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Lunch for Good Attendees

  • Nov 20, 2009
  • by
We've compiled a list of the attendees from all three Lunch For Good events to make it easy to stay in touch!

(List arranged by alphabetical order)
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Kartik Agaram (akkartik)
Kartik Agaram (akkartik) on Twitter
Name: Kartik Agaram
Location: San Francisco
Web: http://friendfeed.com/akkartik
Bio: Programmer
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Christopher Allen (ChristopherA)
Christopher Allen (ChristopherA) on Twitter
Name: Christopher Allen
Location: Seattle, WA, USA
Web: http://www.lifewithalacrity.com/
Bio: Entrepreneur, Visionary & Technologist
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Chris Anderson (freshchris)
Chris Anderson (freshchris) on Twitter
Name: Chris Anderson
Location: San Francisco
Web: http://freshout.us
Bio: Entrepreneur, technology enthusiast, life lover, fiance and proud father
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Mario Anima (manima)
Mario Anima (manima) on Twitter
Name: Mario Anima
Location: San Jose, CA 95123, USA
Web: http://cineoctoboo.com/
Bio: Director, Online Community @current
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Richard Ault (RichardAult)
Richard Ault (RichardAult) on Twitter
Name: Richard Ault
Location: Earth
Web: http://richardault.com/
Bio: That's my car. Visit http://isolatr.com
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Mariva H. Aviram (mariva)
Mariva H. Aviram (mariva) on Twitter
Name: Mariva H. Aviram
Location: San Francisco, California
Web: http://mariva.com
Bio: writer, entrepreneur, new media
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Barce (barce)
Barce (barce) on Twitter
Name: Barce (Jim Barcelona)
Location: San Francisco
Web: http://www.codebelay.com/blog/
Bio: Sysadmin & LAMP Team Lead for McCann.com, Coder of SiteBeagle.net (get alerts on twitter if your site is down) and Scalability Expert
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Sharon Barclay (sbarclay)
Sharon Barclay (sbarclay) on Twitter
Name: Sharon Barclay
Location: San Francisco, CA
Web: http://www.bluetrumpetgroup.com/
Bio: Independent PR consultant
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Ayelet Baron (ayeletb)
Ayelet Baron (ayeletb) on Twitter
Name: Ayelet Baron
Location: SF Bay Area
Web: http://www.linkedin.com/in/ayeletbaron
Bio: Collaboration and business strategist, Cisco Emerging Markets. Passion for social good and real people
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tbiz (tbiz) on Twitter
Name: tbiz (Diane Bisgeier)
Location: San Francisco, CA, USA
Web: http://bisgeier.blogspot.com/
Bio: self-regulating social commentary
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violet blue ® (violetblue)
violet blue ® (violetblue) on Twitter
Name: violet blue ®
Location: tinynibbles.com
Web: http://www.tinynibbles.com/
Bio: sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc
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Akilah Bolden-Monifa (amonifa)
Akilah Bolden-Monifa (amonifa) on Twitter
Name: Akilah Bolden-Monifa
Location: iPhone: 37.757557,-122.248711
Bio: Mother, wife, freelance writer, and Director of Communications
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Cathy Brooks (CathyBrooks)
Cathy Brooks (CathyBrooks) on Twitter
Name: Cathy Brooks
Location: San Francisco, CA
Web: http://www.otherthanthat.com/
Bio: Raconteur and genetically inclined connector
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Jen Burton (justjen)
Jen Burton (justjen) on Twitter
Name: Jen Burton
Location: San Francisco
Web: http://digg.com/users/justjeninsf
Bio: Community Manager @digg and loveable jerk
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Liana Burtsava (lburtsava)
Liana Burtsava (lburtsava) on Twitter
Name: Liana Burtsava
Location: San Francisco
Web: http://trendylime.com/
Bio: Founder of Trendy Lime and Social Media consultant @McKinsey
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Elisa Camahort (ElisaC)
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paulcarr (paulcarr) on Twitter
Name: paulcarr
Location: San Francisco
Web: http://www.paulcarr.com/
Bio: Writer, hideously successful failure, kind of a dick.
