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Kjmedia's Favorite Things (2009)

  • Sep 7, 2009
  • by
Inspired by the annual "Oprah's Favorite Things", here is the list of kjmedia's favorite things for 2009...
kangaROOS Walter Payton shoes
These sneakers already rank amongst my all time favorites, a lot for the concept and its cause.. A commemorative throw back limited edition shoe inspired by the late, legendary running back Walter Payton.. The shoes have really cool detail, with well placed "34"'s and "Sweetness" demonstrated throughout and of course each has the classic ROOS pouch on the shoe tongue.. I have really fond memories of watching Walter Payton as a kid and remember him wearing his ROOS.. very cool thing too, portions of all sales are donated to the Walter & Connie Payton Foundation, dedicated to helping underpriviliged children in Ilinois, to learn more www.payton34.com.. You can view selection and purchase online at Finishline (just actually went on sale too!), i have both colored low tops, http://tiny.cc/wpayton. - $54.98.
See the full review, "These sneakers are sheer Sweetness..".
Need I have to say anything on this one...
The only insurance company I have ever been with.. It is a not for profit provider available to those that are or have been in the military and their families (fortunately, my father was a doctor in the Army).. I feel bad listing this item because it is not available to all, but it has been such a pleasure to use them that I felt compelled to show my acknowledgment and gratitude for the perfect experience I have had with them.. Great rates, consistent service, all the products...
Bread Mountain wraps
Such a great, healthy bread and tortilla alternative, it is amazing how many of these I go through.. Rye is my go-to, here is my earlier review, http://lunch.com/t/j4s. You can find at Whole Foods - $4.99 a pack.
See the full review, "Now, that's a wrap! A phenomenal, healthy bread/tortilla alternative..".
Blackberry Curve 8900 AT&T
I'm just a Blackberry kind a guy, until the iPhone can develop a better typing system anyway...This new Curve has a ton more memory, has video, much better camera, greater pixel resolution screen and a browsing mouse as just some of the improvements you'll find right away over its predecessor Curve... Through AT&T, if signing up for two year commitment and after rebate - $149.99.
I can enjoy an Americano (espresso and steamed water) black, whereas with coffee i have to add some type of milk and sweetener, so i made the transition based off of that.. americanos have now become such a regular for me, i now have anytime i find them offered, but i've really grown to like them more at Starbucks than anywhere else.. size tall - $1.95.
Cuisinart Griddler
I'm fairly one dimensional using it as a panini press, which i really vouge for (great for hot dogs too i may add!).. it was recommended as the panini press to buy by @marlenegray, so that was enough research for me.. this particular model, you can replace the "grill" top and bottom with a "griddle" top and bottom should you wish to make pancakes.. it can also be used to make steaks and burgers, but if that is of a main interest, you may want to check out the Breville Ikon from Williams Sonoma that has a slant and oil drip tray a la the George Foreman.. i bought at Crate and Barrel, but they sell at many places, http://tiny.cc/griddler - $129.
This site is incredibly helpful for keeping your trip plans organized... i used to cut and paste all types of confirmations from flights, hotels, rental cars, tours etc in attempt to get them all in one place.. tripit does it all for you.. you can have the confirmation directly emailed to the site from the vendor and it will automatically be downloaded on your trip plan. or you can simply forward any email confirmation to tripit at plans@tripit.com and that will also automatically be dropped in your trip plan.. it can also be used to share your trips with friends/family by inviting them to view your trips.. also really good as an convenient way to maintain record of your trips, making it easy to use as a future resource.. www.tripit.com.. No costs for any of the services...
Kathy Ireland Candle
Having two indoor dogs, i'm always in search for anything that provides a better scent for the house.. These candles smell incredible and at really an unbelievable value too.. They come in a variety of flavored scents, i have found the Caramel Pecan to be the best of the bunch.. They come in a glass jar, so extremely low maintenance.. You can find these at Wahlgreens - $8.99 a jar.
Barney Butter
Best tasting almond butter i have ever tasted.. basically like peanut butter, but it is made with 100% almonds in a peanut free factory.. almonds have much more nutritional value than peanuts which is what makes this product so attractive.. it started by a woman named Jennifer Barney in Fresno making it for her family and friends, then she turned into a business in 2006.. http://www.barneybutter.com/.. you can find in Whole Foods.. $7.99.
Philophy Cinnamom Buns
Amazing how this smells exactly like Cinnamon Buns.. The whole Philosophy line offers some cool food flavor inspired scents, but i find this one to be the best (insert @jrjohnson's line here making fun of me, quoting line from 40 year old virgin =^)).. i mainly only use as a shower gel, but can also be used as a shampoo or bubble bath as well... can find at Sephora - 16 ounce - $16.
Perfect Pushup
