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  • Mar 14, 2012
Street Hop

Check this video out, it is crazy.

A little listening music while you read.


I have been a fan of Royce since he first debuted and was pulling for him during his beef with former friends turned enemies Em and D-12. Since then the beef has been squashed [Royce won that hands down] and Royce has moved on to a super group called Slaughterhouse with Joel Ortiz, Joe Budden, and one of my all time favorites Crooked I [been up on him since his first appearances ever on Big C-Style's compilations back in the 90's]. Royce is one of the best lyricists ever yet is still underrated by the mainstream, which is ok because the man knows how to hold his own and is vicious on a mic.

1.GUN HARMONIZING-the first track off of the album is absolutely brilliant with two of the best M.C.'s of all time come together. Royce and fellow Slaughterhouse member Crooked I destroy this track with some vicious spit. Royce crushes the first two verses with some of the best lyrics ever on a battle tip, followed by the one and only Crooked I. Crooked is one of the greats with out a doubt and he destroys his verse over Emile's excellent production. This is absolutely one of the best songs I have ever heard.

2.COUNT FOR NOTHING-Royce reunites with producer Nottz with this one right here that is straight hip hop. Nottz did his thing on the production here with some nice horns and a real hip hop feel to it. Royce kills each verse with a great flow and each verse is full of great lyrics. Another winner right here and another Royce classic with Nottz, great track.

3.SOLDIER-this is once again a classic and may be one of my favorites amongst these classics. I love the production on this track because the instrumental by Frequency is every thing that is right with hip hop. It is completely original with out sounding over the top, in fact it has a great industrial feel to it. Royce of course kills it once again with a slower flow that fits the beat perfectly. Kid Vishis who I have not heard to often from what I can remember but he does his thing as well with a great verse. His KRS line is great and the hook for this song is great over the beat.

4.SOMETHING 2 RIDE 2-Royce comes on a more smooth tip this time over a nice easy instrumental from the great DJ Premier. The smoothed out beat is complemented greatly by an equally smooth hook by Phonte. Royce of course flips each line smooth and matches the beat perfectly with the flow. Once again another great track that is more than worthy of this album.

5.DINNER TIME-Busta Rhymes stops by on this hyped up track that Royce absolutely murks match the beat literally perfect. Quincey Tones did a great job supplying a sick beat that fits Royce's style and has some great horns. Busta Bust is up next with a great verse spitting much like Royce did match the beat and dropping some battle influenced rhymes. This track is pretty much a battle track with some great words getting flipped.

6.FAR AWAY-Emile returns dropping an instrumental that screams get deeper on this and Royce does his thing of course. The hook for this is great and the auto tune influenced style screams for this to be a single. I could see a great video to this and it should be a third single or something. Another great track that is with out a doubt more than worthy of this album.

7.THE WARRIORS-finally a Slaughterhouse collaboration with all four of them ripping the track to pieces. Joe Budden kicks things off first doing his thing. Joel Ortiz is next up killing the track followed by the returning great Crooked I. Crooked of course liquidates the track followed by the ever vicious Royce Da 5'9. All four kill this Streetrunner production once again after their first run, one of the best tracks.

8.A BRIEF INTERMISSION-this is a pretty funny skit.

9.NEW MONEY-Streetrunner returns on this very East coast style track that feels like it is straight of the NYC. Of course Royce flows perfectly over this East/NY influenced track with some great verses. Pretty much Royce letting all know what the deal is while flipping the metaphors. A classic with out a doubt and could have a cool video for it if he took a trip to NY and shot it, great hip hop single.

10.SHAKE THIS-the first single off of the album [may be second] is much like the last a East coast influenced sounding track that is straight hip hop for sure, that old school feel. This is pretty much his story told through the rhymes, you may even know what he is talking about a points. DJ Premier laced Royce with a classic right here as he talks about his jail sentence, one of the best songs he has ever done.

11.GANGSTA-Trick Trick appears along side Royce on this one spitting that Detroit stuff over a Raff Mosses production. The hook is cool and Royce kills his verses easily one again lyrics spew from his mouth with ease. Trick Trick just talks over this one giving an intro and outro. Still this is a good more hardcore track, nice addition to the album.

12.MINEZ IN THIZ-D Porter who some may know from another very popular group in rap not only guests on this one but supplies a very different beat to this one. The beat continues that more hardcore sound but this one is really raw and underground sounding. Royce drops more battle raps over this one warning others about what is in the house. The final verse is by Mr. Porter himself and he kills it with a new style on the album, great track.

13.STREET HOP 2010-pretty much the title track of the album with Royce spitting non stop with a nice stop and pause flow. I like his style on this one as he sounds really cocky, of course he has every right to be since he is a great lyricist. This has a cool underground sound that feels like something straight out of the D. Nottz really brought something nice to the table on this one and killed it.

14.THING FOR YOUR GIRLFRIEND-D Porter has returned on this one to drop a nice smooth slow joint that is perfect for radio. K Young features on this one and does a marvelous job on both the hook and a smooth verse. With some clean up in the editing room this could have been a nice single, Royce kinda goes into mainstream mode with his verses and lyrics but his style fits it. I wonder if Nick will get mad at Royce for the MC refrence.

15.ON THE RUN-Emile is back and dropping some more heat for Royce on this excellent track. The beat is real soulful and the hook matches it perfectly and adds to the atmosphere of the song. Royce of course kills this track in storyteller mode and spits some meaningful heat, all while on the run and shooting it out with cops.

16.MURDER- Frequency is the producer on this one and drops a nice old school feeling track for Royce to get down on. Royce is once again in storyteller mode and tells a great street tale. This is another great track that is more than worthy on being on this excellent album.

17.BAD BOY-I can see Diddy all kinds of upset he didn't do this one here, great track. The beat from Streetrunner is straight heat sounding like the perfect backdrop for Royce and Jungle Rock Jr. This is a great track from the excellent hard beat to the great hook, great track. Royce switches up his voice a little for this one and it fits it perfectly, excellent ttrack.

18.PART OF ME-the other single from the album and it is a wise choice with a great story being told. Royce tells the story of a girl meeting some dude and what happens with that, great story a lot can relate to, at least the picking up each other part. Carlos Broady produced this track and did a great job, I love the instruments in this one. This has got to be one of the best songs I have ever heard in my life, seriously the story in this one is crazy. Royce tells the story just like a real narrator seeming like he is just there to tell the story and nothing more, it feels like a movie. The video for this is great and the story is excellent and has an insanely scary ending. Check the video out up top.

19.HOOD LUV-the last song on the album features Slaughterhouse member Joel Ortiz and Texas legend Bun B. These are three of the best in the game and they each do their thing on this one with Royce doing it first. DJ Premier returns to drop another excellent meaningful instrumental, great track. Bun B is up next and of course does his thing talking about what getting love from where you are from is like. Up next is Joel and like the last two tells what is like where he is from and what he does. This is an excellent end to the album, a great album.

This is one of Royce's best albums thus far and that is saying something because he is one of the best. To those who have yet to hear this artist then I suggest you get up on him quick because he really is one of the best ever.

Street Hop

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March 14, 2012
Great addition of the tracks, man! Between you and Frank, I think I should try to review some music!
March 23, 2012
Yeah man I would love to hear and read what you review.
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Quick Tip by . March 14, 2012
This is one of Royce's best albums thus far and that is saying something because he is one of the best. To those who have yet to hear this artist then I suggest you get up on him quick because he really is one of the best ever.
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