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reviewed The Parker Palm Springs. January 10, 2011
The Parker Palm Springs
In town for the Palm Springs International Film Festival, I am currently sitting in room # 85 South at The Parker Palm Springs. I'm smack in the middle of a 6 night stay, so you know my thoughts are …
reviewed Better With You. October 02, 2010
Better With You
I can imagine the pitch meeting for Better With You pretty clearly. I'm sure the creators said it was a new spin on the couples sitcom. "Think Friends but with family instead!" "It's …
reviewed Ace Hotel and Swim Club. October 02, 2010
Ace Hotel and Swim Club
Here's the thing: The Ace is for a very specific person. That person is a 20 to 30 something partier. They are either in college or miss college and plan to hook up, drink and have a raging good time.   …
reviewed Kat Von D Tattoo Liner. January 12, 2010
Kat Von D Tattoo Liner
I was in the market for a liquid liner pen. I use creme liner when I'm going for a dramatic look, but it can take a while to apply and I can't find any that make a really deep black, shiny finished line. …
reviewed Stila Mango Crush Lip & Cheek Stain. January 08, 2010
Stila Mango Crush Lip & Cheek Stain
Stila is one of those brands that I always browse but never buy anything from. I received this lip & cheek stain as a gift and it reminds me why I never shell out the bucks for Stila- it's …
reviewed Urban Decay Lip Primer Potion. January 07, 2010
Urban Decay Lip Primer Potion
I'll admit at the start that I think lip primers set the bar too high for themselves and Urban Decay's primer is no exception. Anything you put on your lips should feel smooth. It should also moisturize. …
reviewed Too Faced Shadow Insurance. January 07, 2010
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
   I'm a huge fan of eyeshadow primers and am constantly looking for the Next Best Thing. I think I've found it in Too Faced's Shadow Insurance.       This silicone-based …
reviewed Sephora. January 07, 2010
   I am a label whore ONLY when it comes to makeup and perfume, so Sephora is my one big budget-killing weakness. With the exception of MAC, they have all my favorite brands under one huge, …
reviewed Smashbox Photo Finish Light Foundatio.... January 07, 2010
Smashbox Photo Finish Light Foundation Primer
   I first starting using Smashbox Photo Finish at the suggestion of a friend, who also happens to be a MAC employee. Yes, the product is so good a competitor was suggesting it over their own …
reviewed WhatTheTrend.com. May 29, 2009
 Have you ever looked at the trending topics on Twitter and thought "What the heck is #thingsmummysaid?" It seems the logical step would be to click the link, read the tweets and figure it out. Sure, …
reviewed Glee. May 25, 2009
The cast of Glee
glee  n. 1. Jubilant delight; joy.       Cashing in on the popularity of movies like "High School Musical" and the American public's growing love of dramedies, Glee …
reviewed Every Little Step. May 09, 2009
Every Little Step
In 1976 A Chorus Line debuted on Broadway. A show about dancers trying out for a show- it celebrated the work and passion of countless hopeful young men and women who have traveled to New York City to …
reviewed Sex on the Beach. April 28, 2009
Sex on the Beach
Back when I was a 21-year-old who had never had alcohol (yes, shocking), I asked a friend who had once been a bartender to order "something easy" for me. He gave me a piece of advice that carried me through …
reviewed DirtySanchez (Etsy shop). April 27, 2009
Irish Wedding Soap from Dirty Sanchez
If you don't get why a shop called DirtySanchez run by a woman with a mustache for an icon is hilarious, please don't visit this shop.    DirtySanchez is run by a lovely gal named …
reviewed If U Seek Amy. April 16, 2009
Britney Spear's If U Seek Amy
"Say it fast"... I had to actually say it out loud a few times before I got the joke behind the title to Brit Brit's 3rd single from Circus. Brilliantly crude. I loved the word play and how it fit with …
reviewed Bookfinder.com. April 12, 2009
I love books. I love reading and I read fast. What does that mean? It means I spend too much money in bookstores. I try to frequent used bookstores when I can, but I often find them difficult to navigate …
reviewed Cadbury Creme Egg. April 11, 2009
Cadbury Creme Egg
I wasn't allowed to eat Cadbury Creme Eggs until the Easter Bunny brought them. This was torture for a kid who loooooved them! A few weeks before the big day, I'd start to see them in the store and …
reviewed Taboo (board game). April 10, 2009
Taboo is hands-down my favorite boardgame of all time. It's fast-paced, team-oriented and challenging. You MUST think outside the box and utilize whatever vocabulary you have- thus  it appeals …
reviewed Cost Plus World Market. April 10, 2009
A store
Cost Plus World Market is my go-to store for quick gifts. While the many lotions, frames, purses and stationary are easy choices for the women in my life, I can always pick up some interesting beers, …
reviewed Food Network. April 08, 2009
Food Network
Food Network is a brilliant concept due to one simple fact: we all eat. Maybe we don't all wanna watch "Mother, May I Sleep With Danger?" on LifeTime. Perhaps a few don't want to see pundits scream on …
