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reviewed Zhuo Jun. July 13, 2011
posted in Go China
Zhuo Jun
He is a village boy from the Guangxi Province. He is also the only undergraduate from the tiny village. His name is Zhuo Jun. He is the winner of this year's China's Got Talent show.   …
reviewed Foot massage (reflexology). May 09, 2011
posted in Go China
Foot massage (reflexology)
Massage of any kind is a luxury for many people. In China though, it can be a relatively affordable but superb experience. As with Thailand and Indonesia. These are the 3 countries with the best masseuse …
reviewed Shanghaiist.com. May 01, 2011
Shanghaiist is my most favorite English blog on Shanghai in China. I used to read it a lot when living in China because it gives a more western perspective than the Chinese media would.      …
reviewed Flowers of Shanghai. April 30, 2011
Flowers of Shanghai
Flowers of Shanghai is a gorgeous, claustrophobic and mesmerizing movie about the flower girls -- the prostitutes -- who live and work in four elegant brothels -- the flower houses -- in Shanghai during …
reviewed Forbidden City. April 30, 2011
posted in Go China
Forbidden City
The Forbidden City was the seat of Imperial power in China for more than 5 centuries. It was where the Emperors ruled and where every Chinese would want to pay pilgrimage to at least once in …
reviewed Jetstar Airways. April 06, 2011
posted in UP UP & Away!
Jetstar Airways
In Asia, there are 3 major budget airlines operating in its international sky, namely (in alphabetical order):      Air Asia Jetstar Airways Tiger Airways    I've …
reviewed Turtle Soup. March 30, 2011
Turtle Soup
Turtle Soup       I find myself a bit of a hypocrite sometimes when it comes to food. Always thinking that I would never eat anything that could also be a pet, I gave in and ate …
reviewed Xianggelila (香格里拉), China. January 26, 2011
posted in Go China
Xianggelila (香格里拉), China
Without the sun, everything becomes a haze. It’s like one’s consciousness, when the light shines everything becomes clear. Shangri-la is thought to be a mystic place, perhaps one that doesn’t …
reviewed Chinese (race). January 21, 2011
posted in Go China
Chinese (race)
I’m NOT a typical Chinese. I’ve had American friends who claimed that I’m more American than Americans. So, having said that, I think I’m still in a good position to write about …
reviewed Winter Solstice. December 29, 2010
posted in Awesomeness
winter solstice
I've always enjoyed knowing what winter solstice is and when it occurs, but that's about all I've ever noticed about it until I started driving to work via a backroad through the country.    …
reviewed Danxiashan Geopark. November 03, 2010
posted in Go China
Danxiashan Geopark
I didn't enjoy this geopark as much as I had the others which I visited in China. It took me about 45 mins by bullet train from Guangzhou to Shaoguan, another 1 hour by taxi from Shaoguan to Danxiashan. …
reviewed Shanghai Girls: A Novel. October 28, 2010
Shanghai Girls: A Novel
  Shanghai, 1937. Another world, almost another century. The sights, the smells, the incredibly varied and intriguing cuisines and the lives of two beautiful Chinese girls intertwine and  …
reviewed Shanghai Girls: A Novel. September 09, 2010
Shanghai Girls: A Novel
I was deeply affected by Lisa See's Shanghai Girls. The story is indeed, as Amy Tan puts it, "achingly beautiful."      For the most part, Shanghai girls is a fast-moving …
reviewed Shanghai Girls: A Novel. July 24, 2010
Shanghai Girls: A Novel
As the quote above suggests, this novel reflects the culture and traditions of Chinese immigrants. Not all of their beliefs are politically correct.    In 1937 Shanghai was the most …
What was your emotional reaction as you read? Why?       Inspirational, It shows readers that anyone can pursue what they're dreams are and overcoming their fears Who would …
reviewed Expo 2010. May 22, 2010
Expo 2010 in Shanghai, China
While the rest of the world is sleeping, the World Expo in Shanghai has been going on full throttle. It officially opened its door on the 3-day long weekend Chinese public holiday, beginning on Labor …
reviewed Feng Shui. May 06, 2010
posted in Go Hong Kong
Geomancy (or Fengshui)
Fengshui, imho, is at best an art. For believers, it's a science. Although who truly knows what it is? Fact is people believe it and in Hong Kong, enough to pay large sums of money for a good consultation …
reviewed The Emperor Hotel Beijing. March 29, 2010
The Emperor Hotel Beijing
When visiting China for the first time, it is common for most Americans and Europeans to go with a group tour or on a business trip. And where would you stay generally? Depending on what you paid for, …
reviewed Wild China. March 21, 2010
Wild China
A wildlife documentary produced by BBC in cooperation with China’s State TV Station CCTV which showcases some of China’s less well-known treasures… wildlife. From the roof top of Tibet …
reviewed Jack Ma (马云, Ma Yun). March 21, 2010
posted in People Power
Jack Ma (马云, Ma Yun)
Jack Ma – a name synonymous with success in China. He’s none other than the man behind the billion dollar B2B site Alibaba.com. Alibaba is the 2nd biggest Internet IPO in the world, after …
reviewed LeMarais. March 03, 2010
posted in Go China
Le MARAIS, Shenzhen
Exquisite!   That's the only word that kept ringing in my ears after each course of the 4-course meal I have had tonight. The first time I thought China has finally come up on par with the …
reviewed Peking (Roast) Duck. February 27, 2010
posted in Go China
Peking (Roast) Duck
When in Rome, do as the Romans do.   Well, the next saying shall be: When in Beijing, eat as the local do! Peking duck it shall be!!!    Hehe... that's what I mean by one …
reviewed Nasi Goreng. February 26, 2010
posted in Go Indonesia
Nasi Goreng
Nasi Goreng translates to Fried Rice in Indonesian.   It is originally from Indonesia and is commonly eaten as a hearty breakfast. On top of the fried rice, a fried egg and prawn crackers (Krupuk) …
reviewed Guilin, China. February 18, 2010
posted in Go China
For those who don't read or understand the Chinese Language, well, it's time you begin learning some ;-). For those who have never set foot in China, you will not likely have heard about Guilin and Yangshuo, …
reviewed Tibet. February 18, 2010
posted in Go China
In the movie 2012, this is where everyone is heading, come the end of the world, that is :-)   The world hasn't ended and there is no sign of it ending as yet, so Tibet is here to stay. For …
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