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Amanda Cey (ABCeyEvents)
Amanda Cey (ABCeyEvents) on Twitter
Name: Amanda Cey
Location: San Francisco
Web: http://www.abcey.com
Bio: Owner and founder of ABCey Events, a premier Event Management firm that services the San Francisco Bay Area
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adrian chan (gravity7)
adrian chan (gravity7) on Twitter
Name: adrian chan
Location: San Francisco, CA
Web: http://www.gravity7.com/blog/media/
Bio: Social media design and strategy specialist and consultant making media work better socially. interaction expert. IxD, UX, Sr Fellow SNCR.org
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terry chay (tychay)
terry chay (tychay) on Twitter
Name: terry chay
Location: San Francisco
Web: http://terrychay.com/blog/
Bio: PHP Terrorist
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Shannon Clark (rycaut)
Shannon Clark (rycaut) on Twitter
Name: Shannon Clark
Location: San Francisco, CA
Web: http://shannonclark.wordpress.com/
Bio: Business Designer, Event Organizer, Facilitator, Entrepreneur, Consultant, Writer, Chef, Fan
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David Cohn (Digidave)
David Cohn (Digidave) on Twitter
Name: David Cohn
Location: Oakland
Web: http://spot.us
Bio: Recovering tech reporter: Now running Spot.Us a new biz model for journalism. Personal blog: www.digidave.org I love you.
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nancycole (nancycole) on Twitter
Name: nancycole
Location: San Francisco
Web: http://www.js-kit.com/
Bio: Management & Administration @JSKit; Instructor @BarMethod. Engage in Start-ups, Parenting, Nonprofit, Environment, The Arts
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Julie Crabill (julzie)
Julie Crabill (julzie) on Twitter
Name: Julie Crabill
Location: San Francisco, CA
Web: http://needlingthehaystack.com/
Bio: PR pro for CrowdFlower & eduFire, wineaux, road warrior, all around crazy broad
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lyssachttr (lyssachttr) on Twitter
Name: lyssachttr (Melissa Cunningham)
Web: http://lunch.com
Bio: momma, so cal lifestyle junkie, launching lunch.com, marketing strategy, web 2.0, social media
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Robley Curtice (InsideRepRob)
Robley Curtice (InsideRepRob) on Twitter
Name: Robley Curtice
Location: San Francisco
Web: http://www.insiderep.com/
Bio: Bike enthusiast. Tech trade show journalist. Chaucer devotee.
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Francisco Dao (TheMan)
Francisco Dao (TheMan) on Twitter
Name: Francisco Dao
Location: Los Angeles
Web: http://www.twiistup.com/
Bio: Producer of Twiistup / Author of the book Killer Attitude / All around fun guy
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aunny de la rosa (AunnyD)
aunny de la rosa (AunnyD) on Twitter
Name: aunny de la rosa
Location: L.A.
Web: http://lunch.com
Bio: big fan of scotch tape. music lover. LA native. PR manager for http://Lunch.com
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Pat (micropat)
Pat (micropat) on Twitter
Name: Pat Diven II
Location: San Francisco, CA
Web: http://www.addtoany.com/
Bio: Founder, AddToAny - helping people share, save and subscribe since 2005.
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Melissa Dodd (meldodd)
Melissa Dodd (meldodd) on Twitter
Name: Melissa Dodd
Location: San Francisco, CA
Web: http://www.melissadodd.com/
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Sarah Dopp (sarahdopp)
Sarah Dopp (sarahdopp) on Twitter
Name: Sarah Dopp
Location: San Francisco
Web: http://doppjuice.com
Bio: Gets excited, makes websites, runs Genderfork, hosts Queer Open Mic, and likes people.
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CultureofCute (CultureofCute) on Twitter
Name: Susan Edds
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Web: http://www.cultureofcute.com/
Bio: fashion blogger. obsessee of all things cute, hot and right now. read all about it on www.cultureofcute.com
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Steli Efti (Steli)
Steli Efti (Steli) on Twitter
Name: Steli Efti
Location: San Francisco
Web: http://www.steliefti.com/
Bio: Supercool Principal
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Rob Ennals (robennals)
Rob Ennals (robennals) on Twitter
Name: Rob Ennals
Location: Berkeley, CA
Web: http://ennals.org
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Mark Finnern (finnern)
Mark Finnern (finnern) on Twitter
Name: Mark Finnern
Location: ÜT: 37.86912,-122.267304
Web: http://www.sdn.sap.com/irj/sdn/weblogs?blog=/pub/u/13
Bio: SAP Chief Community Evangelist aka Community Guy. Opinions here are all mine! Future Salon founder http://futuresalon.org. Creating a world that works for all.
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Eliane Fiolet (ElianeFiolet)
Eliane Fiolet (ElianeFiolet) on Twitter
Name: Eliane Fiolet
Location: San Francisco
Bio: Co-founder of Ubergizmo.com and designer
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Tom Foremski (tomforemski)
Tom Foremski (tomforemski) on Twitter
Name: Tom Foremski
Location: San Francisco/Silicon Valley
Web: http://www.siliconvalleywatcher.com/
Bio: Former Financial Times journalist reporting on the business and culture of Silicon Valley at the intersection of media and technology
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ACE (ClimateEd)
ACE (ClimateEd) on Twitter
Name: ACE (Alisha Fowler)
Location: Oakland, CA
Web: http://www.acespace.org/blog/
Bio: Lower Your Emissions, Raise Your Voice!