reviewed Del Taco. April 08, 2009
Del Taco
I didn't eat at Del Taco until I was 20 years old. I believe the main reason for this is that I didn't smoke pot in high school*. You heard me. Del Taco is pothead food. Why? Because it's the only …
reviewed Lubriderm Advanced Therapy Lotion. April 08, 2009
Let me tell you- I have craaaaaazy dry skin. Strangers ask me if I need some lotion. It's bad. It's particularly bad in my office for some reason. I walk into work and bam! all the moisture in my skin …
reviewed In Treatment. April 08, 2009
In Treatment
What is it with HBO making shows that totally go against my moral and ethical standards, yet draw me in so completely that I sit and watch episodes for hours on end?    In Treatment …
reviewed August Rush. April 03, 2009
August Rush
You know, I'm all for a sappy happy bubbly ending. Really. I'm a happy kinda girl and I like things that end on a positive note. Positive... but at least somewhat plausible.    I'm …
reviewed Big Love. April 02, 2009
Big Love
Why would a hopeless romantic like me be madly in love with a show about a man who splits his time among three wives? Because it is so good at being so bad. Big Love is Seventh Heaven meets The Sopranos …
reviewed I Love You, Man (2009). April 02, 2009
I Love You, Man (2009)
This movie hovers comfortably somewhere between romantic comedy (if that can be said of a bromance) and gross-out guy movie.    When girly-man Peter (Paul Rudd) realizes he has no …
reviewed Inland Empire Brewing Company. April 01, 2009
I don't know much about beer, but I know what I like. I'm a pale ale girl. I've also come to learn I love a good hoppy beer with a clean finish. I like something that isn't going to conflict with the …
reviewed Ashton Kutcher. April 01, 2009
Ashton Kutcher
Two years ago I never thought I'd be an Ashton Kutcher fan. He's a big goof-ball who does goof-ball roles in goof-ball movies and may or may not be punking us all with a marriage to Demi Moore.     En …
reviewed PlentyOfFish.com. March 29, 2009
I don't know why I started using POF. Someone, somewhere mentioned it as the "largest free dating site" so I tried it out. You know that phrase "you get what you pay for"? Yeah...     When …
reviewed Pink Is The New Blog. March 27, 2009
Trent Vanegas of PITNB
PITNB is one of the few gossi-blogs I've continued reading for years. About 90% celeb gossip and 10% personal blog, it's an easy read with lots of pictures and cute comments. Trent is relatively nice …
reviewed W. (2008 movie). March 12, 2009
W. (Full Screen) (2008)
This movie had no business being on the big screen. It was a made-for-tv movie if I've ever seen one.     The acting. Dear Lord, the acting! It's like a bunch of SNL rejects got together …
reviewed Milk (2008 movie). March 01, 2009
MILK image
By all accounts, Harvey Milk was a breath of fresh air, the light in the room, the life of the party. By "all accounts", I mean that's what Dennis Peron said when I asked him.     I …
reviewed Under The Bombs. January 11, 2009
Under The Bombs
Shot during the 2006 war between Hezbollah and Israel, this docu-fiction drama combines real footage of the massive destruction with a fictional narrative about a Shiite woman searching for her missing …
reviewed O'Gloss by Smashbox. January 05, 2009
O-Gloss Lip Gloss
O'Gloss by Smashbox is called an "intuitive gloss". I call it a mood-ring for your lips. The gloss goes on clear and darkens to a pink that is supposedly different for each user. Kind of like a lipstain, …
reviewed Pho Ha. December 28, 2008
I went to Pho Ha and ordered the only thing I ever get at any Vietnamese place: Pho with rare steak and well-done flank. I think it's pretty hard to mess up Pho. I mean, what is it but a basic broth with …
reviewed Hotel California. December 19, 2008
Hotel California
When ever I think of The Eagles I think of Hotel California. And whenever I think of Hotel California, I think of Brazilians.    When I was in high school we had an exchange student …
reviewed What Is the What. December 19, 2008
What Is the What
What Is The What? is a collaborative effort. Written as though it were an autobiography of a Sudanese refugee named Valentino Achak Deng, What...? is still classified as a fictional novel. As stated in …
reviewed A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Ge.... December 19, 2008
Dave Eggers has a very unique writing style and it seems you either love or hate it. In this, his first offering, he relates the trials and triumphs of his life with his younger brother, whom he took …
reviewed Red Headed Slut. December 19, 2008
Red Headed Slut
I was introduced to the Red Headed Slut shot on my birthday this year. I don't know where she had been all my life.     Don't get scared off by the Jager. Yes, it's in there. Yes, …
reviewed Long Beach Iced Tea. December 19, 2008
Long Beach Iced Tea
A Long Beach has the same alcohol as a Long Island but instead of cola and sweet & sour, the base is cranberry juice. This makes for a lighter, fruity taste that cuts the taste of the alcohol and …
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