I dont like kanye west. I do have to give it to him cause he does make good music but his music is over shadowed by his bad manners. You could be the smartest or prettiest person in the world …
reviewed DJ Hero Bundle with Turntable. October 23, 2009
posted in The Gaming Hub
DJ Hero Bundle with Turntable
Sometimes, being a good girlfriend means sitting on the couch and watching him play a game or playing a game together. I'm a moderate gamer; the new controls are generally more complicated than I'm willing …
reviewed DJ Hero Bundle with Turntable. October 23, 2009
DJ Hero Bundle with Turntable
Ah, the "Hero" games. I really liked some of the "Guitar Hero" games and I'm looking forward to "Lego Rock Band" (not part of the same series, but at least the same idea). Mind you, I pretty much suck …
reviewed DJ Hero Bundle with Turntable. October 19, 2009
DJ Hero Bundle with Turntable
Please Note: This is an extensive review that covers the controller, as well as the actual gameplay. For those who are familiar with the turntable controller and want to see the review for gameplay only, …
reviewed Young Jeezy. October 17, 2009
Young Jeezy
The Recession gave me a reason to enjoy Young Jeezy.  It's a great album for driving and pumping up, and because of its topical nature, I feel that  it's more broadly relatable.  I never …
reviewed Hip Hop Honors 2009. October 15, 2009
I’m old enough to remember the beginning of Def Jam. I grew up in the Bay Area and was only 6 when they started in 1984, so I wasn’t there for Rick Rubin’s dorm parties 3000 miles away …
reviewed The Foreign Exchange. September 24, 2009
The Foreign Exchange
The Foreign Exchange is comprised of two phenomenal music talents Nicolay and Phonte (of the rap group Little Brother). Now if you are traditionally not a big rap or R&B fan, this is PERFECT for …
reviewed Performance - MC Spandx. August 29, 2009
Performance - MC Spandx
"I know you don't understand.  How can I spend five grand on a bike?  You think that's absurd.  But there's only one answer, and there's only one word --       …
reviewed DJ AM. August 29, 2009
Rest In Power DJ AM
One of the best genre skipping DJs to have ever lived, DJ AM aka Adam Goldstein, will be greatly missed by the DJ community, clubgoers everywhere who were priveleged enough to see him …
reviewed Deconstructing Tyrone: A New Look at .... August 14, 2009
Deconstructing Tyrone: A New Look at Black
Hopkinson, Natalie and Natalie Y. Moore. "Deconstructing Tyrone: A New Look at Black Masculinity in the Hip-Hop Generation", Cleis Press, 2006,    What Makes a Man?    Amos …
reviewed The Wackness (2008). August 11, 2009
posted in Movie Hype
The Wackness (2008)
I haven't heard much about this movie besides seeing the name on Peck's list of films on wikipedia. Of course I judged the title thinking that the film would be some lame attempt of a superbad type comedy …
reviewed Drake. July 02, 2009
Umm... Im not sure if it was the best I've ever had but if this is the best the "Leader" of Hip-Hop's new generation has to offer on his first time outing I'd have to admit that I am thoroughly …
reviewed MKLVFKWR. June 27, 2009
I'm going to start with my favorite part of the rap:   "New Whirl Odor   Doesn't need us   Call for peace   Better heed us   Dictators    …
reviewed Kobe Bryant - Lil wayne. June 15, 2009
posted in Music Matters
Lil Wayne has entertained me in different ways than my favorite rappers have done so throughout the years.  There is something about his voice and style that has me cracking up whenever I hear one …
reviewed Big Boy Radio. June 10, 2009
Big Boy Radio
I had a rough start to my day today - which pretty much inspired the writing of this review.  I live about 20 minutes from work, and each morning - I make sure to tune into Big Boy Radio on Power …
reviewed Jay-Z. June 06, 2009
Im chillin & im bangin this new Jay-Z single and im thoroughly impressed with the God MC. Simply put he has taken the game back to Reasonable Doubt. Hard gritty beats with loud instrumentation. I …
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