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Prozak - Paranormal

2nd release from Strange Music

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  • Jun 18, 2012

A little listening music while you read

Prozac is described on Drugs.com as a drug "used to treat major depressive disorder, bulimia nervosa (an eating disorder) obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder, and premenstrual dysphoric disorder", you may think it "Strange" that an artist may use that as his name [with a K at the end of course]. Well if you were to think that then my friend you would be right, "Strange Music" that is. Prozak has been dropping his pills on Strange since 2004's "Self Inflicted" as one half of Project Deadman with Mike E. Clark. "Paranormal" is the follow up to the phenomenal "Tales from the Sick" album released all the way back in 2008. If you are reading this I highly recommend both of those albums previously released along with his debut "Aftabirth", an album released previous to his Strange days. This album features production from Ben Cybulsky, Robert Rebeck, Seven, E'tienne Cousinaeu, Bradford Feilder, Jason Arnold, and Mike E. Clark if I am correct.

1.PARANORMAL-we start things off with an intro that one could easily confuse with a Horrorcore themed album. But a careful listen can tell you everything you need to know about this man, and it is not just the dark he speaks of. Performed more like a dark poem it gives you a quick look at the inside of the artist.

2.PREPARE FOR THE WORST-the first full length track starts out with Prozak matching the great production with his flow. That almost makes his flow sound like an instrument itself. To anyone thinking this is your typical Horrorcore album like some have labeled him they need only to listen to this song. This is more of a self help book for others in lyrical form.

3.END OF US-next up is the rock infused "End of Us" which is fitting since it features DJ Starscream of "Slipknot". The production here is perfect for the voice that gives life to the track, the flow here is perfect. His energetic delivery here not only matches the music but like the last complements it. As much as Slipknot and even Korn influences may be heard here this track reminds me of everything that was great about "Rage against the Machine". Meaningful lyrics with a great track behind it. Check out the video for this when you get the chance.

4.TELL A TALE OF TWO HEARTS-the last time out Prozak was trying his hand as the "The Hitchcock Of Hip-Hop" but now he seems to be the Edgar Allen Flow of hip hop as one can tell from the name of the song. Prozak tells a brilliant tell of pain and grief here over a hauntingly beautiful piano driven track. The chorus fits in so smoothly with the pianos and such you could imagine the lady singing joining in as a ghost.

5.LINE IN THE MIDDLE-I was a huge fan of the Psychopathic featured tracks on his last album so I was really excited about this track. Joining Prozak on his mission to create another masterpiece album is Twiztid. Monoxide is up first whose rough flow sounds perfect over the graveyard instrumental. That of course is a reference to the hook, one listen and you will get it. Madrox follows up nicely with his amazing flow [may have the nicest flow on Psychopathic], but this is Prozak's show and he is not shown up. Prozak in all honestly shows why this is album here with one of the best flows I have heard. This man may have the best flow, style, and album content out there. That fits since you can say the same about most Strange Music artists. What will that line say on you tombstone?

6.FAREWELL-the track here makes me think of classic hip hop but with a darker twist to the instrumental. The couple story here may hit home with some people out there which only adds to the meaning of the track. Of course make sure you stay around to hear the whole tale, it may just surprise you. Some may agree with it while others may be right on board with Prozak, either way it will make you think.

7.F*** YOU-I think it is obvious from the title what this song is all about, and the flow is impeccable. Going at those in the mainstream that are trying to cover up those in the underground who hustle harder to get theirs. Finally some one said something about these ringtone campaigns in hip hop supported by the labels. I have to say I love the production here as it reminds me of old school games like "Ghosts'N Goblins" and games like that.

8.PERCEPTION DECEPTION-another rock influenced track with Prozak switching up the flow to fit the instrumental. All about the every day things we do and how we are just fitting into the deception of our perception. Honestly this track like the "Tell of Tale" seems like it would have also been right at home on "Tales from the Sick.

9.ENEMY-when listening to this Tech N9e assisted track I can just see these guys in a post apocalyptic era like "Mad Max" or something. Any one who has never heard Prozak may want to check this one out because his flow here is great and showcases his talents well. Tech of course just comes excellent like he always does and sounds just as great over this crazy instrumental. Tech kills this track as one would expect, there is also a great video for this one as well.

