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If it does get legalized, I hope the restrictions and guidelines don't get as annoying as with cigarettes. SF had gotten very silly with some ordinances, that smokers have begun to lose some of  their civil liberties.

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<![CDATA[ Time we Freed The Weed]]> Freed The Weed. Personally, I'm sick of the smell of pot whenever I walk around San Francisco and I only stick to drugs that advertise during Superbowl commercials, but the criminalization issue has become ridiculous.

Protect the children!

Anyone who seriously believes that teenagers are not already smoking pot privately is naive (I found out what boofing was the other day, and wish I hadn't). You know those little child-proof twist caps on the top of drug bottles? They actually keep out more adults than kids. The only way to stop your own kids from doing stupid or dangerous things is to educate them and talk frankly about life - not through legislation. And whatever other people's kids are doing isn't your problem.

Drugs kill!

Alcohol kills. Tobacco kills like the plague. And yet they're both legal. Interestingly enough, nobody has ever died from weed. More importantly, as a Libertarian, I say it's your choice if you want to kill yourself through drugs, and not the state's. Everyone has a Constitutional right to be stupid.

Ahh, but that increases healthcare costs to others!

True. Maybe we should ban all dangerous sports and driving to stop the adverse selection issue.

Majijuana makes you a danger to others!

And you should be arrested if you do that - just like you would if you were drunk.

We already have a big enough drug problem!

Yep. And as long as humans roam the Earth, it's not going away.

It would sabotage the war on drugs!

Despite our recent penchant for starting wars we can't win, it turns out that 95% of drug cartel revenue comes from marijuana. I would argue that their violence is a bigger problem than the drugs, and stemming their cash-flow seems to be the most obvious way of winning the "war".

Legalizing pot would cause the collapse of civilization!

Possibly, but the banking system got there first!

Legalization would hurt the profits of Philip Morris!

And that's why they're lobbying hard to make sure the Federal government sues California if legalization goes through - and they'll probably win. 

It would free up the cops to give out even more traffic tickets!

Very true. Let's fire some CHP to balance it out.

Hopefully I've covered everything. Time to go and enjoy my other favorite legal drunk - caffeine.]]>
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