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Top L.A. Social Media Tweeps I'm Following and Why

  • Oct 7, 2009
  • by
These are some of my fellow Los Angelinos who I've found on Twitter and I really enjoy following. You'll see from my descriptions that they vary a bit, but all have strong ties to Internet technology and Social Media/Twitter. I'm sure my list isn't comprehensive, so if you think I've missed a few, please make your own... I'm looking forward to hearing who you would add, and more importantly... why!!
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Jason Calacanis (Jason)
Jason Calacanis (Jason) on Twitter
He's one of the most well known entrepreneur/CEOs in LA, in the Internet space. Current project is Mahalo. He's close with Arrington and TechCrunch and co-hosts their annual event, TC50. He tweets a lot. Many tweets are promoting Mahalo or other projects he's invested in and you can't blame him for that as i do the same, but what i find most valuable is his reading lists of current articles.
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shiralazar (shiralazar) on Twitter
She is the self titled "Media Empress" - I'm not sure what that means but i love it. She does a lot of video blogging, which she tweets links to, but recently started reporting for CBSNEWS.COM, which has changed her reporting format slightly. Most of her tweets i would describe as social media related with a celebrity/hollywood flavor to them.
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Jason Lawrence Nazar (jasonnazar)
Jason Lawrence Nazar (jasonnazar) on Twitter
Jason is founder of Docstoc. He's extremely dialed in to the LA tech and VC scene. From his tweets you can get a great idea of what is happening. He doesn't tweet very much... not enough in fact.
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Alyssa Milano (Alyssa_Milano)
Alyssa (Twitter Feed)
Great twitter voice. Great range. From her random musings to interesting links to twitter news and internet news, to her celebrity lifestyle... great balance. But what i find best about Alyssa are the Dodger tweets. What pleasant surprise.... all that and baseball. Wow. But be warned... she tweets A LOT.
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Sean Percival (seanpercival)
Sean Percival (seanpercival) on Twitter
Sean runs LaLaWag which is an online technology blog, so he's of course immersed in everything Tech LA. He tweets a lot of personal stuff as well as things that he covers in LaLaWag, plus other industry news.
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Heather Meeker (heathermeeker)
Heather Meeker (heathermeeker) on Twitter
Heather works for Whrrl and she's a fixture at all LA Tech events including Girls In Tech, which i think she helps run here in LA. Her tweets are a mix of tech stuff and personal stuff with a hint of Carrie Brashaw sprinkled in... example: Reasons Men Dump Women (I got a kick out of this): http://bit.ly/1qjfGa Guys, is it true?
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Francisco Dao (TheMan)
Francisco Dao (TheMan) on Twitter
His Twitter handle is "TheMan"... once you let that digest for second, then move on. He works for TwiistUp which is currently the most widely attended internet/tech conference in LA, so he is well connected with most of the social influencers and you'll see that in the @replies in his tweets. Also, you can keep abreast of all things related to TwiistUp as well as other LA events.
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barb dybwad (doctorparadox)
barb dybwad (doctorparadox) on Twitter
Barb is writing for Mashable now and fairly new on the LA scene. So far, a great tweeter for social media news as well as local events including LA Tech Karaoke.
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jeffcohn (jeffcohn) on Twitter
I've known Jeff for years and he has been dialed into the SoCal VC and Angle community as long as i've know him. His tweets are mostly about VC and angel investing in the area, general industry news, and a splash of personal stuff. Great balance.
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Jessica Gottlieb (JessicaGottlieb)
Jessica Gottlieb (JessicaGottlieb) on Twitter
This Mommy Blogger is worth following even if you don't have kids, though it may take you a moment get past all of the sex and drug references. She has great insight into trends and news as it relates to blogs and UGC in general. Potential for TMI is high... consider yourself warned.
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Joanna Lord (JoannaLord)
I knew Joanna well before Twitter. She was the first person i saw transform from a mere marketing and SEM professional, into a social media maven. She tweets a lot of industry news and also promotion of her company YourJobStop. Be warned she tweets a lot and you'll know exactly how much coffee she drinks.
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Michael Jones (mjones)
Michael Jones (mjones) on Twitter
Currently COO of myspace with a resume from various other internet companies. He doesn't tweet much, but they are valuable for industry news and reading, but mostly for networking... specifically job posts and requests.
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ashton kutcher (aplusk)
aplusk (Twitter Feed)
Everyone knows how active he was in putting Twitter on the map. I'm surprised that he has been able to keep up the volume of tweets and still maintain a quality twitter voice. He tweets about everything. He's the classic full monty tweeter - you get it all. Musings, news, charity, awareness, videos.. etc. it would be hard to find something he hasn't tweeted about actually. But at 4MM plus followers, it's really working.
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David Sarno (dsarno)
David Sarno (dsarno) on Twitter
LA times Internet business reporter. He doesn't tweet much and it comes in groups. A lot of news and article headlines mostly of his work. So for LA Times internet news, he's great follow. One of the few people that i'd like to see more tweets from.
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Brooke Burke (brookeburke)
brookeburke (Twitter Feed)
Hard working mom. She is such an interesting example of taking celebrity and parlaying it into a web persona and online business. Her company is ModernMom and she tweets about that a lot as well as personal stuff. Some times it feels like she's got a publicist helping her, but still very interesting to follow as she is transforming her personal brand.
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Drew Carey (DrewFromTV)
Drew Carey (DrewFromTV) on Twitter
He's fairly new on the scene, but he has recently partnered up with Drew Olenicoff of #BlameDrewsCancer's fame to raise some serious cash for LiveStrong. He's on a follower push and if he can get to a million by the end of the year, he'll donate $1,000,000 LiveStrong... so follow him!! When he's not tweeting about that, his tweets reflect his sense of humor. He's got a great comedy twitter voice.
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Matt is a staple of the LA internet scene, but nothing on Twitter. Dude... Matt... where are you?

What did you think of this list?

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October 09, 2009
Great list! I follow Alyssa Milano, too, and love how she actively uses twitter and tweets out social media related links. I'm snagging a few of these tweeps, by the way!
October 09, 2009
I didnt know you followed Drew Carrey also. I loved the Drew Carrey Show! Cleveland Rocks!!!
October 09, 2009
Wow, I had no idea that Alyssa Milano was so active online. I'll have to start following her&some others! Cool list.
October 09, 2009
Great List! I added several of these after seeing your descriptions.
October 09, 2009
Great list! I'll definitely be adding a few of these Los Angelinos to my following- especially Drew Carey!! It's awesome what he's doing for LiveStrong, keeping my fingers crossed he makes it to 1M followers!! 
October 09, 2009
I want to be a "Media Empress." @shiralazar, meet your new stalker...ahem. Wait, what?
October 09, 2009
Great list. Quite a good mix of folks. I added a few more to my follow list, including DrewFromTV -- Can't go wrong with a Drew. Thanks!
October 09, 2009
I started following Jason Calacanis -- looking forward to stealing from his reading list :)
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