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Koolest KISS Merchandise Released In 2011!

  • Dec 9, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like KISSmas!  With 2011 about to wrap up, it's time to celebrate the biggest holiday of the year and reflect on the insanity that was 2011.  Here for your viewing pleasure is a short list of some of the coolest KISS merchandise released this year (and a preview of next year as well). 
KISS Koffin

The original KISS Kasket was released in 2001.  It was a huge success among hardcore KISS fans.  In fact, one of KISS' most well known fans, Dimebag Darrell of Pantera, was buried in one.

In late 2010, KISS announced that they were releasing TWO new versions of the legendary Kaskets.  In February of 2011, Eternal Image, a group that has been making licensed caskets, headstones, and urns for fans of everything from Major League Baseball to Star Trek, released two new versions of the KISS Kasket.  The "Standard" edition is all black with the original members' faces from their solo albums emblazoned on the top of the Kasket.  The "Premium" version features flames around the Kasket and an image of the current lineup of the band on top.  As of this writing, the standard Kasket is priced at $3,299.00 and the premium Kasket runs for $3,999.00.

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Don't feel like spending eternity in a KISS Kasket or can't shell out the bucks for it?  No problem!  You're little slice of Heaven's On Fire if you decide to be cremated.  When Eternal Image announced the release of the KISS Kasket, they also announced the release of the KISS Urn.  The Urn features a flaming design similar to that of the premium KISS Kasket, and a photo of the current band lineup.

For $650 bucks, it's also a pretty cheap way to spend eternity for the band that loves to Rock And Roll All Nite.

KISS Kruise
In May of 2011, KISS and Carnival Cruise lines announced the first annual KISS Kruise:  Wet, Wild, N' Rockin'.  The Kruise left from Miami, FL, went to Half Moon Cay, and then headed for the Bahamas.  Fans who took the cruise were given a number of KISS performances, including an "unmasked" performance to open the journey.  Fans were also given a chance to meet the band, get a photo with them, and hang out with fellow fans of the group.  WWE pro wrestler Edge was on the cruise (he bought a ticket like everyone else as he is a huge KISS fan).

In true KISS fashion, KISS Army members were given the first shot at tickets for the Kruise.  Those Army members were also inducted as the first members of the KISS Navy!  The trip was a huge success and KISS and Carnival (or is it Karnival?) have already announced the dates for next year!

Funko released a dueling set of fun for KISS fans this year.  They released a series of four collectable Wacky Wobblers featuring all four original members of the band (but used the faces of current members Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer for the Catman and the Spaceman, respectively).  I actually own the Demon bobblehead of Gene Simmons and plan to pick up the rest of the band as soon as my funds allow me to.

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KISS Pop! Vinyl Figure
Funko also released a series of POP! Rocks vinyl figures of the band KISS.  While I don't own one yet, I'm hoping to snag the Spaceman soon.  Funko has released a number of the POP! figures, representing icons from comics, music, and science fiction.  These figures are almost a bit too "cute" for the gruffer KISS fan, but being a diehard KISS Army enlistee, I gotta have one!

No Regrets
Perhaps the most anticipated book ever by a member of KISS, Ace Frehley's No Regrets hit store shelves in November of 2011.  While not officially KISS merchandise, many fans of the former KISS lead guitarist believe that the band died when he made his exit in the early 1980's.

I own a copy of the book but haven't started reading it yet.  Once I've got a few moments to spend, I'm sure I'll devour it.

Unfinished Business
A collection of interviews, covers, and material with vocals added by new guest performers make up the late Eric Carr's Unfinished Business.  While many believe that KISS died with the departure of Frehley as I've already stated, many more believe that KISS managed to survive and even thrive throughout the 80's thanks to Carr's hard pounding drumming style.

This album is a tribute not only to Carr, but to his fans who loved him so much.  It was released by Eric's sister, Loretta, and was a true labor of love by his friends and family, including longtime former KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick, who spent the bulk of his time in the band with Eric.

KISS T-shirt
Okay, so saying that a KISS t-shirt is something new is like saying that nickels are something new.  KISS t-shirts have been around as long as the band, but Old Navy produced a very nice and simple KISS shirt for fans of the band and released it this year.

It was a part of Rock Legend collection released by Old Navy that featured a number of music legends, including Jimi Hendrix and Bob Marley.

The shirt, at least when compared to other KISS shirts, is very subdued, featuring nothing more than the band's iconic logo on a very dark grey shirt.  The shirt is quite soft and very comfortable to wear.  I almost wet myself when I saw it at the store and had to buy it!

KISS Kondoms
Okay, okay, this might be stretching it a bit, but I had to put the KISS Kondoms on this list.  I do not own any yet and my wife has made it quite clear to me that these things aren't even allowed in the house because having Gene Simmon's tongue "down there" is just gross.  There is also a pack that features Paul Stanley and they are "Star" studded for her.  Yes, KISS will put their faces and logo on just about anything, and this proves it!

KISS Walgreens Christmas Ornament
To the best of my knowledge, KISS and Walgreens have paired up for the last two years to release exclusive KISS ornaments in the popular pharmacy's stores. Last year featured both a Gene Simmons and a Paul Stanley ornament. This year, the dynamic duo is back, but the ornaments feature their famed axe bass and Flying V guitars respectively. The mold for the Paul ornament was a bit bad last year (as was the paint job), so I only purchased the Gene. The same thing happened this year as well, but I'm tempted to break down and buy the Paul ornament any way just to have it as a part of my collection. These ornaments are quite fun to collect and unlike your standard Christmas ornament that features a dainty string or plastic loop for the hook, the KISS ornaments feature chains!

Looking ahead to 2012, KISS has a new album planned for next year entitled Monster.  It was originally planned to be released in October/November of 2011 but was then bumped out to February 2012.  Now all sources show that the album will be released in Spring 2012.  Regardless of when it finally hits the shelves, I'm sure KISS will go all out with promoting it.  They've already confirmed that there will be a 2012/2013 tour in support of the album, and if they come anywhere near me, I'm definitely going to see them!

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KISS Destroyer Reissue 2012
Also on tap for 2012 is a reissue of KISS' classic 1976 album Destroyer complete with a new cover featuring the original rejected artwork.  It will also feature additional tracks that have never been released.  A DVD is also supposed to be released at the same time.

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What did you think of this list?

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December 17, 2011
Wowwww.....who knew?
December 12, 2011
Well I thought the casket and the urn were creepy enough till I saw the condoms -- good grief - and I side with your wife on that one!! LOL Cool list...
December 12, 2011
The company that makes the caskets, Eternal Image, is recognized by the Roman Catholic Church as an official casket maker. Who knew the Pope liked KISS! ;)
December 12, 2011
LMAO - who would have known!!?? That's hysterical.......thanks for an enjoyable list!
December 12, 2011
Hm. I like that casket...
December 12, 2011
Well, KISS flames beat the flames of Hell I guess. O.o
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