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Hamilton Beach True Air Replacement Carbon Filter 3-Pack

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Hamilton Beach True Air Replacement Carbon Filter 3-Pack

If you are tired of having those allergies acting up and you use this product called "Hamilton Beach TrueAir Air Purifier" (model 4383), then you will need to purchase these carbon replacement filters 04234G. These will bring a delightful instant … see full wiki

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If you have a HEPA filter get Hamilton Beach True Air Replacement Carbon Filter

  • May 26, 2011
If you are tired of having those allergies acting up and you use this product called "Hamilton Beach TrueAir Air Purifier" (model 4383), then you will need to purchase these carbon replacement filters 04234G. These will bring a delightful instant fresh air affect to all of your rooms especially if you have a lot of pets.

This product from the Hamilton Beach company and is labeled TrueAir Air Purifier carbon replacement filters. This comes in white and green box and will to help eliminate the pet odors not just cover them up. All you have to do is just plug this purifier into the nearest outlet and it will start working immediately. It is amazing how quickly that this will start working. The power of this unit will suck air through the filters and stop the odor from eeking throughout your entire house, this will work for 24 hours neutralizing all of those smelly particles that give your carpet odors, this will leave your home with a nice smell and the look of a fresh and clean house. You can find this at your local home improvement store for only $9.99 plus you will also receive a new time strip with the cost of each new replacement filters that you purchase. You will receive three carbon filters and one and one time strip with each filter that you purchase.

Description and Features
This product weighs only 1ounce and is 5-3/4" (top to bottom) x 5-1/2" (side to side) x ¼" thick. These will attach to the front inside of the purifier and will allow you let the dirty air come through the one side and out the other side. This filters job is to eliminate all and any odors that you may have in your room. This unit takes two filters at one time and they are held in place by 4 flexible pieces of plastic. These filters that are kept inside can be used in the upright or console position. You will hear a low fan running and that is enough to suck any odor through the filters and that it will not even sound like you have anything running. You will need to change the carbon filters every three months, there is no vacuuming needed to keep these clean. This filter is safe enough for rooms up to 13’ x 13’ in diameter. It does not matter what kind of house that you have and whether you have one of several kinds of carpeting, on your floors these include shag, short strand, bur bur type flooring. This is recommended for houses to keep down all kinds of animal dander any allergens that may be floating that you cannot see with the naked eye. These filters will help you have a better fresh smell than the other commercial stuff that you may apply directly to your floors. You can never change these too much, the only thing that will happen is that your house will smell fresher.

Along with the disposable charcoal filters that you get you will receive a HEPA-grade paper filter. On the back there is a air out grill, also if you plan on using this in the console position there is a removable base. The face of this unit is removable to allow you access to change the filters and there are four plastic filter bars that will hold the charcoal filters in place. These are very flexible so do not worry about them breaking when you are trying to remove them. On the front face there is some large air intake slots. If you are wondering how you will know how long the your filters will last, well they have also thought of that too. There is a time strip slot, this holds a strip that has a line that will appear when activated. This line will move from the left to the right, and when it is all the way to the right then it is time to change your filters. Depending on how much it gets use will depend on whether or not it will last longer than three month. This also has three filters to speak of, not only will this come with two charcoal filters it also has the paper filter and there is a permanent pre-filter that is permanently attached inside of the face when you remove it. To allow you to use this in the console position it comes with four adhesive rubber table top protectors and there is four indentations that will show you where to place them.

Time Strip
You are probably wondering what a time strip is and what to do with it. These time strips are just like an aspirin inside of a foil packet and you will need to activate the strip before installing it in the holder. Well simply put, all you have to do is squeeze the foil strip (squeeze hard enough that you hear a popping noise) and a line will appear and you install it in the slot that is on the top of the front of the unit. This is in plain sight so that you will always be able to see the line and know when it is time to change the charcoal filters. You will receive a new time strip with the purchase of each filter, so you can also change the strip when you change the filters. Even though you do not have to clean these filters, you will have to vacuum out the paper HEPA-grade filter every time that you change your other filters to allow the unit to work properly.

How this is supposed to Work
This is a basic and simple unit, this will remove and small unseen air particles such as dander from pets, dust. Pollen, mold, cigar or cigarette smoke and mildew spores. This acts as a giant air filter for your nose. This unit will suck air in through the front intake panel, and then it will proceed through the series of filters that is inside of the filter. The pre-filter will capture any large particles, (such as floating dog or cat hair), the carbon filters are use to remove any odors for your pets, and your last line of defense is the HEPA-Grade filter will trap any particles 3 microns or smaller at a rate of 99% effectiveness. The purified air is then released out through the back. Unlike the paper filters, that let odors pass through the filters, this type of carbon filter will absorb all of the odors that enter through them.

I have been doing floors for a few decades, and have had all kinds of pets throughout my entire adult life and when they came out with this product I was in heaven. I no longer have to purchase different types carpet fresheners or powders. I purchased these from one from my local Lowe's home improvement store. When you first start to use this you will have to learn how much is too much to operate this, so that this does not go through to many filters too quickly for your liking. The air that comes out is fresh and odor free, but will become smelly if you do not change the filters in a timely fashion. It only takes a few minutes for you to change these filters, the odors will absorb into your carpeting if you let them. Once you start to use the unit, it will immediately emit fresh air out of the back, you will be in sheer heaven from the fresh air that this has locked inside of your nose. I have noticed that filters prevent odors from traveling room to room. This is very easy to use, all you have to do is keep this running at all times and you will not mind having company over and worry about them smelling any nasty odors. You will have to keep doing this so that the dirty air from the carpeting and other rooms won’t be spread throughout the house. You will need to keep doing this until you do not smell any more odor. It does smell good when you know that you are trapping all the little pieces of dirt and dust mites, when  all you have to do is suck them into the air purifier.

Location is very important when first using your new purifier, to make sure that you get the ultimate production out of these filters, place this in an out of the way place so that it doesn’t act as a tripping hazard. Also make sure that filters are not blocked by drapes and have adequate circulation. This is also not made to support any additional weight, so don’t let any children sit or stand on top of this unit. This unit does have a one year limited warranty but, not the filters. I have never had any problems, I have never had to use any part of the warranty. This has worked to perfection since day one. This unit and filters is not made for kitchens or garages where there is grease and oil or other chemicals stored. Plus, these areas are a heat source and this should not be used near them because this could cause reduced poor performance.

I would highly recommend using this in your house and where ever that you will be happy with the fresh smell that this gives you. One small unit per room with some carbon filters is all that this takes, unless you have a larger unit for the whole house. For just under $10.00 dollars per 3 pack of filters, this is not a bad price to pay when you look at what they will charge you to professionally clean your house and duct work, if your allergies start to really bother you , you will definitely wish you had gotten one of these. Imagine the savings that this will give you, and the doctors visit that you will not have to make, plus all of the medicines that you will not have to take. Five out of five stars for the ease of use , and the savings that this will give you, and the nice fresh smell that this leaves in your throughout your house.


Amount Paid (US$): 9.99
If you have a HEPA filter get Hamilton Beach True Air Replacement Carbon Filter

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Hamilton Beach True Air Replacement Carbon Filter 3-Pack
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