Trying to recover myself after my last favorite thing by strategically placing this one here, lol... the commercial sucked me in on this one... it gathered dust for months, but then next thing you know i've been using it every day, it was watching mayweather, sr use it on 24/7 pacquiao/hatton show that got me kick started.. tinyurl.com/perfpushup - $29.99.
Kuleto Estate Winery
I've done a decent amount of wine tasting in my day, but this one I believe was the most memorable.. The winery is located on 761 acres with ridiculous, sprawling views of Lake Hennessey in Napa Valley.. Owned by the renowned restauranteur, Pat Kuleto (Boulevard in San Fran to name one).. Pat originally made his mark as a restaurant designer and boy is his creativity demonstrated throughout the grounds. You have the ability to view Pat's house, various animals and pluck fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs that are growing everywhere.. What really takes this winery and tour off the charts is the fond love the employees have for Pat. Our tour guy i am convinced thinks Pat is the coolest and most fun guy in the entire world! funny, i don't have an opinion yet on the actual wine, but joined the wine club just to be invited to Pat's parties! =) Pat's personality is so dynamic, even @Butter claims he felt his presence without even seeing him or knowing if he was there.. You can learn more at www.kuletoestate.com.. Wine tastings are offered Mon - Fri, I believe at $25 per tasting.
Rota-dent Electric Toothbrush
My dentist said this was the best of the electric toothbrushes by far.. it is the only one i have used, so i can't provide comparison, but i really enjoy using it and the results have been very positive.. according to my dentist, you are able to do a much better job of cleaning and you get to areas that a traditional toothbrush and floss can not.. my teeth feel a ton cleaner after using it compared to a normal toothbrush.. you can purchase on sale from this website, http://bit.ly/rotadent - $85.99.
My Chef
I have been on the home delivery meal program for a lot of years now.. basically, you receive a bag w/ blue ice daily (arrives in the middle of the night) that contains breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks.. i only do it on weekdays.. it works for me as it forces me to eat healthy and five times a day (key for faster metabolism), which i wouldn't do otherwise.. this is probably my fifth company, i like that this one is organic and their meats are by far the best of the companies i've used, same meat distributor as Fleming's Steakhouse.. there are various programs, i believe the highest is $65 a day..
I first had mochi at Pinkberry as a topping, which i liked right away.. later i had it in the bon bon style at Sashi, which is mochi on the outside and ice cream on the inside.. then i noticed they carry mochi ice cream bon bons at both Trader Joe's (brand Mikawaya) and Whole Foods (brand Maeden-en and Bubbies brand), probably not a good development when trying to be health conscious.. but, when i'm feeling a little cheat treat, these little balls of joy really do me right.. I have found Bubbies to be the best of the three, they are a little bit smaller.. flavors i've seen are blueberry, vanilla, chocolate, mango and strawberry.. at Whole Foods - $5.99
Lodge Cast Iron Skillet
This was another @marlenegray recommendation... first off, they are a fraction of the cost a normal skillet.. they make all types of meats taste amazing.. chefs refer to them as the "precision cooking tools", for the ability to enable precise control of temperature using them.. heavy and durable, they will last forever.. only clean with hot water, then lightly coat vegetable oil getting it ready for next usage.. i purchased the 12 inch skillet from Sur La Table, http://bit.ly/castiron12" - $29.95
Kavli Crispbread
These crispbread are a great choice for a healthy cracker.. made of only pure and natural ingredients, no additives, fat free, cholesterol free, low in calories.. the really are trult enjoyable though to eat.. work perfect with cheeses, guacamole and other various dips..They come in a variety of flavors, http://bit.ly/kavli, i typically go with the Golden Rye and Crispy Thin.. can get at Whole Foods - $2.19 a box
Downey Wrinkle Releaser
The travel size is a great product for your wrinkled clothes that come out of your suitcase.. Simply spray, tug and smooth the wrinkled areas and in seconds you will see a marked improvement.. no iron needed.. leaves fresh scent smell too that also is a nice benefit.. this product really saved me on my last big trip.. can purchase at this site, http://bit.ly/wrinkleless - $2.89.
Bison hot dogs
First off, I am a huge fan of buffalo for its taste and health benefits, my full Lunch review on buffalo (bison) meat, http://lunch.com/t/j4v. Whole Foods just recently began carrying buffalo (bison) hot dogs, they're very solid.. be careful though, they do go bad fairly fast, i would use within 48 hours of purchase.. Whole Foods - $6.99/lb
Dingo bones
This one makes the list representing the dogs... Dingos are small rawhide bones with meat on the inside.. in effort to save money, i bought what i thought was a less expensive, comparable competing product.. problem was, the dogs won't eat the non Dingos.. especially interesting is that Beaumont will eat absolutely anything, but he puts his paw down on this one if you try to sneak by him what has now been termed a "faux Dingo".. can find at Petsmart - $19.99 for 30 pack.