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Navi Ganancial (Navi_Ganancial)
Navi Ganancial (Navi_Ganancial) on Twitter
Name: Navi Ganancial
Location: Oakland, CA
Web: http://www.theeverydaysocialite.wordpress.com/
Bio: Attempting to blend the geek and chic life into one.
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Priya Ganapati (pgcat)
Priya Ganapati (pgcat) on Twitter
Name: Priya Ganapati
Location: San Francisco
Bio: I cover hardware and emerging tech for Wired.com
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kristy graves (agentkg)
kristy graves (agentkg) on Twitter
Name: kristy graves
Location: sf / marin
Web: http://www.aflac.com/us/en/aflacts.aspx
Bio: outdoor educator/nonprofiteer turned [aflac] insurance agent. and loving it. who knew?
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Julie Greenberg (jobnob)
Julie Greenberg (jobnob) on Twitter
Name: Julie Greenberg
Web: http://www.jobnob.com/
Bio: See real salaries and find a job at Jobnob!
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Jan Grotenbreg (JanGrotenbreg)
Jan Grotenbreg (JanGrotenbreg) on Twitter
Name: Jan Grotenbreg
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Barak Hachamov (BarakH)
Barak Hachamov (BarakH) on Twitter
Name: Barak Hachamov
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
Web: http://www.my6sense.com/
Bio: Barak is a serial entrepreneur. Founder, visionary geek of my6sense: your 'Digital Intuition'
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Adriel Hampton (adrielhampton)
Adriel Hampton (adrielhampton) on Twitter
Name: Adriel Hampton
Location: Dublin, CA
Web: http://adrielhampton.com/
Bio: PI, Gov't 2.0er, rhetorician. Ran for Congress. Xtian. Progressive Democrat. @gov20radio @wiredtoshare email adriel (at) adrielhampton.com
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Karen Hartline (khartline)
Karen Hartline (khartline) on Twitter
Name: Karen Hartline
Location: San Francisco
Web: http://khartline.com
Bio: Sassy, witty, and spunky...shaken, not stirred. @lucaspup rules my world. Rocking the world as Manager of Social Media Events & Sponsorships for @porternovelli.
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Chris Heuer (chrisheuer)
Chris Heuer (chrisheuer) on Twitter
Name: Chris Heuer
Location: San Francisco, CA
Web: http://www.chrisheuer.com/
Bio: Social Media Club Founder, Living in Abundance Economy, Speaker, Community Organizer, Creative Media Technologist & Friend
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clarizen (clarizen) on Twitter
Name: clarizen (Gil Heiman)
Location: USA, CA
Web: http://www.clarizen.com/
Bio: http://www.clarizen.com/ClarizenVideo.aspx
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davidhodgson (davidhodgson) on Twitter
Name: davidhodgson
Location: the noosphere
Web: http://theideahive.com/
Bio: nourishing life, nurturing the emergence of a thrivable society
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Diana Hoffman (dthoffman)
Diana Hoffman (dthoffman) on Twitter
Name: Diana Hoffman
Location: Seattle, WA
Bio: Wireless Marketing by day...passionate food lover and cook by night.
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ZoomPool (zoompool)
ZoomPool (zoompool) on Twitter
Name: ZoomPool (Donna Horne)
Location: Bay area, CA
Web: http://www.zoompool.com
Bio: Determined to make carpooling work for everyone.
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Jameson Hsu (JamesonH)
Jameson Hsu (JamesonH) on Twitter
Name: Jameson Hsu
Web: http://www.mochimedia.com
Bio: Founder and Chief Mochi @ Mochi Media, food lover, avid traveler, gamer, UFC fan, and total geek
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Ryan Hupfer (Hup)
Ryan Hupfer (Hup) on Twitter
Name: Ryan Hupfer
Location: San Francisco, CA
Web: http://www.hupandsteph.com/
Bio: Looking to meet amazing people and spread the HubPages.com love. I have an amazing wife (@teppyrain) and I love living in San Francisco.
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Stephanie Hupfer (teppyrain)
Stephanie Hupfer (teppyrain) on Twitter
Name: Stephanie Hupfer
Location: San Francisco, CA
Web: http://www.hupandsteph.com/
Bio: Just Livin the dream...
