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reviewed Stitcher Radio (iPhone App). January 11, 2011
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Stitcher Radio (iPhone App)
As I've mentioned before, I like to listen to podcasts in the car during my commute.  The only problem is the amount of preparation it takes beforehand.  In order to get a podcast on your …
reviewed Chipotle iPhone Application. January 06, 2011
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Chipotle iPhone Application
There are many reasons to be a fan of Chipotle.  Let me count just a few of the ways...      Their usage of fresh ingredients Their serving of Niman Ranch steak Their serving …
reviewed Best iPhone Apps (Best Apps). December 01, 2010
Best iPhone Apps (Best Apps)
iPhone has been a revolutionary electronic device for many reasons, not least of which is the fact that for the first time the majority of cell phone users were actually using non-phone related applications …
reviewed Navigon MobileNavigator. November 30, 2010
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Navigon MobileNavigator
http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/navigon-mobil...or-usa/id384680007?mt=8      I've been researching navigation apps on the iPhone for a while and all my research kept bringing me …
reviewed Best iPhone Apps (Best Apps). November 26, 2010
Best iPhone Apps (Best Apps)
iPhone has been a revolutionary electronic device for many reasons, not least of which is the fact that for the first time the majority of cell phone users were actually using non-phone related applications …
reviewed iPad. November 24, 2010
April 2010 was a big month.  The iPad was finally released after months of hype and all I knew is that I wanted one.  Unfortunately, during that portion of the year and my wedding coming up, …
reviewed Google Voice iPhone Application. November 22, 2010
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Google Voice iPhone Application
As both a Google and an Apple fangirl, it broke my heart to see both companies at odds over the Google Voice iPhone app for more than a year (and by heartbroken, I mostly mean that I was annoyed at having …
reviewed Amazon Mobile. November 22, 2010
Amazon added a bar code scanner feature to their mobile app making comparison shopping that much easier when on the go. I'm a big amazon shopper and this will make my life much easier, if I can …
reviewed iPad. November 09, 2010
posted in iPad Buzz
On a recent cross-country flight with my soon-to-be two year old daughter, I discovered the true magical nature of the iPad -- its ability to keep her entertained for several hours while confined to her …
reviewed Skeeball. October 05, 2010
posted in iApps
   Skeeball is a simplistic game to which I have both the HD and non HD versions. Simply put, you toss your balls and try to get the best score. As you play game after game, you have the option …
reviewed Carcassonne (iOS application). September 25, 2010
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Carcassonne (iOS application)
Carcassonne is a wonderful board game and the transition it makes to the iOS system (iPhone, iPod, iPad) here is perfect.  The software takes the things that are annoying about playing the game in …
reviewed Civilization Revolutions. September 24, 2010
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Civilization Revolutions
   I ended up getting the ipod version of this game for free rather than paying for the Ipad version. However, I have seriously considered paying for the Ipad version because I like the game …
reviewed Strategery. September 23, 2010
posted in iApps
   A cheap affordable Strategy based game very similar to risk. Strategery takes place on a randomly generated map that will remind you of Risk. The game is a domination strategy game with plenty …
reviewed iPad. September 17, 2010
  I bought my iPad because I have an app that I'll start working on after the new operating system comes out in November.  I really had no idea that it would turn out to be my favorite …
reviewed Nike+ GPS. September 14, 2010
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Nike+ GPS
The iOS market is saturated by "GPS tracking" apps.... RunKeeper, TrailGuru, etc...  Now Nike has thrown their sneakers onto the track with their Nike+ GPS App.  Previously, Nike's …
reviewed Angry Birds. September 08, 2010
Angry Birds - Rovio Mobile
I went into the iPhone app store not knowing what to buy, but when I saw the number of positive reviews for this game I felt I had to buy it. It was only .99 cents and may very well be the best .99 cents …
reviewed iPad. August 22, 2010
Pros: Just the right size; lightweight, 64GB of RAM; big, bright display; many functional uses.      Cons: Could use a USB ports; no multi-tasking.      The Bottom …
reviewed iPad. August 15, 2010
I'm saving my money up for this one.  I have a friend who has one and I fell in love with it.  Read books, have it read to you, and a GPS all in one.  It doesn't get any better …
reviewed Scrabble (app). August 12, 2010
   Scrabble app. for the iPhone works great with the iPad.  I play against the computer or against my active games with friends on Facebook.  If you have internet on your iPad, it …
reviewed iPhone and iPad Apps Marketing: Secre.... July 27, 2010
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iPhone and iPad Apps Marketing: Secrets to Selling
Gone are the days that you could submit your apps to the App Store and without much effort at all thousands of eager users downloaded it. Unfortunately, as apps have become more popular, the competition …
reviewed iPhone iOS 4.0. June 22, 2010
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iPhone 4.0 OS
The highly anticipated iPhone iOS 4.0 was released today and as an iPhone and overall Apple fan, I set out to download and install it right when it was released at 10 AM PST.  Luckily, I have an …
reviewed iPad. June 08, 2010
Apple's iPad is truly a magical device. Since this community is focused on reading and books this review will focus mostly on that use of the iPad but the device is great for a number of things, …
reviewed Pandora (iPhone App). April 27, 2010
Pandora icon
 I love Pandora. It single-handedly gets me through my day at work. 
reviewed IMDb Mobile (iPhone App). April 10, 2010
IMDb Mobile (iPhone App)
I agree with those of you who find this app useful. It is especially great for answering the vexing question when your memory fails you, "Who was the person who played . . . in  . . . ?"  …
reviewed iPad. April 09, 2010
I had made up my mind during the 2 months or so between the announcement of the Apple iPad and its release date that I was not going to get one, or so I thought. I figured the UI would be fantastic …
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