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reviewed Lunatic. May 14, 2009
It's been five years since Elyon's lakes have turned red. Johnis, Silvie, and Darsal arrive back in Other Earth with the Books of History in tow, only to find out life has changed drastically. Thomas …
reviewed Elyon. May 13, 2009
Five years after Elyon's waters have turned red The Circle is on the verge of extinction. The only ones who know of the plot are The Scabs who are behind it, Johnis, Silvie, and Darsal. Johnis and Silvie …
reviewed Ghostwriter: A Novel. May 12, 2009
Ghostwriter: A Novel
Dennis Shore has made quite a name for himself as a bestselling horror novelist. Every year his rabid fans anxiously anticipate the release of his new and terrifying creation. What his fans don't know …
reviewed Exposure: A Novel. May 07, 2009
Exposure: A Novel
Kaycee Raye is scared of...well...everything. All of her life she has struggled with paranoia and irrational fears, something she believes was passed down from her troubled mother. Kaycee has found a …
reviewed The 8th Confession. May 07, 2009
The 8th Confession
Someone is killing Bay area socialites and they are leaving no clues behind. Because of the high society spotlight, Detective Lindsey Boxer is feeling pressure from on high to track down this ruthless …
reviewed 7th Heaven: A Novel. May 07, 2009
7th Heaven
Detective Lindsay Boxer just landed the lead of her career in the disappearance case of Michael Campion, the teenage son of California's former governor. Not only has she found a suspect, but she has …
reviewed Always Watching. April 30, 2009
Always Watching
Shaley O'Connor has the kind of life most girls would do anything for: A rock star mom, limitless wealth, and the celebrity status to boot. What teenager wouldn't want to tour with one of the world's …
reviewed The Last Thing I Remember. April 16, 2009
The Last Thing I Remember
The last thing Charlie West remembers is going to sleep after one of the best days of his life. That morning he wowed his high school classmates with a black belt demonstration at school, only to have …
reviewed BoneMan's Daughters. April 14, 2009
BoneMan's Daughter
Ryan Evans has served his country well as an intelligence officer for the navy. On the other hand his role as a husband and a father has been lacking at best. When a mission goes wrong near Fallujah, …
reviewed Long Lost. March 31, 2009
Long Lost
It's been ten years since Myron Bolitar has heard from his old flame, Terese Collins. She has become a suspect in her ex-husband's murder in Paris and pleads for Myron's help. After arriving in Paris, …
reviewed Deadlock (Robert Liparulo book). March 25, 2009
It's been one year since John Hutchinson battled Declan Page and his teen cronies in the remote Canadian wilderness. Back home in Denver, Hutch has been on a personal mission to bring down Declan's father, …
reviewed Outcast. March 25, 2009
Darth Caedus is gone but the Galactic Alliance is suffering from the aftermath of his dark reign. The Jedi have been shouldered with the blame and Luke Skywalker has been banished from Coruscant because …
reviewed Skeleton Creek. March 04, 2009
Skeleton Creek
Ryan McCray and Sarah Fincher always felt like something strange was happening in their hometown of Skeleton Creek. Their fears are fully realized one fateful night when they decide to sneak around in …
reviewed Ulterior Motives. March 04, 2009
Ulterior Motives
Greg Cahill has faced his share of turmoil and despair, much of it of his own making. After a mission gone horribly wrong and a failed marriage, Greg finally hits rock bottom and turns his life over to …
reviewed Forever Richard. February 19, 2009
Forever Richard
Richard couldn't be happier to have the vampire curse lifted after what seems like an eternity of hopelessness. Likewise, his sister, Ceese, is once and for all thrilled to have the werewolf curse removed …
reviewed Scream. February 18, 2009
Mark Stone never thought one phone call would turn his world upside down. While driving home one night he receives a call from his friend that is interrupted by a series of horrendous and piercing screams. …
reviewed Daniel's Den. February 17, 2009
Daniel's Den
Daniel Borden loves his life as a stock analyst in New Orleans. However, things quickly turn south when Daniel is assigned to audit the accounts of a co-worker who died mysteriously. As he digs around …
reviewed The Unseen. February 16, 2009
The Unseen
Lucas Freund lives his life in the shadows. He spends every available moment watching the lives of others from his secret hiding places: above ceiling panels in offices, on top of elevators, even storage …
reviewed The Gypsy Morph. February 16, 2009
The Gypsy Morph
Two years ago, Terry Brooks set out on epic undertaking to merge his wildly famous Shannara Series with his urban fantasy Word and the Void Trilogy. The result is the exciting and breathtaking Genesis …
reviewed Sinner: A Paradise Novel. February 16, 2009
Sinner: A Paradise Novel
Thirteen years have passed since the events of Project Showdown in Paradise, Colorado. Now the disease of tolerance plagues the world. Religion is accepted as long as no one stands up for their beliefs …
reviewed Isolation: A Novel. February 16, 2009
Isolation: A Novel