10.WAKE UP YOUR DEAD-another guitar driven track but that fits with the aggressive style that Prozak comes with. I would love to see a video for this set in medieval times, how great would that be? Once again Prozak switches his flow matching the instrumental at times, the guitar in particular here.

11.HATE-another track that could have been right at home on "Tales from the Sick", in fact when I listen to this I can see it playi9ng out like old school horror films. Try picturing Prozak spitting in your head with a "Nosferatu" style look to the video. Then when the hook hits it sounds like a twisted circus of sorts. The track is all about the hate that is plaguing our world.

12.UNTIL THEN-most likely my favorite song on the entire album and some thing tells me it is the same for a lot of people. This track is played out like a letter left behind after committing suicide. Many people have either attempted or know those who have so this one will hit hard with a lot of people. I have a friend who recently attempted this and an uncle who just died so I have listened to this one a lot. The Everlast type instrumental and flow delivered here are excellent.

13.MILLION MILES AWAY-easily one of the best tracks on the album and one of the most meaningful as well. The video for this track is absolutely great and highly recommended. Not only are the lyrics meaningful but the track feels just as epic. Like the track above this is one of my favorites on the album. Honestly I have to say go check out the video because like the last my words can not do it justice.

14.TURN BACK-we follow that up with another track proving Prozak is much more than your average album. The flow is perfect over the slower instrumental and lyrically this may be one of the deeper tracks on the album. This track is all about everything we want, are and that happens to us. If that sounds weird just listen to the track and it will make sense. The chorus here is amazing and I love that he did a spoken word style for the final verse.

15.FULL MOON-maybe the closest thing to the Horrorcore that people try to label him as. Although if you really listen you can tell there is much more under the surface. The production here is great with an admittedly horror like instrumental. This one could play out like a horror flick when picturing it in your head. Another pitch perfect flow from Prozak. Werewolf music at its best one could say, or is that just me?

16.ONE OF THESE DAYS-Tech returns once more and for the final time on this surprisingly more upbeat and hopeful song. This track just shows the range that these guys have going from dark to aggressive to this track. Krizz Kaliko is amazing on the hook as he always is. If there was ever a guy that could give Nate Dogg [R.I.P.] a run for his money as the greatest chorus/hook man it is Kali Baby. Tech starts things off and he really reminds me of his "One Good Time" track from his "Killer" album. Prozak is next once again killing the track with that voice and flow. Kaliko ends things off with a verse I would label as brilliant.

17.ALIEN-simply this is one of the best concepts to an ending track I have heard on any album in a while. This track is all about Prozak asking what if this was his last song, what would he want to say? All about him feeling like he is an alien in his own skin, I am sure a lot of us have felt that way a time or two. Lyrically he comes correct once more and ends the album on such a great note.


18.LAST WILL-for those who were lucky enough to get the pre order they got this track as a bonus. Like the rest of the album it is one of those slower and deeper tracks. This one like some of the other could have been easily found on "Tales from the Sick". His one is all about us one day dying hence the last will and testament title. His flow is perfect once again and for those who got this it is a very we, come addition to the album.

Prozak who is coming straight out of Saginaw, Michigan has once again delivered another stellar album. Like "Tales from the Sick" his perspective [of which he gives a lot of here] interweaved with the tales he tells give you insight into a great storyteller. It is very rare that you get real full albums now days, most you hear are singles surrounded by filler. With that said I honestly can't find any filler here just like his last release. Do I like some tracks more than others, of course, I have my own taste and perspective as well. In fact that may just be his mission here in his music, live by your own perspective since everything is just that.

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June 19, 2012
whoa. Alex you have been busy with this one.
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Quick Tip by . June 18, 2012
Prozak who is coming straight out of Saginaw, Michigan has once again delivered another stellar album. Like "Tales from the Sick" his perspective [of which he gives a lot of here] interweaved with the tales he tells give you insight into a great storyteller. It is very rare that you get real full albums now days, most you hear are singles surrounded by filler. With that said I honestly can't find any filler here just like his last release.
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