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Who's Better? Who's Best?

  • Nov 4, 2011
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I've been a fan of Doctor Who for roughly thirty years.  Like many people in the United States, Tom Baker was my first Doctor.  My favorite Doctor of all time is Peter Davison, with David Tennant following him very closely.  Just about anyone you talk to these days who is a fan of Who will tell you who their favorite Doctor is, but most of them have a favorite companion as well.

This list is composed of my ten favorite companions (and one disputed honorable mention), in the order that I have grown to appreciate them over the years.  If you're a fan of the good Doctor, feel free to leave me a comment and tell me why they are your favorite.

Sarah Jane Smith
Quite possibly the most beloved companion that the Doctor ever had, Sarah Jane Smith spent most of her time with the third and fourth incarnations of the Doctor but popped up a couple of times after that with other Doctors (especially David Tennant)  She became so popular that she was featured on two spin-off shows, the pilot for K-9 And Company and the highly popular The Sarah Jane Adventures.

Sarah Jane won me over by being independent, headstrong, and one of the first female companions to not cower in fear in the face of trouble.  She would often get the Doctor into trouble thanks to her curious ways (hey, she was a reporter).

Sarah Jane was portrayed by Elisabeth Sladen who, sadly, passed away in April of this year.  Off of the set, she was known as a well respected and kind woman.  I never cried over the death of an actor or actress, but when Sladen passed, it really hurt me.  I will miss her dearly.

Donna Noble

Had you told me at the beginning of David Tennant's third season as the Doctor that his companion for that season, Donna Noble, would become my second favorite companion of all time, I would have laughed in your face.  When the season started, Noble grated my nerves.  Portrayed by Catherine Tate, who was known primarily for her comedy work, the character was annoying and a bit too pushy for my tastes.  As I continued to watch the season, however, I saw how the character of Donna Noble had many more layers to her than the pushy, cranky surface revealed.

Eventually I began to realize that Donna was a deeply sad person who thought that she was the least important person in the universe.  Fans of the series know that she became much more than that, but eventually became an even more tragic character in the end.  She was the first companion in the new series to make the Doctor see things from a compassionate angle.  In short, she gave the man with two hearts, an actual heart.

If any companions are brought back again, I vote that Donna be the first one called back!  Were it not for Elisabeth Sladen's brilliant work as Sarah Jane, Donna would be at the top of my list.

Rose Tyler
When I heard that Doctor Who would be returning in 2005, I was ecstatic.  Not only was I glad to see my favorite character (and a few of his enemies) return, I was excited to see who would be his newest companion.

Rose Tyler was to be the first companion of the new series, and she is also the first companion who's life that was left behind (including those who worried about her when she went "missing") would be looked at in some depth.  We got to know a lot about Rose, her family, her boyfriend, and how each would react to her being swept away in a blue box by the Doctor.

The Doctor also had to face up to Rose's mother and boyfriend, which lead to both humorous and emotional interactions.

Of course, it didn't hurt that Rose was portrayed by the very lovely Billie Piper.  Not only was she easy on the eyes, but she was great in the role as well.

Captain Jack Harkness
The Time Agent turned Torchwood leader, Captain Jack Harkness, has become one of the most popular characters in all of Who-dom.  When he first appeared opposite the ninth Doctor and Rose in The Empty Child, Jack was on the run from the Time Agency.  He eventually causes a lot of trouble for the Doctor but redeems himself by sacrificing himself to the Daleks.  Luckily for him, events occur (don't want to spoil anything) that lead up to Jack being immortal.

Jack was portrayed by John Barrowman as a freewheeling, womanizer who was was interested in bedding just about anyone or anything that was willing to sleep with him.  He was the first "adult-oriented" companion in the history of Doctor Who, and he proved to be quite controversial.  

This controversy segued into Jack's own spinoff show, Torchwood, which proved almost as successful as Doctor Who but was targeted at an adult audience.  Jack would return to Doctor Who on a number of occasions, but the character was always held a bit in check as to not offend any parents or contribute to the delinquency of any children who might be watching as well.

Jack was really allowed to flesh himself out in Torchwood, where the character explored a number of very adult topics and pushed the envelope as far as the BBC would allow.

Amy Pond
The Doctor's current companion as of this writing, Amy Pond, has proven to be quite a fun character.  Like many of the other companions on the revived series, events that occur throughout the show are a direct result of some action she has taken or some event in her life.  In fact, Amy Pond's life has become the center of the show as a whole in my opinion. 

Unlike Rose, who fell in love with the Doctor and received a bit of love from him in return, and Martha Jones, who loved the Doctor but was never romantically pursued by him, Amy appears to want to do nothing but jump the Doctor's bones in the beginning.  She's very frisky and suggestive towards him, but he blows it all off with all of the charm of an adolescent boy who can't stand girls.

Of course, Amy is engaged to her boyfriend, Rory, who becomes quite jealous of the Doctor in a way very similar to Mickey Smith.  He eventually joins up with the Doctor and Amy and the series focuses more on their relationship and the Doctor's attempts to keep them together.

At times I believe that the series has placed too much attention on Amy, but Karen Gillan, who portrays Amy Pond, does such a brilliant job with the character that I look past much of the focus just to watch her on the screen.  She's funny, beautiful, and I love how manipulitive Amy can be with the Doctor and Rory.

What did you think of this list?

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