The Miller family has just returned to the states after a stressful ordeal on the mission field of Papua New Guinea. Jim and Stephanie have begun to feel distant in their faith and marriage and are concerned …
reviewed An August Adams Adventure: House of W.... February 16, 2009
An August Adams Adventure: House of Wolves
August Adams's life is somewhat back to normal after his adventures involving the famed Gutenberg Bible. Normal soon flies out the window when a mysterious birthday gift arrives from his estranged father. …
reviewed Trion Rising. February 16, 2009
Trion Rising
Oriannon Hightower loves her life on the bright side of the planet Corsita. Her father's place on the ruling council has granted her a life of luxury, not to mention the recognition that comes with her …
reviewed Merciless. February 16, 2009
Grant Borrows has fallen into the depths of the earth. Out of the darkness climbs the unstoppable evil known as Oblivion to take his place. Oblivion has one goal: to destroy the Earth and bring torment …
reviewed The Dangerous Days of Daniel X. February 16, 2009
Dangerous Days of Daniel X
Daniel X is just your average fifteen year old, but only if your average fifteen year old is a bona fide Alien Hunter. When Daniel was three his parents were killed by The Prayer, a ruthless praying mantis-like …
reviewed Eclipse (book). February 16, 2009
Eclipse (The Twilight Saga, Book 3)
Bella Swan longs for some sense of normalcy in her life. However, normal isn't possible when your boyfriend is a vampire and your best friend is a werewolf. Not to mention the fact that vampires and werewolves …
reviewed The Rook. February 16, 2009
The Rook
FBI Agent Patrick Bowers is baffled by his latest case in San Diego. An arsonist has been wreaking havoc on the city leaving no clues as to motive or identity. Meanwhile, a shark researcher from a local …
reviewed New Moon (book). February 16, 2009
Stephenie Meyer's New Moon
Stephenie Meyer lit the publishing world on fire with her remarkable debut, Twilight, where we were introduced to Bella Swan and her vampire boyfriend Edward Cullen. After reading and loving every minute …
reviewed The Almost True Story of Ryan Fisher:.... February 16, 2009
The Almost True Story of Ryan Fisher: A Novel
Ryan Fisher is looking to get a leg up in the real estate market. After an epiphany of sorts he decides the best move is to advertise his services in a Christian business directory. It doesn't matter …
reviewed In Odd We Trust. February 16, 2009
In Odd We Trust
Odd Thomas is just your average nineteen-year-old. That is if by average you mean someone who can see the lingering dead. By trade Odd is a fry cook in his hometown, Pico Mundo. After seeing a new spirit …
reviewed Get Smart (movie). February 16, 2009
Get Smart
I don't know about you, but I always cringe when I hear that Hollywood has decided to remake yet another classic TV show into a feature film. Mediocre offerings such as Bewitched and Lost in Space have …
reviewed The Hunted. February 16, 2009
The Hunted
Joe Saunders has finally returned home to Dark Hills after hearing of the disappearance of his nephew, Caleb. As Joe helps in the search for Caleb, he soon discovers that something dark and sinister is …
reviewed Twilight (book). February 16, 2009
Bella Swan is returning home to Forks, Washington, where she spent the first few months of her life. After her parents divorced her mother whisked her away, leaving her father behind. Bella's father, …
reviewed Sail. February 12, 2009
Katherine Dunne and her three children are taking a long over-due family vacation. It's been four years since her ex-husband died, and Katherine is afraid she is losing her kids. Desperate for help, she …
reviewed Odd Hours. February 12, 2009
Odd Hours
After his not so normal stay at St. Bartholomew's Abbey, Odd Thomas hits the road and finds himself in Magic Beach, California. In tow are his trusty ghost dog, Boo, and the restless spirit of Frank Sinatra. …
reviewed Chaos (book). February 12, 2009
Johnis and Silvie are shocked when they wake up in a strange place called Las Vegas in the year 2033. After combining the four lost books and touching one with their blood, they have opened a portal to …
reviewed Renegade. February 12, 2009
After devouring every savory word of Ted Dekker's Chosen and Infidel, I have anxiously been awaiting the release of the next two installments of the Lost Books series. Renegade begins right where Infidel …
reviewed Flywheel (book). February 12, 2009
Jay Austin is a master used car salesman and knows every trick in the book when it comes to overselling and cheating customers. He has made a career out of deception and has even taught his employees …
reviewed Watcher in the Woods. February 12, 2009
Watcher in the Woods
Xander and David King can't believe this is happening. Their family has recently moved into a creepy old house with secrets around every corner. Sounds are never what they seem in the house. The hall …
reviewed The Host: A Novel. February 12, 2009
The Host: A Novel
In the future Earth has been taken over by a unique alien species. The infiltration was slow and undetected until it was too late. Now these aliens, known as Souls, live inside human bodies, which act …
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