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reviewed Shanghai. February 14, 2010
I lived in this city for 20 months (from Jul 2007 to Feb. 28, 2009).       According to WorldAtlas.com, Shanghai is the city with the largest population (at 13.3 million) within …
reviewed Chinese Language. February 14, 2010
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Chinese Language
Today is first day of Chinese New Year (the year of the golden tiger begins) for all Chinese and also Valentine's Day for the rest of the world. So, other than uttering Gongxi Facai (恭喜发财) in Mandarin …
reviewed Chinese New Year. February 09, 2010
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Chinese New Year
Chinese New Year celebration lasts for 15 days every year (bet most of you didn't know that! ;-)). The first day of the year is the start of a new moon. This year, it is on the exact same day as Valentine's …
reviewed The Great Wall of China. February 02, 2010
Great Wall
If I get to go to outer space or Mars or the Moon, whatever... well, I am not sure if I'd be looking for the Great Wall! I mean, c'mon, isn't it easier to see it on the ground or even on a …
reviewed The Great Wall of China. January 26, 2010
Great Wall
   I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit this marvel of construction with my family a few years ago.  I went during the summer so needless to say it was incredibly hot.  …
reviewed Google and China 2010 Controversy. January 22, 2010
Google and China Controversy
Lunch can be a refreshing change of pace from many other opinion sites that display thoughtless comment posts in which invectives are hurled at both sides of an issue.      That being …
reviewed The Man Who Loved China: The Fantasti.... January 18, 2010
In "The Man Who Loved China", Simon Winchester tells us the beguiling and utterly fascinating story of Joseph Needham - a lifelong learner, a libidinous lover, a licentious libertine, a pro-active …
reviewed Google and China 2010 Controversy. January 16, 2010
Google and China Controversy
Surprise, surprise! No one here on Lunch writing a review on Google after such a big piece of news hits the market?!    Let’s face it, Google challenging China on its censorship policy… …
reviewed China. January 09, 2010
China is coming out of its shell like a snail is. What it is not is moving at a slow pace.     My first entry into China was back then in August 1993. We were in Hong Kong for a short …
reviewed China CBN (第一财经). December 13, 2009
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China CBN (第一财经)
A most effective way of learning Mandarin, about Chinese & all that's happening in China is via this prominent & proficient TV station broadcasting China Business News from its base in Shanghai. …
reviewed CTrip. October 01, 2009
posted in Go China
Wish to travel to China and not know how to make the arrangement yourself? Well, it's simply a click away.      I hate travel on a group tour. And I often feel the packaged tours …
reviewed Chandni Chowk to China. September 26, 2009
Chandni Chowk to China
Did you ever see a movie that made your jaw drop?  A movie that was so stunningly bizarre that it was all you could do to keep your eyeballs in their sockets? Well that's what I was hoping …
reviewed Chinese Silk. September 18, 2009
posted in Go China
Jane Austen v. 2009, A Lady's way.      A lady in silk is a lady in love. A lady sleeping in silk AND on silk is one who not oly commands sense but also sensibility. For non Austen …
reviewed Chinese (Qun) Kwa. September 16, 2009
posted in Go China
Every (well, almost) Chinese will wear this traditional wedding costume on their wedding days for the tea ceremony (not to be confused with the Japanese tea ceremony). The Chinese tea ceremony is held …
reviewed Mandara Spa. September 13, 2009
posted in Resort Living
My 100th review!   Ahhh... I need to pamper myself a little after all the hard work on Lunch, don't I?.   Spa on Lunch? Oh, Yes?!   (Hint, hint: JR, you know what to …
reviewed Mooncake. September 11, 2009
posted in Go China
Alright, dieting is certainly off the chart this month and with the coming of the Mid-Autumn Festival (or popularly called Mooncake Festival), it's time to shop for mooncakes for friends, families …
reviewed Hong Kong Mahjong. August 10, 2009
posted in City Lifestyle
 Mahjong as commonly known in the Chinese community is a tile game played by four players sitting in north, east, south, west position. It is a strategic game and quite complicated for the uninitiated. …
reviewed Shanghai Girls: A Novel. July 18, 2009
Shanghai Girls: A Novel
After reading Peony in Love, also by Lisa See, I picked this novel without stopping to read another line. Although this one is not, in my opinion, quite as good as the former, it provides a fascinating …
reviewed Shanghai Girls: A Novel. June 22, 2009
Shanghai Girls: A Novel
Shanghai Girls is a moving story that left me touched and deeply affected. The story is indeed, as Amy Tan puts it, "achingly beautiful."    The story is set between 1937 and 1957. …
reviewed Shanghai Girls: A Novel. June 21, 2009
Shanghai Girls: A Novel
Book Review: Shanghai Girls (Random House/ May 2009) by Lisa See    Building upon her interviews with past generations for On Gold Mountain, and further research, Lisa See has written …
reviewed Shanghai Girls: A Novel. May 28, 2009
Shanghai Girls: A Novel
Lisa See has created a vivid tale about the lives of two Chinese sisters who are the toast of the town in their native Shanghai...touted as "beautiful girls," they are anything but the traditional Chinese …
reviewed Shanghai Girls: A Novel. May 18, 2009
Shanghai Girls: A Novel
The ending to a book can really ruin the story for me. I need things wrapped in a pretty little bow. This book had no bow. I realize the author left it open because there will obviously be a sequel to …
reviewed Chinese Tea Culture. May 11, 2009
In China, whether someone wants to apologize, show gratitude, or show respect to someone, the most simple and cordial way to do this is to offer the person a cup of tea.  It's obvious that tea is …
The City And The City by China Mieville
China Mieville is one of the more clever writers in any genre.   In The City and the City he as written a murder mystery, but one in a place like no other.  The cities of Beszel and Ul …
reviewed Ancient China: To the Great Wall...an.... April 28, 2009
Ancient China: To the Great Wall...and Beyond
I am extremely impressed with Ancient China: To the Great Wall...and Beyond by Judy Wilcox. Judy has created a resource that is fun, easy-to-use, and chock full of information about China (from ancient …
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