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  • Jan 30, 2013


This was Kurupt's second album and by a lot of people's opinion his best to date, some like myself even consider it a classic. Kurupt is my favorite MC of all time so it isn't hard to believe that I love this album. But to be honest I really think there are songs here for anyone who is a fan of this kind of music. In fact I have never met anyone who didn't like "Who Ride Wit Us".

1."I Call the Shots"-This is one of the greatest songs ever made by Kurupt. Kurupt hits a flow like no other on this, and his younger brother Roscoe rips the song up. Organized Noize provide the beat. The brothers come so correct on this song with vicious flows and lyrics making this one of the best songs on the album.

2."Loose Cannons"-This makes me think of it as a more bouncy "Hollywood Bank Robbery" from the "Gang Related" soundtrack. The beat and the flows are excellent here with Daz Dillinger starting things off followed by Kurupt who kills it. Xzibit finishes things off on this bank robbery style track. Daz did a great job with the beat here and the effect on their voices during the song is fun.

3."Who Ride Wit Us"-One of my favorite songs to date, this banging ass beat from Fredwreck is bumpin for sure, plus the best team in rap ever [Kurupt & Daz] rip the track up. The production on here really is on of the best ever and it is no wonder this is most likely the most well known Kurupt track out there. Kurupt and Daz of course sound great together over the beat, and Bad Azz of course provides the hook.

4."Represent Dat G.C."-Fredwreck returns with another bumping beat like the last with verses from Kurupt, Daz, Snoop Dogg, Jayo Felony, Tray Dee, Soopafly, and Butch Cassidy. Kurupt kicks things off with that Young Gotti flow followed by Daz sounding great over this beat. Soopafly is next with maybe the best flow on the track followed by the OG Tray Dee and the hook. Jayo starts the next verse off with classic Felony style we all know and love, followed by Snoop's typical flow. Then after the hook Snoop returns followed by Kurupt but it is Daz's sing song style that may steal the show this time. But it is Butch Cassidy up next and he sounds great here.

5."Welcome Home"-One of the best producers stops by to create a classic on this one. Soopafly proves why is one of the best beat makers around. The instrumental here is perfect for Kurupt to talk about the place he lives in and his family. Latoyia Williams is perfect here on the chorus and sounds smooth and natural over the Soopafly production. One of my favorite tracks here easily.

6."Tequilla"-The beat is gangstafied by a long shot for sure here by Organized Crime, it holds it down for all the rides. Here we have Nivea before she had any hits of her own providing a great hook matching the tone of the instrumental. Kurupt is right at home over this bass, slow grove. T-Moe rips it up with a quick flow and adds a new element to the song. Daz ends things on a great note.

7."Trylogy"-Kurupt goes solo on this one with a nice beat provided by Bink Dogg. One of the best Kurupt songs ever with Young Gotti killing the orchasta like instrumental. The flow is lethal as are the lyrics, one of the best songs here.

8."Neva Gonna Give it Up"-This is a Dogg Pound theme song so to speak, with a beat from Meech Wells and hot verses from Kurupt, Snoop, Tray Dee, Soopafly, Nate Dogg, and Warren G. this is that posse cut that appeared on every DPG related album at the time. I really miss these types of songs, plus Nate Dogg [R.I.P.] sounds excellent here. Also it is always great to hear Warren G "Regulate" on a track.

9."Tha Streets iz a Mutha"-One of the best songs on the album, it is a strait west coast thumper to play in all rides for a long time. Daz holds it down heavy with the production here. This is a great Dogg Pound track with Kurupt & Daz ripping it like they did in their Death Row days. Very much one of my favorite songs on the album and I love the video.

10."Ya Can't Trust Nobody"-This one like the last was produced by and features Daz Dillinger and like the last is great. Also this one could have easily fit on either Daz's "Retaliation, Revenge, & Get Back" or "R.A.W." albums. The style of the production just makes me think that. Any way both are great here on another great Dogg Pound classic.

11."It Ain't about You"-Soopafly, and Tray Dee stop to show what is up for all you ladies out there. Well not all you ladies but you know the kind they are talking about. Kurupt, Tray Dee, and Soopafly all sound great over this Soopafly production. Each one of their flows match the beat perfectly.

12.Girls All Pause"-The first single from the album is one of the hottest songs on here. Bink provides one of the best productions here which sees Kurupt and Nate Dogg sounding off on the ladies here. Roscoe also stops by to drop a little quick something. Another one of the best tracks here.

13."Your Gyrl Friend"-The first of two songs from Tha Pound with this name, I think this one is better. Part two would appear on Daz's "R.A.W." album with Soopafly and Mac Shawn, it is a good song but the first one is better. Daz provides the beat again like he did for the second one as well. This one is basically about your girl being his girl and so on.

14."Ho's a Housewife"-Produced by Dr.Dre who drops a verse, and brings in Hittman for one as well, this is a remix from a song on Kurupts first album "Kuruption". This would also be on Dre's "2001" album so you know this is a great track. The original is a good song with a more lighthearted instrumental. This one fits more along the lines of Dre style which I guess is why he also used it.

15."I Ain't Sh#t Without my Homeboyz"-A great classic song, with tight verses and a smooth beat. I am sure everyone out there can relate to this song, we all have those friends we can count on one hand are really down with you. I love the instrumental that Soopafly and Daz crafted, fits the style of the song wonderfully. Everyone on the track which includes Kurupt, Daz, Soopafly, Baby S, and Crooked I drop some of my favorite verses on the album.

16."Step Up"-Daz once again does an excellent job on the production and it kinda reminds me of that old school battle stuff. Crooked I kills this track and proved why he is one of the most underrated artists ever to grace the mic. Kurupt destroys the second track and drops gems like he did during his Death Row days. Next up is Xzibit like the first two murders his verse, these guys are a deadly combination. A killer track and perfect for anyone wanting a lyrical murder session.

17."Live on The Mic"-A freestyle from Kurupt and KRS One. Both guys kill this track and it is cool to hear two of my favorites of all time together on here. Soopafly provided a simplistic beat that fits that KRS style, it felt like a freestyle session. Excellent track here.

18."Callin Out Names"-The killer diss song going at DMX, Ja Rule, and Murder INC, also Foxy Brown who he was once with. The whole thing with DMX and Foxy is what started this and Kurupt let all have it. The opening "Mutha F*** D, Mutha F*** M, only X I know is Xzibit or RBX" is now legendary and Fredwreck's beat is great. In my opinion this is one of the best diss songs out there, of course Kurupt is my favorite MC so I will be the first to admit the bias.

This is by far one of my favorite albums of all time, and very possibly my all time fav. I honestly don't think there is a bad song to be found here. I know lots of people who agree with me and some who don't, that's cool. It's a personal taste thing and for me if I was stuck on a disserted island with only five albums I can have with me this is one of them no doubt.

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January 31, 2013
Ok--I am ripping this off youtube LOL
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