What did you think of this list?

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September 09, 2009
The specificity and diversity of this list is fantastic! What a fun, informative, and interesting read. I'd love to see this from pretty much everyone I know. Also - agree with J.R. that a USAA review is a must. I could go on for days about how phenomenal they are, we have every fathomable policy with them, and have for years (my father in law was also a military doc).
September 10, 2009
another usaa'er, sweet!! i liked your micro review, is there a full one coming?? ;) glad you enjoyed the list, i agree, i'd really enjoy seeing a similar list from others.. fun way to learn about the person and hopefully some cool, new things to try..:-)
September 09, 2009
Dude. Great list. Like @Shayne below i was wondering what was going on with all these data points, and i agree with @Aisha this list really tells so much about you. It has me thinking about my list... this is one that will take some time.

I have a couple comments:  First, that USAA insurance deserves a full review.  I had no idea what that was before i read your list.  Second, your #11, Cinnamon Buns shower gel... i'd love to poke some fun at you, but i have both Candy Apple and Egg Nog Latte flavors in my shower, so you get a pass.  Third, i've been asking for a full reivew of the meal home delivery stuff for a while... with as many as you've been through you could make a GREAT list out of just that and that could really help the rest of us buy the right program.  Fourth, regarding the Mochi... i'm not feeling that Trader Joes mochi... still looking for one that is close to what they serve at Sashi

All in all... amazing list man... really cool stuff.
September 08, 2009
I was wondering where you were going with all these data points... I look forward to the 2010 list.
September 08, 2009
haha... i am looking forward to "shayne's favorite things 2009",,, that reminds me, i need to squeeze in shayne kline wines and cheval sauvage pinot noir into my list :^).. bummed i missed you last time in town!!
September 07, 2009
Wow I've learned so much about you by reading your list :D The best little nugget of knowledge gained was finding out you are a slave to your dog!!!
September 08, 2009
lol,,, that obvious.. i mean, it was #20, not like it was #1..;-D
September 07, 2009
I completely agree with you about USAA. They have always been a technology leader with their website and now they are setting the standard with iPhone support. I make deposits using their iPhone app by simply snapping a photo of each side of the endorsed check. How easy is that? I also do online bill paying directly from my iPhone app. I would recommend USAA to anyone who can get access to their services.
September 08, 2009
nice, a fellow usaa brother... cool to hear about it from a technology standpoint, i had a general sense of that, very cool you're using their iPhone app.. the feeling that they are always on your side is what really stands out to me.. with any of their products, it's kind of like shopping at costco, you never have to question whether you are getting a good deal..
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