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Chia Hwu (chiah)
Chia Hwu (chiah) on Twitter
Name: Chia Hwu
Location: SF Bay Area
Web: http://www.thesubtleinfluence.com/
Bio: Social Media and Internet Marketing strategist, STIRRer, recovering chemist, and artist. All Tweets represent only me.
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Adam Jackson (adamjackson)
Adam Jackson (adamjackson) on Twitter
Name: Adam Jackson
Location: San Francisco, CA
Web: http://adamjacksonlive.com/
Bio: I work all of the time. That's all I do
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J.R. Johnson (JRLunch)
J.R. Johnson (JRLunch) on Twitter
Name: J.R. Johnson
Location: Manhattan Beach, CA
Web: http://lunch.com/jrjohnson
Bio: CEO of Lunch.com. Helping world find their voice. Hope to see 90% create UGC rather than consume it
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Social Hive (hivevoice)
Social Hive (hivevoice) on Twitter
Name: Social Hive (Joe Johnston)
Web: socialhive.org
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Alison Johnston (AlisonatVark)
Alison Johnston (AlisonatVark) on Twitter
Name: Alison Johnston
Location: San Francisco, CA
Web: http://vark.com/s/Alison
Bio: Community Manager at Aardvark (@vark)
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Bill Johnston (billjohnston)
Bill Johnston (billjohnston) on Twitter
Name: Bill Johnston
Location: Sonoma, CA
Web: http://redplasticmonkey.wordpress.com/
Bio: Chief Community Officer at Forum One Networks - events, research, community and social media strategy
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Nika Jones (0uno)
Nika Jones (0uno) on Twitter
Name: Nika Jones
Location: Sillicon Valley
Web: http://www.ouno.com
Bio: We are promoting the idea of Natural Contextual Identity
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Valerie Kameya (vkameya)
Valerie Kameya (vkameya) on Twitter
Name: Valerie Kameya
Location: San Francisco
Web: http://valkra.com
Bio: Social media enthusiast and NY transplant in SF
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Thomas Knoll (thomasknoll)
Thomas Knoll (thomasknoll) on Twitter
Name: Thomas Knoll
Location: San Francisco, CA
Web: http://bit.ly/pingtk
Bio: I help companies discover and love their customers through Customer Developement and Community Cultivation. #leanstartup +1 415.935.3547
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Noah Kravitz (Phonedog_Noah)
Noah Kravitz (Phonedog_Noah) on Twitter
Name: Noah Kravitz
Location: Oakland, CA
Web: http://www.phonedog.com/
Bio: Editor-in-Chief of PhoneDog Media: PhoneDog.com, a few other mobile sites, a YouTube channel, and a drumset.
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Andre Kvitka (erdna65)
Andre Kvitka (erdna65) on Twitter
Name: Andre Kvitka
Location: Bay Area
Web: http://www.digitalrig.com/
Bio: Tech junkie, gear-head, entrepreneur
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Patrice Lamothe (patricelamothe)
Patrice Lamothe (patricelamothe) on Twitter
Name: Patrice Lamothe
Location: Paris
Web: http://www.pearltrees.com/Patrice/
Bio: CEO, inventor, co-founder @ Pearltrees
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Richard Landry (richmedium)
Richard Landry (richmedium) on Twitter
Name: Richard Landry
Location: Oakland CA
Web: http://richmedium.net
Bio: Social innovation strategist
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Kenny Lauer (KennyL)
Kenny Lauer (KennyL) on Twitter
Name: Kenny Lauer
Location: Oakland,CA
Web: http://www.linkedin.com/in/kennylauer
Bio: Exec Director of Digital Experience at GPJ, social media + customer strategist, technology lover, husband, dad, nice guy
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Vinnie Lauria (vlauria)
Vinnie Lauria (vlauria) on Twitter
Name: Vinnie Lauria
Location: San Francisco, CA
Web: http://vinnie.net
Bio: i never fly coach and i never save the roach.
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Stephen Lawson (sdlawsonmedia)
Stephen Lawson (sdlawsonmedia) on Twitter
Name: Stephen Lawson
Location: San Francisco
Bio: IDG News writer/video guy. Formerly redhatchback on Twitter.
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李心宜 (aloveletteraway)
李心宜 (aloveletteraway) on Twitter
Name: 李心宜 (Debbie Lee)
Location: 灣區, 加州
Web: http://www.lunch.com/devora
Bio: ~* 我只是一封情信件逷*~ Lunch.com CM, social media enthusiast, jeweler, food lover, world traveler, fashion addict, queen of TMI, quintessential international party girl.
