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reviewed iPad. January 28, 2010
Well, the Apple is finally out of the bag today as the mythical "iPad" is unveiled.  But did the public receive the news as Steve intended?  Was the "shock" good, bad, or …
reviewed iPad. January 29, 2010
These are just my thoughts about the Apple's new iPad:      First off: ITS NOT A COMPUTER, SO DONT BUY IT FOR THAT REASON (Its a damn tablet!!)      Second off, …
reviewed Fruit Ninja HD. September 15, 2010
Fruit Ninja HD
   So as iPad owners we just love the iPad commercials.  We study them and say to ourselves "hey what is that app they are using".  Well I was determine to find the game …
reviewed AppShopper. October 19, 2010
   The AppShopper is a great alternative to using the App Store application.  You can use all kinds of filters to search specific apps.  For example, I like searching for new apps …
reviewed iPad. January 27, 2010
posted in Ubergizmo
I'm underwhelmed by this iPad thing, especially with all of the hype surrounding it.  It's no secret that I'm a well documented iPhobe, but I've tried to put that aside and be objective here.   …
reviewed iPad. April 09, 2010
I had made up my mind during the 2 months or so between the announcement of the Apple iPad and its release date that I was not going to get one, or so I thought. I figured the UI would be fantastic …
reviewed iPad. August 22, 2010
Pros: Just the right size; lightweight, 64GB of RAM; big, bright display; many functional uses.      Cons: Could use a USB ports; no multi-tasking.      The Bottom …
reviewed iWork 2009. March 07, 2009
iWork 2009
When I want to show someone how iWork is vastly superior to Microsoft Office, all I have to do is show them a Keynote presentation.  If iWork 2009 only came with Keynote, it would be worth the $79 …
reviewed iPad. January 27, 2010
This is pretty cool, my brother just wrote up a cool review on how Contractors and other Salesman can use the ipad. Here it is:       As the resident geek at DiggersList, I was …
reviewed iPad. January 28, 2010
People forget, especially the Apple fanboys, that not all of Apple's inventions have been received like the iPod, and I suspect the iPad may well be one of these because it doesn't seem to solve any particular …
reviewed iPad. January 28, 2010
I have to say I am rather excited by the iPad and what it heralds. I have long been waiting for a device which really starts to steer us towards convergence and I believe this might be it.  I was …
reviewed iPad. April 05, 2010
People who know me know that I like screens. I have five screens at my desk at work and two in my home office. I learned a long time ago that I was more productive when everything is visible and I don't …
reviewed iPad. June 08, 2010
Apple's iPad is truly a magical device. Since this community is focused on reading and books this review will focus mostly on that use of the iPad but the device is great for a number of things, …
reviewed Scrabble (app). August 12, 2010
   Scrabble app. for the iPhone works great with the iPad.  I play against the computer or against my active games with friends on Facebook.  If you have internet on your iPad, it …
reviewed iPad. January 28, 2010
   Two years ago a rumors about a revolutionary device began to spread -- it became the most anticipated piece of technology and it was code named "iSlate" Fast forward and today we …
reviewed Fast Company. March 10, 2010
Fast Company (1-year)
Fast Company is a solid magazine that leans nicely on the business of design rather than specific tactics.  The publication's website is fresh, up to date, and all over the place in a good way. …
reviewed Dragon Dictation. September 15, 2010
Dragon Dictation for iPad
   Dragon Dictation is a free app for the iPad.  It allows you to speak and instantly and see your text on the display.  You can send the text as an email message, text message or …
reviewed iPad. March 27, 2010
 Well lets say this I am not a fan of the I-Pad for these reasons,      It is the I-Pod with a slight tweek (same Operating system) There so many diffrent kinds of pads like …
reviewed iPad. August 15, 2010
I'm saving my money up for this one.  I have a friend who has one and I fell in love with it.  Read books, have it read to you, and a GPS all in one.  It doesn't get any better …
reviewed iPad. March 16, 2010
How can anyone write a review on an iPad without actually owning one? I don't know..but many from all sides of the computing world have weighed in. I have read posts by the Apple faithful that this …
reviewed Fast Company. August 12, 2009
Fast Company (1-year)
Fast Company is a magazine that focuses on recent trends in business and technology from a very socially-conscious point of view. The design and format of the magazine are very appealing, and before I …
reviewed iPad: The Missing Manual. August 03, 2010
iPad: The Missing Manual
I love the title of The Missing Manual for this line because it's so RIGHT. The whole line of books scales the spectrum from good to amazing. I have yet to read a single Missing Manual book that I didn't …
reviewed Griffin Technology PowerJolt 2.1 amp .... August 26, 2010
Griffin Technology PowerJolt 2.1 amp Power Charger
I own a multi car socket adapter with a USB slot that won't charge my iPad. I own the Verizon Droid car charger with USB slot that won't charge my iPad. After doing some research I found out that …
reviewed NinJump HD. September 27, 2010
NinJump HD
   I just love FREE games for my iPad.  The NinJump HD is another great freebie (however, don't know how long it will be free).  This game is action packed and it is not as easy …
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