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In a very organized fashion, it lists 10 of the most popular social media sites, including twitter, Facebook, flickr and YouTube, and then tells you how to leverage your use of each of them by writing about them in four categories: Customer Communication, Brand Exposure, Traffic to Your Site and SEO.  Not only that, but it color codes each explanation as green, yellow and red, which signify Good, Ok, and Bad!, respectively and gives tips.

I recommend this chart for people who are into social media marketing or just curious about it.  Looks like Yahoo! is at the bottom of the barrel of this list, while Digg comes out on top as being most useful across all categories.
Click on image for full size

On a side note, this chart plays visual tricks on you by making dots appear in between the boxes.  But I digress.  The social media geek in me just kinda wants print this out and tack it on my wall (at least while it's relevant for the next few months since social media is ever evolving!).]]> Fri, 9 Apr 2010 01:07:32 +0000
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