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Adina Levin (alevin)
Adina Levin (alevin) on Twitter
Name: Adina Levin
Location: Menlo Park, CA
Web: http://alevin.com
Bio: Socialtext cofounder/product mgt, social software, misc. civic ventures e.g. socialvoter.org, drivelesschallenge.com
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Sam Levin (samlevin)
Sam Levin (samlevin) on Twitter
Name: Sam Levin
Location: Marin County, CA
Web: http://www.samlevin.com/
Bio: empowering normal people to use technology
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tleeow (tleeow) on Twitter
Name: tleeow (Tina Liao)
Location: san francisco, ca
Bio: sensationseeker + dogooder
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Ron Lichty (RonLichty)
Ron Lichty (RonLichty) on Twitter
Name: Ron Lichty
Location: San Francisco
Web: http://www.linkedin.com/in/ronlichty
Bio: Software Engineering Management, untangling organizational knots, creating roadmaps, delivering great products. Author, Programmer, Service, Integrity.
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Jennifer Lindsay (jennifered)
Jennifer Lindsay (jennifered) on Twitter
Name: Jennifer Lindsay
Location: San Francisco Bay Area
Web: http://jenniferlindsay.com/
Bio: Social Media Strategist. Speaker. Educator. New Media Guru (read: 10+ year TV news veteran). Consultant. Host, The A-List podcast. Maiden name: Neeley.
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ravitlichtenberg (ravit_ustrategy)
ravitlichtenberg (ravit_ustrategy) on Twitter
Name: Ravit Lichtenberg
Location; San Francisco, CA
Web: http://www.ravitlichtenberg.typepad.com/
Bio: Psychology meets business. Helps startups make sense: Market assessment, product audit, user experience, US entry strategy.
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lara long (soolara)
lara long (soolara) on Twitter
Name: lara long
Location: iPhone: 37.762192,-122.435120
Bio: Doing good w/tech, literacy product manager @benetech, @bookshare, evangelist for human-trafficking & micro-finance
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Wattbot (wattbot)
Wattbot (wattbot) on Twitter
Name: Wattbot (Diane Loviglio)
Location: San Francisco, CA
Web: http://www.wattbot.com/
Bio: clean energy. simplified.
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itiBiti (itiBitiSystems)
itiBiti (itiBitiSystems) on Twitter
Name: itiBiti (David Lucatech)
Location: Richmond Hill, Ontario
Web: http://www.itibitisystems.com/
Bio: Empowering brand performance and enhancing customer engagement.
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Rachel Makool (rachelmakool)
Rachel Makool (rachelmakool) on Twitter
Name: Rachel Makool
Location: San Francisco
Bio: Experienced Marketing professional specializing in Community/ Social Media strategy and implementation.
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Abe McCallum (abemccallum)
Abe McCallum (abemccallum) on Twitter
Name: Abe McCallum
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Chris McCann (cmccann7)
Chris McCann (cmccann7) on Twitter
Name: Chris McCann
Location: Palo Alto
Web: http://entrepreneurialactivism.com/
Bio: I'm an entrepreneur, startup junkie, publisher of the BASES [Startup Digest], work @PlugandPlayTC , tech event promoter, and I love food
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Caroline McCarthy (caro)
Caroline McCarthy (caro) on Twitter
Name: Caroline McCarthy
Location: Reply hazy, try again
Web: http://news.cnet.com/the-social
Bio: nomadic journalist. catch me if you can.
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Christine McCaull (xtinem)
Christine McCaull (xtinem) on Twitter
Name: Christine McCaull
Location: California
Web: http://www.sweetmedia.us/
Bio: Artist, CEO, Yogini, Mama, Explorer, Environmentalist, Producer, Burner, Inventor, Writer
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Melody McCloskey (MelodyMcC)
Melody McCloskey (MelodyMcC) on Twitter
Name: Melody McCloskey
Web: http://melodymccloskey.com/
Bio: Manager of video at Current TV and perpetual internet dabbler
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Harry McCracken (harrymccracken)
Harry McCracken (harrymccracken) on Twitter
Name: Harry McCracken
Location: Silicon Valley
Web: http://technologizer.com/
Bio: Technologizer founder. Boy journalist. Bon vivant.
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Tamara Mendelsohn (tmendelsohn)
Tamara Mendelsohn (tmendelsohn) on Twitter
Name: Tamara Mendelsohn
Location: SF
Web: http://blog.eventbrite.com/
Bio: Community and Marketing Manager @ Eventbrite, interested in all things social media, especially the social part
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Ben Metcalfe (dotBen)
Ben Metcalfe (dotBen) on Twitter
Name: Ben Metcalfe
Location: ÜT: 37.775075,-122.438516
Web: http://benmetcalfe.com/blog
Bio: Man of many talents. Among other things I do, relevant to here is probably that I work with Seesmic and top Twitter client Twhirl.
