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reviewed Greenit!. April 25, 2010
posted in GreenITers.com
http://bit.ly/9hFqNF Your Rating after purchase is highly appreciate.      Link to Apple Store> http://itunes.com/apps/greenit      Want to green the world around …
reviewed IMDb Mobile (iPhone App). April 10, 2010
IMDb Mobile (iPhone App)
I agree with those of you who find this app useful. It is especially great for answering the vexing question when your memory fails you, "Who was the person who played . . . in  . . . ?"  …
reviewed iPad. April 09, 2010
I had made up my mind during the 2 months or so between the announcement of the Apple iPad and its release date that I was not going to get one, or so I thought. I figured the UI would be fantastic …
reviewed iPad. April 07, 2010
posted in iPad Buzz
Last night i just got the 32G iPad.      First off, I'll leave all the detailed fawning over the coolness of this thing to the fanboys, but will say it is super cool toy.  I just …
reviewed iPad. April 06, 2010
In the week leading up to the arrival of my iPad via UPS, I was second guessing my decision to buy it out of the gates. Not that I didn't want the iPad, I just wasn't sure what gadget gap it would fill.   …
reviewed iPad. April 05, 2010
posted in Ubergizmo
After a surprisingly positive experience at the Apple store (I picked up my reserved iPad at noon on Launch Day and was able to walk in and get helped immediately), I'm now 24+ hours into my iPad …
reviewed SportyPal. April 05, 2010
“I am NOT an 18-year-old Marine in bootcamp anymore.”   I was reminded of that today by a phone app.   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------  …
reviewed iPad. April 05, 2010
People who know me know that I like screens. I have five screens at my desk at work and two in my home office. I learned a long time ago that I was more productive when everything is visible and I don't …
reviewed Kindle for iPhone. March 30, 2010
posted in iApps
Kindle App screen photo
Kindle for the iPhone is a good reader if you don't mind the small screen size, and it is convenient for adding Kindlebooks from the iPhone.   The UI is simple and un cluttered, it is just …
reviewed iPad. March 27, 2010
 Well lets say this I am not a fan of the I-Pad for these reasons,      It is the I-Pod with a slight tweek (same Operating system) There so many diffrent kinds of pads like …
reviewed Reeder. March 24, 2010
A lot of people have been scouring the App Store for a great RSS reader, and many of them are still searching. I’d argue that this is because they’ve been going about it all wrong: when you’re …
reviewed UnStacker. March 21, 2010
posted in iApps
 Yes you heard it here, UnStacker was created on WINDOWS. Somehow, someway they created a new SDK that allows developers to write and code an ipod application on a Windows computer. UnStacker is …
reviewed iPad. March 16, 2010
How can anyone write a review on an iPad without actually owning one? I don't know..but many from all sides of the computing world have weighed in. I have read posts by the Apple faithful that this …
reviewed Multitasking Apps for iPhone. February 14, 2010
Multitasking Apps for iPhone
 One of the big knocks against the iPhone has always been that it does not allow multitasking by third party apps - as in, the only apps that can run in the background are a few of the built-in apps: …
reviewed PogoPlank iPhone Application. February 14, 2010
iPhone Jailbreak Apps: PogoPlank
What is PogoPlank?      PogoPlank is a jailbreak app for the iPhone that replaces the traditional springboard (where all our home screens live) with a 'Wheel of Categories concept, …
reviewed CheckPlease iPhone Application. February 04, 2010
posted in iApps
CheckPlease iPhone Application
When I first realized that my iPhone didn't come installed with a tip calculator, I kind of freaked out (hey, this was my first smart phone!).  I eat out with my friends and family very often, and …
reviewed iPad. January 31, 2010
Apple introduced its iPad this past week and in doing so helped me make a decision as to what device I was going to purchase to fill the need that I was going to try to fill with either a netbook or an …
reviewed iPad. January 30, 2010
It's difficult to write a review of a product that I've never used, but I'm so excited about Apple's iPad, that I couldn't help myself.      I will admit, I've been watching the rumors …
reviewed iPad. January 29, 2010
These are just my thoughts about the Apple's new iPad:      First off: ITS NOT A COMPUTER, SO DONT BUY IT FOR THAT REASON (Its a damn tablet!!)      Second off, …
reviewed iPad. January 28, 2010
People forget, especially the Apple fanboys, that not all of Apple's inventions have been received like the iPod, and I suspect the iPad may well be one of these because it doesn't seem to solve any particular …
reviewed Photoshop.com iPhone Application. January 28, 2010
posted in iApps
Photoshop.com iPhone Application
I've been getting quite a few compliments about the lighting of my current profile picture (thank you, Lunchers!).  Well, here's a shocker: this photo was actually taken with an iPhone on a …
reviewed iPad. January 28, 2010
Well, the Apple is finally out of the bag today as the mythical "iPad" is unveiled.  But did the public receive the news as Steve intended?  Was the "shock" good, bad, or …
reviewed iPad. January 28, 2010
   Two years ago a rumors about a revolutionary device began to spread -- it became the most anticipated piece of technology and it was code named "iSlate" Fast forward and today we …
reviewed iPad. January 28, 2010
I have to say I am rather excited by the iPad and what it heralds. I have long been waiting for a device which really starts to steer us towards convergence and I believe this might be it.  I was …
reviewed iPad. January 28, 2010
The ipad will sit on a charger/stand in my Bedroom dimmed out  at night, with merely the clock /date displayed at night.  The dimmed screen will act as a nightlight. Morning comes …
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