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The Unofficial KISS Kommunity On Lunch
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reviewed KISS Rock And Roll Over T-Shirt. June 27, 2013
KISS Rock And Roll Over T-Shirt
As frequent readers of my reviews already know, I frequent stores like Hot Topic in pursuit of pop culture tees and other items that grab my interest.  I also go there to pick up Classic Rock tees …
reviewed KISS Button Set. June 27, 2013
KISS Button Set
Way back in 1978, on September 18th to be exact, the original members of KISS did the unthinkable (at least unthinkable for anyone other than KISS).  They released four solo album projects simultaneously.  …
reviewed KISS Creatures of the Night t-shirt. January 28, 2013
KISS Creatures of the Night t-shirt
Strolling through Hot Topic the other day, my eyes were immediately drawn to a t-shirt in their Classic Rock Tee section.  Oh, I noticed the multitude of Jimi Hendrix, Iron Maiden, Pantera, and Metallica …
reviewed KISS Destroyer Resurrected. January 28, 2013
KISS Destroyer Reissue 2012
KISS has made teasing and tempting their fans a rather annoying habit over the last couple of years.  Their current album, Monster, was rumored about and dangled in front of fans for over two years …
reviewed KISS PEZ Collector's Tin. November 07, 2012
KISS PEZ Collector's Tin
It is well known that KISS will put their name on just about anything you can think of, which makes the fact that this is the first time in KISStory that the band has ever adorned the top of PEZ dispensers …
reviewed Monster. October 19, 2012
I've been a huge KISS fan for quite a few years now, so it should come as no surprise to anyone that I've been eagerly waiting for the release of Monster.  After the release of Sonic Boom …
reviewed Revenge. September 14, 2012
Studio album #16, "Revenge," saw KISS roaring back to an edgier, harder form of rock n' roll after a fairly light string of albums throughout the 1980's. It came on the heels of the …
The Tour: KISS/Motley Crue/The Treatment at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion
Anyone who knows me, whether it be in real life, here on, or on Facebook or any number of other social arenas, knows that I am a huge KISS fan.  What some of my newer friends and acquaintances …
reviewed KISS 3D Poster. June 19, 2012
KISS 3D Poster
KISS has always been known as merchandising masters.  Many people know the band more for the countless shirts, socks, toys, collector cards, and other merchandise than they do for the band's …
reviewed Killers. February 27, 2012
I've always felt that in order to rate a greatest hits package properly, you have to look at the overall offering of tracks (these are, after all, supposed to be "great") and any extras …
reviewed KISS Kasket. December 10, 2011
KISS Koffin
Do you really love KISS?  I mean REALLY LOVE KISS?  Would you like to spend eternity with the band?  Well, thanks to a joint venture by the band and Eternal Image, you can be buried with …
reviewed KISS ALIVE! 1975-2000. November 07, 2011
For fans of KISS, 2006's KISS Alive!  1975-2000 might be cause for overkill.  However, any true KISS fan knows that overkill is one thing that KISS knows how to do right so it should come …
reviewed KISS Alive III. November 03, 2011
Riding the popularity wave of their successful 1992 studio album, Revenge, KISS recorded and released Alive III in 1993.       Alive III, much like its predecessors Alive! …
reviewed Alive!. October 10, 2011
Just about any time that rock music fans and musicians come together to talk about live albums, one album's name crosses the lips of the more learned members of the group.  That album …
reviewed KISS Alive II. October 10, 2011
Despite having produced three albums before it, KISS' 1975 release of Alive! is considered the album that not only put them on the map, but was also a technical wonder that blazed a trail in live …
reviewed KISS Spirit Halloween Promotion. October 03, 2011
KISS Spirit Halloween Promotion
I don't think I have to explain who KISS is, but for those of you who are unaware, KISS is a band that has been making music and mayhem since the 1970's, and they are known for their self-promotion …
reviewed KISS Sonic Boom Wal-Mart Promotion. September 14, 2011
KISS Sonic Boom Wal-Mart Promotion
   Like most hardcore KISS fans, I was excited to find out about the release of KISS' Sonic Boom way back in October of 2009.  What I wasn't so wild about was that KISS was releasing …
reviewed Vandor KISS 16-ounce Travel Mug. September 13, 2011
Vandor KISS 16-ounce travel mug
First and foremost let me say that I have absolutely no need for a travel mug at this time.  Thanks to my line of work, I get a lot of free travel mugs from a number of companies who either have …
reviewed Psycho Circus. September 09, 2011
Psycho Circus
With a slow churning build-up that segues into drums and Paul Stanley screaming out, "Yeahhhh," Psycho Circus supposedly heralded the return of KISS in all of its original glory on a brand …
reviewed Animalize. September 06, 2011
Two guitarists who will forever be a part of KISS' legacy and also considered by many to be key members of the group despite their brief runs with the band, are Vinnie Vincent and Mark St. John.  …
reviewed Asylum. June 24, 2011
When KISS released Creatures of the Night back in 1982, it was an attempt by the band to reclaim their proper place in the rock hierarchy after a string of lukewarm and disastrous album performances.  …
I received a KISS "The Demon" Wacky Wobbler bobblehead for my birthday recently.  Being a huge KISS fan, it should come as no surprise to anyone that I loved this gift.    …
reviewed Unmasked. April 26, 2011
After the successful one-two-three punch of Destroyer, Rock and Roll Over, and Love Gun, along with the live Alive and Alive II albums, KISS seemed poised to take over the music world …
reviewed MTV Unplugged. April 22, 2011
MTV Unplugged
   It's no secret that KISS' popularity was solidified by their live albums, particularly 1975's Alive!, and their live shows.  Full of electricity, smoke, fireworks, theatrics, …
reviewed Music from The Elder. April 21, 2011
Album cover
Still struggling with the exit of Peter Criss, Ace Frehley's indifference, and waning interest from a fanbase that was starting to feel cheated by the band, KISS stepped into the studio …
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