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Davin Miyoshi (dmiyoshi)
Davin Miyoshi (dmiyoshi) on Twitter
Name: Davin Miyoshi
Location: San Francisco
Web: http://blog.mesmo.tv
Bio: Co-Founder and CEO, MesmoTV
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scottmoore (scottmoore) on Twitter
Name: scottmoore
Location: SF Bay Area
Web: http://phoom.blogspot.com/
Bio: Online Community Practitioner and Strategist, Amateur Historian, Home Coffee Roaster
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Amy Muller (AmyGSFN)
Amy Muller (AmyGSFN) on Twitter
Name: Amy Muller
Location: San Francisco
Web: http://getsatisfaction.com/
Bio: Chief Community Officer at Get Satisfaction.
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Thor Muller (tempo)
Thor Muller (tempo) on Twitter
Name: Thor Muller
Location: iPhone: 30.267988,-97.746544
Web: http://thormuller.com/
Bio: Doctor of Satisfactometry
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Travis Murdock (travismurdock)
Travis Murdock (travismurdock) on Twitter
Name: Travis Murdock
Location: Sunnyvale, California
Web: http://blog.travismurdock.com/
Bio: Want: Killer companies with bulletproof technologies to promote. I work for the PR agency Edelman. http://bbltwt.com/o8ye4
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Gregarious (gregarious)
Gregarious (gregarious) on Twitter
Name: Gregarious (Narain)
Location: San Francisco, CA
Web: http://gregario.us
Bio: I very well might have done the last thing I'll ever do
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Maria Niles (marianiles)
Maria Niles (marianiles) on Twitter
Name: Maria Niles
Location: Oakland, California
Web: http://marianiles.com/
Bio: Badass. Loves everyone, hugs inappropriately. Connector, curious & likes to share
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Taylor Norrish (govit)
Taylor Norrish (govit) on Twitter
Name: Taylor Norrish
Location: San Francisco
Web: http://www.govit.com
Bio: Gov 2.0 site. Vote on legislation. Send your vote to Congress. Email Congress.
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Henry Oh (ohohehenry)
Henry Oh (ohohehenry) on Twitter
Name: Henry Oh
Location: Silicon Valley/Korea
Bio: IDG Ventures Korea. Entrepreneur Friendly. Love 힙합. 짐승VC
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Dana Oshiro (SuzyPerplexus)
Dana Oshiro (SuzyPerplexus) on Twitter
Name: Dana Oshiro
Location: SF
Web: http://villagerswithpitchforks.com/
Bio: Tech Writer | PR Pro | Irreverent Jackass http://readwriteweb.com
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Derek Overbey (doverbey)
Derek Overbey (doverbey) on Twitter
Name: Derek Overbey
Location: Silicon Valley
Web: http://www.roost.com
Bio: Sr. Dir. of Marketing and Social Media at Roost.com / Co-Founder of 100 Interviews / Co-Founder of Tech Karaoke Silicon Valley / Social Media Muskrat
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VolunteerMatch.org (VMConnect)
VolunteerMatch.org (VMConnect) on Twitter
Name: VolunteerMatch.org (Victoria Pacchiana)
Location: San Francisco, CA
Web: http://www.volunteermatch.org/
Bio: VolunteerMatch.org: Connecting Good People to Good Causes.
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Nate Pagel (NatePagel)
Nate Pagel (NatePagel) on Twitter
Name: Nate Pagel
Location: San Francisco
Web: http://podaddies.com/aboutus_management_nate.html
Bio: video, all kinds; President and Founder Podaddies, media artist, social web guy. http://www.natepagel.com
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Alexandros Pagidas (Anametheus)
Alexandros Pagidas (Anametheus) on Twitter
Name: Alexandros Pagidas
Location: San Francisco
Web: http://www.changeyourreality.com/
Bio: Philosopher 2.0
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Will Park (WillPark)
Will Park (WillPark) on Twitter
Name: Will Park
Location: Palo Alto, CA
Web: http://www.intomobile.com/
Bio: EIC IntoMobile.com. I'm a mobile fanatic, car nut, foodie and sometimes an adrenaline junkie
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Hiren H. Patel (h2p)
Hiren H. Patel (h2p) on Twitter
Name: Hiren H. Patel
Location: San Fran. Cali!
