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reviewed Full Moon Express "Memories of the Pa.... August 31, 2011
posted in Indie Music
Full Moon Express
Local bluegrass band, Full Moon Express from South Jersey, who played during the mid seventies and into the mid nineties, recently made an appearance at the West Deptford library. They played a short   …
reviewed Echo and Drake. July 08, 2010
posted in Indie Music
Echo and Drake
  In the sea of demos I swim in daily I must say there are many times I think hope for an original act that features actual musicians and talent,may be a lost concept.This realization has been …
reviewed Music. July 03, 2010
   La Georgia è da sempre una terra ricchissima di straordinarie tradizioni musicali e ha regalato al mondo della musica artisti indimenticabili dal rock al blues, dal jazz al R&B.   …
reviewed Bright Bright Bright. March 12, 2010
posted in Indie Music
Indie Music
   On March 9, Dark Dark Dark released their six-song EP Bright Bright Bright on Supply and Demand Music.Track after track I found myself pleasantly surprised by the sophistication and freedom …
reviewed Mark Darling. March 11, 2010
posted in Indie Music
Mark Darling
Whenever I think of Folk music I think of relax..low key music and Mark Darling def suits this very well. I listened to the song that the other reviewer posted, "seagulls". I can really …
reviewed Jenny Lewis. March 11, 2010
posted in Indie Music
Jenny Lewis
I seen that she was the lead singer for Rilo Kiley and honestly I def. like her by herself. She has a fun sound and this is something I would like to listen to when Im around the house getting things …
reviewed Father Dude. March 11, 2010
posted in Indie Music
Father Dude
Yes! I Love this! This guy has some serious vocals and I am digging it! He got a pop soul to him and thats what I love in a R&B artist!
reviewed Rilo Kiley. March 11, 2010
posted in Indie Music
Rilo Kiley
I tested out a few tracks on them and they arent bad. I wouldnt personally listen to them but they are good enough to my ears that I can sit there and listen through their songs. The lead singers …
reviewed Jens Lekman. March 11, 2010
posted in Indie Music
Jens Lekman
I listened to an older song of his "A PostCard to Nina". Just on that song he has a very traditional voice but its still fresh at the same time. It reminds me of  singers from earlier years …
reviewed Holly Miranda. March 11, 2010
posted in Indie Music
Holly Miranda
Wow! She really has a beautiful voice! I am in LOVE with her cover of the Yoko Ono song "Noone can see me like you do". She did a "A+" job! This is something I can listen to when …
reviewed Jaguar Love. March 11, 2010
posted in Indie Music
Jaguar Love
I listened to Highway of Gold and Jaguar Pirates and out of those two if I HAD to pick one song it would be Jaguar Pirates. Im not really into them. The screeching singing doesnt do it for me. The …
reviewed Holly Miranda. March 11, 2010
posted in Indie Music
Holly Miranda
   I love this girl right here! She knows how to pull you in and not let go. The song 'Waves' is such a breathtaking of those songs you could light a candle to, and just lay on …
reviewed Grey Is Old. March 11, 2010
posted in Indie Music
Grey Is Old
Honestly any other day I wouldn't listen to this kind of music but it really stuck to me! Im glad I ran into this.It left me with a cold dark feeling..but I like it!
reviewed xx (album). March 06, 2010
The xx
I fell for this album at first listen. I didn’t even have to listen all the way through; I was hooked by the first spare atmospheric guitar pluckings on the unfortunately-titled “Intro.” …
reviewed Mumford & Sons 'Sigh No More'. March 04, 2010
Mumford & Sons 'Sigh No More'
The folk-rock quartet, Mumford & Sons hail from West London and have been building a loyal following in the UK for years, yet have made an indelible mark on the indie music scene here in the U.S. …
reviewed Holly Miranda. March 03, 2010
posted in Indie Music
Holly Miranda
      Songstress:Holly Miranda   Album: The Magicians Private Library   Song: Waves    It happened,I'm smitten like I just spotted her crossing a city …
reviewed The Love language. March 03, 2010
posted in Indie Music
The Love language
   Band: The Love language   Album:S/t debut   Song: Lalita     I know,I know, you love to brood,to be aloof and create an air of mystery that surrounds you..but …
reviewed deVries. March 01, 2010
posted in Indie Music
   I am really enjoying these guys!  They remind me of a 60's type of band, but with the crisp production, and mastering, you can see that they are more than just your typical Brit-Pop …
reviewed Father Dude. March 01, 2010
posted in Indie Music
Father Dude
   Ok, this guy has potential, with his old-skool RnB feel. Sort of "Church meets with that guy which has the deep voice from Boyz 2 Men."  I love the voice, just wish …
reviewed Grey Is Old. March 01, 2010
posted in Indie Music
Grey Is Old
These guys are awesome! Very "Gorilaz meets Blonde Redheads." Love all the different instruments used in this one track. Has you feeling a cold, and almost lonely touch at the beginning, …
reviewed In Rainbows. March 01, 2010
posted in Indie Music
In Rainbows
   Band: Radiohead   Album: In Rainbows      What I need most in this world is a reason,a reason to be and express that being in a beneficial way to others. …
reviewed Quiet Little Voices. March 01, 2010
posted in Indie Music
   I really liked the song.  The beat in the song was very catchy and I felt as though it was a  song that I could really hear  on the radio.  Although the lyrics were a …
reviewed Keith Masters. March 01, 2010
posted in Indie Music
Keith Masters
Being a true hip hop head, I'm sure I wouldn't be off-base saying that the past decade was rather bland and uninspiring for the genre. And I'm willing to bet good money that most true hip hop heads will …
reviewed Best of the Indie Music Video Fest. March 01, 2010
posted in Indie Music
   Band: Today The Moon Tomorrow the Sun Album:The Lightning Exhibit Song:Like it or Not First of all,let the record show that I picked the track that I thought was the most catchy,but I insist …
reviewed Eyelid Movies. February 28, 2010
posted in Indie Music
Eyelid Movies
   Band: Phantogram   Album: Eyelid Movies   Song:When Im small       Well color me breathless.Typically coming at me straight out of the gate breathing …
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