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Beverly Hills Cop II

Sequel to the film Beverly Hills Cop starring Eddie Murphy

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More.....More, More! MORE!!! No, too much!!!

  • Jan 21, 2011
Remember how awesome the first Beverly HIlls Cop movie was?  Young tough cop from dirty Detroit comes to posh Beverly Hills and teaches the cops and stiffs some common sense and uses his street smarts and some luck to save the day.  It was funny, smart and had an edge to it.  It was one of the biggest hits of the 80s and, natch, a sequel was made which ramped up so much and didn't improve things in the same ratio.

More action beats, fewer jokes that aren't that funny, more annoying characters instead of memorable ones and an Eddie Murphy turned up to 11 instead of the cool and collected one we saw in the first movie.

Since solving the crime in the first movie, Axel Foley has gone back to Detroit to continue his job as a cop and is in the middle of busting a major credit card scam ring.  Meanwhile in Beverly HIlls, the Police Dept has become a bureaucratic mess with Axel's friends Bogomil getting laid off while on a case with Taggart and Rosewood getting demoted by they're new asshole of a Police Commander.  Bogomil was hot on the case of an organized murder ring when he gets shot.  Axel hearing the news slips away to Beverly HIlls to find the would be killers since Bogomil helped Axel in the first movie.  Getting away from Detroit involves Axel pulling a fast one on his pitbull of a boss Todd and having his friend Jeffrey keep things cool while he's away.

You can tell one thing about the movie is that the production got ramped up to look and feel cooler.  The police dept sets in both cities look bigger and busier.  Axel dresses now like he doesn't have a cup in his hand with his old t shirt and sweatshirt from before and almost every scene looks like it was shot in a late afternoon cause sunny haze and shadows are almost in every shot creeping through doors and venetian blinds.  Seriously, look at the cover to this movie, all it's missing is actual light emanating off of it.

The movie does fail in a few places.  Murphy not once, twice but I think FOUR times, Murphy screams and hollers through situations where he calmly would just BS his way thorugh before in the first movie.  It gets REALLY old since it's NOT that funny.  One time, Murphy MUGS his way through a situation when he poses as a delivery man.  The big vehicle chase scene that started the first movie with plenty of wrecked cars amps up here with a cement truck and BOTH chases used a Pointer Sister's song.  Maybe that was a contract situation.  Big ungainly vehicle chases use a Pointers Sister's song.  Too bad that James Bond movies didn't all open with a song by Carly Simon or Paul McCartney in a similar vein.  Taggart and Rosewood's boss is so horribly unsympathetic and incompetant that he could only be in league with the villian or fired at the end of the film.  The final shootout is the epitome of Hollywood shootouts.  3 guys with shotguns and handguns taking on about 20 or 30 guys armed with machine guns.  Do the math and guess who wins.

The plot is badly overwritten.  Murphy's assignment undercover in Detroit only serves as something to give Jeffrey to do when Axel leaves for California and to turn up Foley's mischief meter by abandoning his job.  The villians motives of robbing big businesses is told in a complicated matter and can be hard to wrap your head around.  It really just gets in the way to take up space when the action or comedy isn't going on.

One final point, this movie has an issue with Sylvester Stallone.  For those who didn't know, the original Beverly Hills Cop was going to be a Stallone movie, and it got a rewrite and made into Stallone's movie Cobra.  Rosewood has a Cobra poster in his house.  Bridgette Nielson plays one of the head robbers and she WAS Stallone's wife around this time and after Rosewood destroys a villian's getaway truck with a rocket launcher, Taggart makes the remark Fu** Rambo!  Strange.

Beverly Hills Cop 2 in spite of all of these issues WAS entertaining and after being repelled by the weak third movie it was nice to see a movie that at least felt like the first Beverly Hills Cop movie even though this film had an obnoxious streak that pushed for too much and lost the first film's charm.  The biggest joke in the first movie is how the jet set crowd turns up they're nose to Axel when he's a step ahead of everyone.  This film had so many oppertunities to duplicate and improve upon those moments and blew almost all of them.  Maybe it's cause Murphy at this time had become a name in Hollywood and looking shabby and cracking wise at the establishment would have looked phony.  Kinda like how Michael Moore dresses slovenly, fights for the little man and lives in a New York high-rise........oh.
More.....More, More! MORE!!! No, too much!!!

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January 24, 2011
The first one is still the best one, great review.
January 22, 2011
great write up and thank you for adding some details about the Stallone bit. I didn't know that! The first movie was great, too bad the sequels weren't better.
January 22, 2011
I wrote about the third one, that one is in the movie sucktastic community. I still need to write about the first one. It's more fun to write about bad movies sometimes.
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Quick Tip by . January 21, 2011
Axel Foley is back in California putting clues together on who shot his friend. Louder, flashier and far more obnoxious then the original classic film but still fun.
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