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My favorite sitcoms of All Time

  • Aug 7, 2009
  • by
This list covers the last 25 years or so of sitcoms that i watched.  It's interesting looking at this list i can remember the time in my life when each of these shows was on TV.  Really cool actually because these shows were really a part of my life while i was growing up.  Looking back it's strange how much i can identify that period of my life with a sitcom.  I wonder if kids in the future will be doing the same with the different websites there were using... my myspace years (wow... that's kind of scary)... my facebook years... etc.

In case you want to see a few more... here is a speed rating game to rate some other popular sitcoms

Seinfeld Cast photo Jerry, George, Elaine, Krammer
i still can't make it though the day without quoting this show.  That alone is why this is #1 on my list. 

Cheers early cast photo
This sitcom got me through college. We'd watch reruns religiously. While in college, the idea of owning a bar and hanging out in a bar all the time seemed super cool. But the great characters kept you coming back for more. This show probably did the best job of losing a main character (Diane the snobby cocktail waitress), but still maintaining and in my opinion improving without her. I can still remember the final episode of this show and how emotional it was. It was really the end of an era.
The Simpsons
The Simpsons is the longest running (non-news) show of all time i think.  I love the way the writers have been able to develop interesting storylines and still keep all the characters true.  It's really a unique show because none of the characters have aged and the show is still fresh.  Oh that Homer... he's never gonna change.

Family Ties Cast photo
This was back when NBC dominated sitcoms.  Family Ties was one of those shows that i used to love to watch.  For some reason i really related to that Alex P. Keaton.  His neurotic, sweater vest wearing, republican style just really resonated with me as a kid.  If i ever met that charater in real life now, i probably wouldn't be able to spend 2 minutes with him, but back then... he was my idol (if it's possible to have an idol who is a fictional character in a sitcom).  I still remember the episode where Alex took some speed to help him through finals... he had so much energy he was digging trenches for sprinkers and putting in skylights in the neighbors house after having to break a window to get in.  that's comedy.

The Cosby Show
i miss those days of good clean family entertainment.  that a solid family the Huxtables.  Rudy was adorable... Claire was so solid... Theo always challenging his dad, Heathcliff.  That show just brings back good wholesome memories.

So unique and so funny.  Quirky.  Really enjoyable.  It takes a few episodes to understand the characters, but once you're in... you're in.

Curb your enthusiasm
This show has the most "cringes per minute" of any show on TV.  You have to be comfortable with Larry making a complete jackass of himself, but once you can deal with that, it's hilarious.  Since it runs on HBO there aren't many episodes each season and the subject matter can get more R rated than most broadcast sitcoms.

This show really benefited from a great time slot in my opinion. I doubt that it would have ever made it if is wasn't in the NBC Thursday night line up. I think it followed Seinfeld as Seinfeld was maturing and that really allowed Friends to establish an audience and grow from there. This show made my list but i never had the strong relationship to this show like the others on my list... maybe because i couldn't really relate to any of the characters... not sure.
Silver Spoons
i can't remember why this show was funny but i watched it as a kid and thinking back it brings back some good memories.  Also, as a kid i kind of looked like Ricky Schroder so maybe that's why i liked it.
30 Rock
This made my list because Alec Baldwin is so damn funny in this show... but it has stood the test of time yet... over the years, this might move up my list if it keeps up what it is delivering right now.
The Office
This has a lot of the same "cringe factor" like Curb Your Enthusiam.  Sometimes it's hard to watch Michael Scott being Michael Scott.  But this cast of quirky characters cracks me up.  This show needs to stand the test of time in my mind to move up my list.

This show was very innovative and creative with the "day dream" cut aways and the musical numbers they would do.  Also the tackled some heavy issues about life/death in the earlier years which made this show feel like it was trying to more than just make us laugh which was cool... but kind of didn't feel right in a sitcom.  i still watch it and really enjoy it.

What did you think of this list?

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August 08, 2009
30 Rock below Friends? Are you mad? Good lord. At least you have Arrested Development in a decent spot.
August 11, 2009
i may have given "Friends" too much credit, but this is my "All Time List"....30 Rock is still relatively new and all that contract dispute talk with Baldwin, i wasn't sure he was going to be around that many more seasons. It's definitely on it's way up, and Friends will never be higher than it's current spot.
August 07, 2009
Silver Spoons and Family Ties were a little before my time, but the rest of them, I love!  Especially The Simpsons.  That's why I created a Simpsons Character game :)
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Ok, so you can clearly tell what generation I'm from... but here's my take, albeit rather 80's biased ; )
The Cosby Show Friends (TV show) The Mary Tyler Moore Show Family Ties (TV show) Cheers (TV show)
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