Bio: Hiren H. Patel (H2P). Goofy Guy, Technologist. Explorer of Myself and Life :)
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Fredric Paul (TheFreditor)
Fredric Paul (TheFreditor) on Twitter
Name: Fredric Paul
Location: San Francisco
Web: http://www.bmighty.com/
Bio: Publisher / Editor in Chief of bMighty.com
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Kelly Porter (kellyrporter)
Kelly Porter (kellyrporter) on Twitter
Name: Kelly Porter
Location: Los Altos Hills, CA
Bio: M&A advisor, Superdad, USC fan, and passionate about living a rich and interesting life.
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SFTenantRep (SFTenantRep) on Twitter
Name: SFTenantRep (Tom Poser)
Location: San Francisco
Bio: The Tenant's advocate for San Francisco Office Space - Travis James/Tom Poser Jones Lang LaSalle
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Schlomo Rabinowitz (Schlomo)
Schlomo Rabinowitz (Schlomo) on Twitter
Name: Schlomo Rabinowitz
Location: San Francisco
Web: http://schlomo.tv
Bio: Enabler to the Stars. Maker of @BanhMiSF @VideoCampSF. Other stuffs and things with stuff.
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Janet Rae-Dupree (jraedupree)
Janet Rae-Dupree (jraedupree) on Twitter
Name: Janet Rae-Dupree
Location: Silicon Valley
Web: http://www.linkedin.com/in/jraedupree
Bio: Unboxed Media writer covering innovation, emerging tech, science and more
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Chuck Ramser (cramser)
Chuck Ramser (cramser) on Twitter
Name: Chuck Ramser
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Ellen Raynor (EllenRaynor)
Ellen Raynor (EllenRaynor) on Twitter
Name: Ellen Raynor
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stevenjreading (stevenjreading) on Twitter
Name: stevenjreading
Location: San Francisco
Web: http://www.dogster.com/
Bio: Web Business Guy
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Rebecca Reeve (Rsquared)
Rebecca Reeve (Rsquared) on Twitter
Name: Rebecca Reeve
Location: San Francisco, CA
Web: http://www.rebecca-reeve.com/
Bio: Web & SF enthusiast. Digital publicist & brand marketer. Nerd friendly.
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Marita Roebkes (MaritaR)
Marita Roebkes (MaritaR) on Twitter
Name: Marita Roebkes
Location: Palo Alto
Web: http://www.socialmedia-academy.com/
Bio: CoFounder, Advisory board and business development, - focus since 2007- Applied Social Media
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Melissa Jun Rowley (MelissaRowley)
Melissa Jun Rowley (MelissaRowley) on Twitter
Name: Melissa Jun Rowley
Location: LA + SF
Web: http://melissajunrowley.com/
Bio: I am a Cause Correspondent. I am a dynamo for change. I am a festival dancer and a belly laugher. I am a warrior for love and all the wild at heart.
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Scott Rutherford (scottrutherford)
Scott Rutherford (scottrutherford) on Twitter
Name: Scott Rutherford
Location; San Francisco
Web: http://www.uservoice.com/
Bio: CTO Uservoice.com
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Dom Sagolla (dom)
Dom Sagolla (dom) on Twitter
Name: Dom Sagolla
Location: iPhone: 37.734224,-122.507294
Web: http://Dom.net
Bio: Co-creator of @twitter. Author of @thebook 140 Characters, founder of @DollarApp, co-founder of @iPhoneDevCamp.
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Marla Schulman (DvinMsM)
Marla Schulman (DvinMsM) on Twitter
Name: Marla Schulman
Location: ÜT: 34.17688,-118.451408
Web: http://lifeafterkids.wordpress.com/
Bio: Purveyor of Dvin/Ideas/Brand Concierge/Social Media & Life Evangelist/Activist/Passionate Storyteller/Do-Gooder for Kids, Dogs & All in Need/Proud Mom of 2
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Axel Schultze (AxelS)
Axel Schultze (AxelS) on Twitter
Name: Axel Schultze
Location: Palo Alto, Ca
Web: http://xeesm.com/AxelS
Bio: Founder & CEO of Xeequa and Social Media Academy, Creating a better business experience, one ecosystem at a time.
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Lisa (bloggomsverige)
Lisa (bloggomsverige) on Twitter
Name: Lisa Sculati
Location: Tehran
Web: http://sftostockholm.blogspot.com/
Bio: Passionate Media Communications Specialist, exploring new career opps in Stockholm or San Francisco. Community/Social Media Manager, Sweden Networking Group.
