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My Favorite video games

  • Aug 19, 2009
  • by
I probably spend hundreds of hours on every one of these games, I was mainly a PC gamer until about a few years ago, so you'll probably notice that my list is heavily dominated by PC games.
Ken vs Ryu
I probably spend hundreds of dollars in quarters trying to master this game, and it single-handedly caused my GPA to drop a full point in a school year.
Ultima VII Box
Original Systems and Lord British created some of the best RPGs ever on PC, and Ultima VII is their ultimate achievement in the fabled series.
Box Art
I played Battlefield 1942 for over 3 years, all the maps are perfectly designed and balanced, and the active mod community added some great maps and prolonged the life of this game considerably.  It's still being played today, 7 years after its release.
Box Cover
The best turn-based tactical squad game ever created, and not to stop there, this game has a layer of strategic management that made it even better.
Box Cover
Sid Meyer's Civilization was a landmark game, it allows the user to lead a small tribe from the ancient time and became a leading civlization, Civ 2 improved upon the first game in almost every aspect, and this game stayed on my hard drive for years.
Box Art
This game pretty much invented the Real-Time Strategy genre as we know it today.  When it came out in 1992, it was revolutionary in every way, most of the strategy games in that era were turned-based, and the few real-time strategy games (Ancient Art of War) were very simplistic.  Dune II was able to create a deep strategic experience and in the same time get your adrenaline pumping with its fast action, probably one of the most influential games of all time.
Box Art
It is difficult to classify Star Control II in any one genre, it has an epic story and character interactions like a RPG, and space exploration and resource gathering like a strategy game, and a ship to ship combat like a arcade shooter, and it excels in all of them, one of the greatest game ever created.
This game is probably the least known game on this list, but it is definitely one of the best game I played. This game combined elements of RPG and Strategy games into one, set in a fantasy setting, you lead a small kingdom and try to beat every other kingdoms, and while battling trolls and dragons, this game was released in 1989 and is way ahead of its time.
Who knew building trains and tracks can be so much fun?  From the legendary game designer, Sid Meyer, Railroad Tycoon combines track laying with a deep economic simulation and resource management, one of the most addictive games ever.
The original Arcade and NES Ninja Gaiden games were probably some of the most difficult games ever created, when Team Ninja rebooted the franchise on the XBox, they kept the tradition going, it is probably one of the most difficult action game ever created, but it is skilled based, so when you die, you don't ever feel like the computer is cheating, and you'd just try to get better at the game.
See the full review, "Best action game on any system, bar none!".
Starcraft Boxart
The Real-Time Strategy games before Starcraft usually features multiple sides the player can pick, but they usually just had different skin, and each side plays pretty much the same.  Starcraft features 3 completely distinct races and yet it is perfectly balanced, and it has a single player structure that also revolutionized how stories are told in a RTS.  It would have been higher on my list if I didn't always get my ass kicked on Battle.net.
This is the game that coined the term 4X (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate), building a fleet of battle cruisers and dominate the universe never gets old!
Crazy Taxi
"Ya ya ya ya ya", after playing Crazy Taxi, I had the Offspring song stuck in my head for months, and every time I saw a car transport truck parked on the side of the road, I'd have the urge of jumping from its ramp!

What did you think of this list?

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August 19, 2009
Cool list, but I must admit, I haven't heard or played half of em before. I guess you're old old school =)
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created a list. August 19, 2009
These games will forever be a part of my life, for good or bad.  Most of these sucked up so many hours of my life that I think my lifetime hours …
Starcraft Final Fantasy VII Diablo II [PC Game] Romance of the Three Kingdom II [SNES] X-COM: Terror From the Deep [PC Game]
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