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My Top 10 Favorite Band Names

  • Aug 27, 2009
  • by
There are many variables that go into a good band name.  Sometimes if the name fits well with the music, it works well, sometimes if it just sounds cool, it works, and sometimes if it's just amusing, that works too.  Here's the 10 band names that I really enjoy and the reasons why.
Canned Heat
I just love everything about this name and in fact i challenge anyone to come up with a better band name!! Today people use the expression "open a can of whoop ass," and that's s good expression because the visual of opening up a can and releasing something is just fun and funny. Canned Heat was so ahead of their time and so much smoother/cooler/non-violent than current parlance relating to canning things. There's nothing in their can but HEAT. Just think about actually canning heat? You open it up and there is HEAT INSIDE THE CAN. Ingenious!!
Big Head Todd and the Monsters
The lead singer had a large head and his name was Todd. They could have stopped there, but calling the other two guys in the band "the Monsters" really rounds out the name and helps to distract a bit from his huge melon.
Matchbox 20
I have a personal connection with this name. It goes a little something like this:  It was summer 2001 and i was drinking at Shellback Tavern in Manhattan Beach.  I start chatting up some solo old timer at the bar.  He could tell a story. He claimed he played bass for the Moody Blues (a fairly solid band name itself). For the next 4 hours, the group of my friends grew around him as he regaled us with tales of living in the Haight in the 60's, running with Jimmy Page, Janis Joplin, and even Charlie Manson.  Then he launched into a very sentimental story about his estranged son and how as a child he would organizes his father's fags (cigarettes) for him along with the matches.  "Twenty fags in a pack, dad" he would repeat throughout the story, mimicking his young son.  Then he concluded.... "so that's how my boy Robbie came up with the name for his band, Matchbox Twenty".  A hush fell over Shellback Tavern.  True story.
Jethro Tull (Official)
Just say this name a few times out loud and you'll get why it made my list. Just sounds like old school rock.
Ace of Base
it rhymes. they write songs that rhyme, why not have your name rhyme too? It makes too much sense, and this name SOOOOOOO fits with their music.
Guns N' Roses
This is rock, metal, with a sprinkle of mainstream pop. The dichotomy of these two images fits so well with their music. As a side note, their name also it reminds me of the great visual "iron fist in a velvet glove" normally describing a benevolent dictator.
simple. love it. And it has a great 60's feel to it.
Wu Tang Clan
Nuff said.
The Outfield
if you've played in the outfield or even stood in the outfield, you'll know what i'm talking about when i say that this name just brings back some good memories. This really has nothing to do with their music... i just like the name.
Marky Mark
We've all done things that we look back on and we're not proud of... i've probably done more than most, but no single mistake i've made is a large as this one. Mark Walberg, now that he is a successful actor with a bad ass image, has to look back and think to himself, wtf was i thinking? Just take "Marky" on it's own. Very lame. But then put it next to something as cheesy as "the Funky Bunch" it has a massive multiplier effect on the lameness of the overall name.

What did you think of this list?

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August 28, 2009
lol. this is hilarious. WTF was Marky thinkin back then??
August 27, 2009
omg, you found your secret hidden talent. well, that and being a human seismograph ; )
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