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Tracy Sheridan (tracysheridan)
Tracy Sheridan (tracysheridan) on Twitter
Name: Tracy Sheridan
Web: http://longblondetail.blogs.com/
Bio: digital butterfly
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redgsnodgrass (redgsnodgrass) on Twitter
Name: redg snodgrass
Location: San Francisco
Web: http://www.skout.com
Bio: Vice President of Business Development for Skout online mobile dating Startup
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David Spark (dspark)
David Spark (dspark) on Twitter
Name: David Spark
Location: San Francisco, CA
Web: http://www.sparkminute.com/
Bio: Helping companies build their industry voice through storytelling and social media
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Lydia Sugarman (lksugarman)
Lydia Sugarman (lksugarman) on Twitter
Name: Lydia Sugarman
Location: San Francisco
Web: http://www.venntive.com/
Bio: Email marketing+CRM all-in-one solution provider, integrated mktg. strategist in service to clients. Entrepreneur. Cyclist, swimmer. TrendBlog http://ow.ly/kakk
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IdaRose Sylvester (idarose)
IdaRose Sylvester (idarose) on Twitter
Name: IdaRose Sylvester
Location: Silicon Valley, CA
Web: http://idarosesylvester.typepad.com/
Bio: Co-founder of Silicon Valley Link, focused on uniting global entrepreneurs. Strategist, clean tech, telecom, Web 2.0, video, digital living, social media
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Susan Tenby (suzboop)
Susan Tenby (suzboop) on Twitter
Name: Susan Tenby
Location: SF, CA
Web: http://www.nonprofitcommons.org/
Bio: Online Community Director, TechSoup.org and Nonprofit Commons in Second Life. I like Rockstars of all persuasions and flavors, tech, music and otherwise
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Christel Vanderboom (Xtel)
Christel Vanderboom (Xtel) on Twitter
Name: Christel Vanderboom
Location: San Francisco via Amsterdam
Web: http://doormijnogen.blogspot.com/
Bio: Communicator, music lover, people person, social media fan, explorer, foodie. I work for Edelman (tech) and Blame Sally (San Francisco band)
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ericwagner101 (ericwagner101) on Twitter
Name: ericwagner101
Location: Blue
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Katherine Webster (kwebsterstory)
Katherine Webster (kwebsterstory) on Twitter
Name: Katherine Webster
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rachel weidinger (rachelannyes)
rachel weidinger (rachelannyes) on Twitter
Name: rachel weidinger
Location: San Francisco
Web: http://rachelweidinger.wikispaces.com/
Bio: jam eater. connector. i'll let you fold the folding chair. i love saving the world almost as much as i love food. and i'm a nerd.
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Myles Weissleder (mylerdude)
Myles Weissleder (mylerdude) on Twitter
Name: Myles Weissleder
Location: iPhone: 37.856583,-122.488274
Web: http://myles.mp
Bio: I run the Bay Area's largest monthly tech event (sfnewtech.com and @sfnewtech). I also make startups famous.
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Jeff Weissner (jeffweissner)
Jeff Weissner (jeffweissner) on Twitter
Name: Jeff Weissner
Location: San Francisco
Web: http://hotjobs.yahoo.com/resumes/jwinsf06/onlineres09
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Richard White (rrwhite)
Richard White (rrwhite) on Twitter
Name: Richard White
Location: San Francisco
Web: http://uservoice.com
Bio: CEO of UserVoice.com
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Jon Wollenhaupt (Marketpro)
Jon Wollenhaupt (Marketpro) on Twitter
Name: Jon Wollenhaupt
Location: San Francisco, CA
Web: http://www.excelmeetings.com/
Bio: Event Marketing, Conference Planning, Marketing Consultant, Photographer and Wine Geek
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Ken Yeung (thekenyeung)
Ken Yeung (thekenyeung) on Twitter
Name: Ken Yeung
Location: San Francisco, CA, USA
Web: http://thelettertwo.com/
Bio: Social Media Strategist at Stage Two Consulting, Producer, Blogger, Social Media Fanatic, Photographer, Networker Extraordinaire and more!
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allanyoung (allanyoung) on Twitter
Name: Allan Young
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Brian Zisk (Zisk)
Brian Zisk (Zisk) on Twitter
Name: Brian Zisk
Location: San FranZiskGo!
Web: http://www.futureofmusic.org/
Bio: To know me, is to love me. Parallell Entrepreneur. Music/Tech, Search, Chess, etc.

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April 06, 2010
Full of potentials!
March 04, 2010
Was worried about how to keep in touch with all the folks I met at the Lunch for Good event. I can finally rest easy. =)
November 21, 2009
Sweet list. Very helpful in finding other people who are interested in engaging online conversations.
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