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ABK - Mud Face

Album from ABK on Psycopathic Records

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  • Jul 18, 2012
Mud Face
A little listening music while you read


I have always been a fan of ABK since I had first him many moons ago, and I was really disappointed when he had a falling out with Psychopathic years ago. Needless to say I was very excited when it was announced that he would be returning to the label to release his highly anticipated "Mudface" album. Also since he is a Native American MC I love the different style he brings.

1.THE VISION-what a great way to start an album as this track is one of the greatest opening tracks from Psychopathic in a while. This is actually a great opening song not intro, he speaks on all his previous albums and the new album as well as him self. The production from Mitch E Mitch is dark and wonderful, great track.

2.FAR FROM REALITY-the second track is just as great as the first as ABK spits like his old self with venom in every verse. His flow is very much on point on this track and the beat from Leonard is absolutely devastating. This is classic ABK at his finest as this is one of the best tracks on the album, love the production on this track.

3.MUDDY MUDDY-from what I understand this was one of the first two tracks recorded for the original release way back in 2006, it seems like that old school ABK so that may be true. The production on this track is kinda weird and original yet cool at the same time, Native Spirits did a great job on production. ABK kills this track with a lethal flow as usual and some killa lyrics, still something seems off about this track. It is a great track but not a classic in my mind, still a nice track for the speakers.

4.GRIND 2 THE FLOW-ah yes the wonderful first single from the album and rightfully so as this is a cool laid back track that showcases ABK's MC abilities. He sounds right at home over Eric Davie and his smooth production, love the flutes in this track. His flow is crazy nice on this track and the hook is great as is the video for this track. This is a runner up for best song on the album, and I love the cuts during the hook.

5.MY NEIGHBORHOOD-this is another good track although it falls a little short compared to the outstanding tracks on this album, ABK does a nice job on this track and it is cool to hear him and a personal favorite of mine Boondox on a song together. Boondox kills this track and may steal the show from the star of the album on this track, and the hook is real nice. The production from Eric Davie is cool and has some nice bass in it, it is kinda original sounding as well. Strict 9 also guests on this track as well.

6.MOMMY'S DOIN DRUGS-the first noticeable thing about this is the masterful string laced production from Leonard, I love the violins. The beat to this song is great and sounds like something that Canibus would just slaughter, or Techn9ne would kill. I love the subject matter of this song as he speaks on kids that have strung out mothers. ABK creates a great song with this one here, and Tina Mastrianni sounds great on the hook just like the last song.

7.WHAT U WANT FROM ME-this is a crazy track right here and one I was personally waiting to hear, I was awaiting the reunion between ABK and Blaze because these two used to be best friends. The thing about this track is that Blaze does not rap on a verse or nothing, he is just one the hook doing his thing. Still ABK destroys this hardcore track with each verse, just that bravado type track with a killa twist. The production from ABK has me thinking he should start creating more beats as this is one of the harder beats from this label in a while.

8.RAIN DANCE-Leonard returns to drop another instrumental and this is more on that dark style type stuff that reminds me of older ABK releases or some Dark Lotus stuff. ABK of course is on point as usual as he kills it with vicious lyrics, love the explodes line during the second verse I believe. This is old school ABK right here so if you liked his earlier releases you will like this.

9.ATTITUDE-this track is all about all those people out there who for some reason think that they are hard and come with that attitude. ABK lets all of you people like that know what the business is on this track over all of his verses. I like the production from ABK and Mitch E Mitch but the hook is kinda annoying to me I just don't like that high pitched thing. Still this is another good track that fits the over all style and feel of the album.

10.THOUGHTS OF SUICIDE-excellent production on this track as Leonard comes by to drop one of the best and catchiest beats on the album, I love the beat on this song. ABK and Strict 9 each kill this track with some insightful verses and some crazy lyrics about this topic. Definitely one of the best tracks on the album and could be a cool single if the video was to be done right.

11.IM JUST ME-Leonard returns once again to drop another crazy sounding beat with some crazy snares in this track, kinda dark yet hard sound to this track. ABK switches his flow on this one to fit the production and it sounds great. He is telling everyone who he is on this track, this is another good track that fits the style of the album.

12.LET THEM OUTSIDE-I love the production on this track as it blends a dark style with a tropical type sound, trust me it sounds good. Any way this track is all about those bad kids who are worse then any adult could ever be and it is because of the parents. ABK does his thing on this track about kids who are on house arrest and locked up by their parents. Leonard does his thing with the beat on this track, one of the best songs on the album.

13.TRAILS OF TEARS-the absolute best song on the album and my favorite ever off of this cd, great track right here. This is the other track that was report ably recorded back 06 for the albums original release before the beef. The beat for this song is absolutely grand with its dark and eerie feel to it, Leonard out did him self on this track. It kinda reminds me a little in the beginning of Pink Floyds "Brick in the Wall" song. ABK sounds masterful over this dark track with each verse getting better and better. And Tina returns and sounds amazing on the chorus in fact her hook just adds to the beat like they were blended together. This needs a video right now, best song on the album.

14.U AIN'T NO KILLA-finally ICP show up along side ICP after all these years over Eric Davie's hardcore instrumental, the guitar during the hook is crazy. ABK starts things off with a great verse and sounds right at home on Psychopathic. Violent J is up next and sounds great as usual with his laid back flow but lethal lyrics, and Shaggy 2 Dope ends things off nicely spitting like he hasn't in a while. This is a great reunion track for these three and is a nice addition to the album.

15.SAME THING 2-Eric Davie returns to drop another great instrumental and this one kinda reminds me of old school hip hop, as does ABK's hook on this track. ABK drops gems over this nice beat with each verse comparing him self to is fans. This is another great track that fits into the over all style of the album. This could also be a cool single if the video is done correctly, I would hope they do it.

16.RACIST-one of the best songs on the album and one of the best songs subject matter, obviously it is about racism. ABK speaks on all the people that hate on his skin color since he is a Native American. His flow is off the chin on this track as he destroys this hardcore rock influenced production from Eric Davie. Each verse is great and the beat is so crazy and hardcore it sounds amazing in the ride, I am sure you will agree. This could be a crazy single for the album, hit us with a video.

17.KEEP IT REAL-ABK and Mitch E Mitch reunite to create another great instrumental it kinda reminds me of something but I can't think of it. ABK drops more gems over this dark instrumental and flows like no other, he is on point the whole album it seems. This is a great way to end the album as he lets you know what he will do. Also I like the way the beat sounds when it is ending, this is a nice ending to the album.

This is a great album and I recommend it to ABK/Psychopathic/Horrorcore/acid rap/rap fans out there.

Mud Face

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July 18, 2012
nice to see you back with a review, Alex!
July 22, 2012
Thank you
July 18, 2012
Good detailed review with great pictures to boot!
July 22, 2012
July 22, 2012
You are very welcome.
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Quick Tip by . July 19, 2012
I have always been a fan of ABK since I had first him many moons ago, and I was really disappointed when he had a falling out with Psychopathic years ago. Needless to say I was very excited when it was announced that he would be returning to the label to release his highly anticipated "Mudface" album. Also since he is a Native American MC I love the different style he brings.
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